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  1. J

    Lares steering boxes

    Is anyone familiar with these? Are they any good? I ask because they seem to be making the otherwise pure-unobtanium Chrysler fast-ratio manual steering gearbox.
  2. J

    Rental Camry review

    I have a 2017 Camry LE with ~46,000 miles as a rental, because my Challenger is at a body shop (backed into in a parking lot, cracked bumper), I have put ~300 miles on it. Three things stand out. One...this car redefines "aggressively bland". Two, the (electric assist) steering feels very...
  3. J

    Winter wheels and tires

    That was expensive. Four wheels and four 225/60R18 Goodyear Winter Command tires ordered for my Challenger. Should be in by the end of this week.
  4. J

    I have a leak!

    Well, Caddy has a leak. The gas tank is seeping...between this, a bunch of corrosion, and the fact it's 40 years old, it is getting replaced. Anyone know of a decent brand, that is not from China?
  5. J

    New rubber on the Challenger

    ...but not yet. Was supposed to get them last weekend, but they got shipped to the wrong place. <img src="/forums/graemlins/27.gif" alt="hide" title="hide" height="35" width="26" /> So...either Friday afternoon or Saturday, I get them on: four GY Eagle F1 summer tires, US-made, 245/45ZR20.
  6. J

    Bad wheel finish

    Whoever signed off on whatever half-baked process Chrysler uses for their wheels should be shot. On my Challenger, the finish-on all four wheels-is flaking off. The car is 7 years old, 80K miles, has never seen snow or salt (South Carolina car)...and all 4 wheels are peeling. The guy at the...
  7. J


    My Challenger will need tires soon...currently has (mis-sized) Sumitomo HTR. I will run snows, so dedicated summer tires are preferred...the Kumho Exsta 91 looks good. Anyone here used that tire?
  8. J

    I have a Challenger

    That is all.
  9. J

    Temporary tags in Mississippi

    I am seriously considering buying a car in the south and bringing it home. I am really considering one in Mississippi. But I have to get it plan was to go down (probably on the train), and drive it back. Problem: tags. I cannot get plates here until I get the VIN checked. The...
  10. J

    Steering racks

    Someone I know has a RAV4 that needs a steering rack. The dealer wants $1200 for a rack. Yeah, no. Are the Cardone or Delco rebuilds any good?
  11. J

    Oversized cooking

    Mom made a shepherd's pie last weekend. She asked me to bring the stuff for a big one (my nephew was visiting), using her big casserole I did: 5lbs hamburg, 5 cans of corn, and 5lbs potatoes. Prep went fine (despite getting the "Mom's eye roll" at the fact I got the stuff at Walmart.)...
  12. J

    I want a Challenger

    I really, really want a 6-speed Chally. That is all.
  13. J

    Iron Butt Rally 2019

    It started today-the riders are off!
  14. J

    My only new car has been scrapped

    Well, that's kind of a bummer. I searched for the VIN of my 2007 Magnum...and found it. It went to a Copart auction in Texas with flood damage.
  15. J


    With no work today (snow), I decided to do something useful: went to the passport office and spent $65 to get a passport card. Should get it by mid-April.
  16. J

    SD cards

    So, stupid question...can a micro SD card with an SD adapter be used in place of a regular SD card?
  17. J

    New GPS

    Finally got one...Tom Tom Rider 550 for my bike. Now, to learn to use it... <img src="/forums/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="frown" title="frown" height="15" width="15" />
  18. J

    Seven months to my vacation

    Anyone else do motorcycle rallies? I signed up for my first this year. What have I gotten myself into?!?!
  19. J

    Galaxy J7 battery

    Mine seems to be fading...Anyone replaced one? It looks easy enough...what brands work well?
  20. J

    Highway pegs are in!

    Showed up today. And on that note, I am shamelessly plugging Kuryakyn Longhorn iso-pegs. Well-made, really, really adjustable (6" without moving the mounting clamps), comfortable (the "iso" rubber inserts really work), and incredibly tough. My last set took a 70MPH hit with only cosmetic damage.