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    Motorcraft XT-M5-QS

    Wondered who makes this fluid for Motorcraft?
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    Want Polaris testing but...

    Started with Amsoil oil test by Polaris labs and put a prepaid shipping one in the basket. 35 bucks. Then Amsoil tacked on 9 bucks for shipping to me. So my question... Is there another way to ge a Polaris/Horizon test? I contacted Amsoil and asked for an alternate way and the response was to...
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    Transmission fluid lifetime

    Here is a quote from Mazda about their transmission fluid. Then they say suggested service interval at specific time/mileage in the Operator's Manual. I see a lot of car manufacturers with sealed transmissions have the same statement. What does lifetime mean for a Mazda Skyactiv manual...
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    Of 0w-20 oils, which have highest VI

    Bet this has been asked in the past, but with the motor oil formulation changes I thought it might be a start to see what is out there. TGMO 0w-20 has a VI of 227 (2018)
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    VI number question-Mazda

    I am learning and just getting to understand the VI number in regards to temperature. What I want to do is to get close to the VI of Mazda's OEM 75w-90 MT fluid, but as of yet I have not found the 40 c or 100 c viscosity or the VI number for it. Named "Mazda Original Long Life Gear Oil IS"...
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    Oil Catch Can and UOA

    Can you see levels change on a UOA that has installed a oil catch can on a vehicle like fuel, water?
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    ND Miata oil questions

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>16ND/<wbr>sh13083/<wbr></a> The ND Miata in North America has a two step oil pump controlled by engine variables. Different oil PSI bypass settings for different engine conditions. In...
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    Comment from Miata track on Amsoil GL-4

    Personally just a normal street driver but track Miata made this comment. Lots of ND Miata users have good luck with Amsoil GL-4 75w90 with shifting. Interested in any views on this. The ND Miata had issues with the transmission when first came out. <a...
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    Going from a PAO to a Ester base MT oil

    Suppose you have a OEM 75w90 GL-4 oil and go to Red Line MT-90. I understand ester base oil swells gaskets. Now down the road you want to go back to the OEM that is PAO. Will there be issues returning to a PAO?
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    GL-4/GL-5 gear oils a compromise?

    Been shopping for an alternative to the OEM 75w-90 GL-4 gear oil for my 2019 Miata MT. Aftermarket gear oil has some GL-4 and GL-5 combo in that weight. Am I better off looking at just the GL-4 75w-90 gear oil?
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    Your thoughts on this?

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>vb/<wbr>showthread.php?t=713255&page=2</a> I have a 2019 Mazda Miata.
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    Oil analysis cost

    With a 50 dollar ceiling what lab does the best job, including TBN. Would really like TAN but that may be pushing it.
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    Curious question?

    If your engine calls for 0w-20 oil but you use 5w-30, do you have a oil analysis that you can post?
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    Curious if any issues here.

    Suppose you use a jug of oil just for a engine flush. Warm up the oil while still on the jack stands then drain back in the jug. Then install the normal oil you would use. Will that jug of oil be good to use for same purpose next oil change?
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    DI engine oil

    Since DI engines have a carbon deposit issue on the intake valve, is there a 0w-20 oil out there that addresses this issue?
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    Ultimate Oil filter

    Was thinking on what you would like to see in an oil filter? Cost? Media? Bypass? ADBV? Would like to see this for my new Miata... PurFlux filter media, no ADBV, base end bypass valve, OEM psi Bypass setting, OEM size can but heavier gauge. Spring at dome end.
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    Monitoring Filter Efficiency over time

    Was thinking about this regarding filter efficiency in the real world. As part of UOA reports are particle counts and size. Is there a study that focus on samples taken over the span of one filter use that can graph particle count. I know Zee has a interesting graph of a test that was around an...
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    Extensive Oil Data

    Prepare to be overloaded with info... <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>2013/<wbr>06/<wbr>20/<wbr>motor-oil-wear-test-ranking/<wbr></a>
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    Media question

    Synthetic media is preferred due to the size of the fiber. Glass is used but what other material can be or are used for filter material. Everything has an up and a down side and I guess glass does too. Are there options in nano materials for filter media for gas car oil filters?
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    Need Moly basic training

    Just learning here... I found out there are different forms of molybdenum linked together on the nuclear level that is used for friction modifiers. This info is slanted to the trinuclear form but the other forms that are used by other oil manufacturers. Like some info, like what oil...