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    purolator fuel filter

    Just wonder who made purolator fuel filter, I went to advance auto part, to pick up fuel filter, I ask the counter to bring both motorcraft and purolator, I compare they both look the same, weight kinda same, so I pick up purolator, I change every year, I though purolator made motorcraft filter...
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    recomment me filter that better then motorcraft

    But same price or little cost more, dont recomment me wix pls. I want filter the flow and performing better the motorcraft filter, have better anti-drain back valve or equal <img src="/forums/graemlins/25.gif" alt="getdown" title="getdown" height="100" width="100" />
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    best method to add correct amount MMO to your gas

    I just wonder what is best and quick, method to add correct amount of MMO to your gas tank, I use to have Lucas 5.3oz bottle, I use that to add MMO to my gas tank, I lost it, and im way to cheap to buy another lucas bottle <img src="/forums/graemlins/34.gif" alt="USA" title="USA" height="28"...
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    Best bang for the buck oil now ?

    What is best bang for the buck for , dino, High Mile, and syn. Here what I Think, Dino: Quaker State under 10 dollar for 5 quart High mile : Penzoil High miles under 14 dollar for 5 quart Syn : Quaker State syn under 20 dollar for 5 quart. What your ? <img src="/forums/graemlins/20.gif"...
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    I alway fill up 13 gallon fuel, how much MMO to

    Hi, im start add MMO to oil, my engine use 6 quart, I replace it with 1 quart MMO, now with fuel, when ever my tank get to low mark ( not fully empty ) , I alway fill up with 13.5 gallon, how much MMO do I need to add ? should I use every tank ? thanks
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    Walmart is stop selling MMO in gallon jug now ?

    I havent seen it in big gallon jug, only in quart now.
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    been use 20w50 wat weight for winter

    My mustang oil for 5w30 and maximum weight is 10w40, I either have bad ring or bad valve steam seal, because if my car run hot and idle at trafic, it will blow a smoke out tail pipe, that y im running 20w50 castrol gtx high miles. since its winter now, i can felt it the car is kinda slug when...
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    how much MMO do i need to add ?

    my engine take 6 quart, how much MMO do I add to engine, and how long I need to run it ? should I run it in every oil change ? its work with high miles oil or just plain dino ? Thanks
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    Long distant travel , what is best fuel additives

    In a few day, i will be travel long distant, I just wonder what is best fuels additives to use. Thanks
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    Mobil 1 75w90 and Max Life ATF OCI ?

    I just wonder how often do I drain and fill this mobil 1 75w90 for rear diff, and MaxLife ATF for tranny. driving mostly city and freeway one a week. Thanks 1998 mustang gt 5 speed.
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    AMSOIL dealer pls PM

    I need order couple gear oil and tranny oil from you pls pm thanks.
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    best gear oil for the moneys ?

    its my 98 mustang gt 5 speed with 8.8 rear diff, I drove every day local, high way, race time to time, Im change 1 a year, so what is best fluid for rear and tranny for the moneys ? thanks
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    Who made BMW oil filter ?

    What other filter is better quality then BMW oil filter ? thanks
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    I need Pure One part # that match Napa gold 1060

    Hi I need pure one part # that match napa gold 1050, or wix 51060 or Mobil 1 M1-302, thanks
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    Over side filter for FL820S ?

    Just wonder .
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    Napa gold rusty ?

    I went to napa and bought 3 napa gold (# 1060 ). I look inside bottem of the filter, where the metal part is. it look like unfinish paint surface, this happent in 2 of the filter I bought, the third one look perfect inside bottem. Is this ok to use ?
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    Good Work Light for the moneys.

    Im find myself working on car, mostly at night time, cause im working all day. So im looking for a Work Light, so I can work on top of the engine and under. I want it bright .Any one have recomment ? thanks
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    how good is pro-king tranny filter ?

    Any body here using pro-king, auto tranny filter from advance auto part ? just wonder its ok for 20-30k change ? thanks
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    Price check on PYB at walmart please.

    Any one know what is price, for PYB at walmart cost now ? thanks
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    Throw away or reuse ? 100 miles Mobil 1 oil filter

    My haft phase ( 1500 miles ) of auto-rx clean. I bought the car and change oil and filter ( mobil 1 short version ), 100 miles later I change oil and filter ( Wix long version ), I drain the mobil one filter and keep it in a ziplock bag ( I cant get this $9 filter wasted <img...