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  1. MotoTribologist

    Wood/Wolf Spider In My Bed

    I am an arachnaphobe, though my fear has decreased significantly with age. That being said, jumping spiders for whatever reason never triggered any fear in me. I've always been comfortable with them and pretty much just let them be. My property has a large black widow population for some...
  2. MotoTribologist

    Oil Grade Sensitivity

    The grades aren't specified for what the engine can tolerate. They are spec'd for what provides the best overall performance, reliability, and what will match the manufacturer's claims.
  3. MotoTribologist

    100% Random Pictures

    Well that certainly looks familiar! My grandmother's house was one such home prior to some additions.
  4. MotoTribologist

    Post a favorite animal

    I see a lot of cats that have those same features; black fur with tinges of red, long ear whiskers, big bushy tails. It makes me happy to see so many people enjoying them since there are some that have an aversion to black cats in general. They are beautiful. Luna was only 9, and she was plagued...
  5. MotoTribologist

    Post a favorite animal

    Just got word that my little lady has pretty much fully advanced terminal cancer. She's been deteriorating very rapidly over the past 2 weeks. She has been there for all of my kid's lives and it is a sad day today.
  6. MotoTribologist

    New USPS Delivery Vehicle

    My father, a retired mail carrier, described it as, "A sperm whale, wait no, a duck; yeah that beak looks like a duck. And it has a huge windshield." He didn't seem to see the functional appeal to the odd design.
  7. MotoTribologist

    Best handheld cordless vacuum?

    I did some research a few years back and ended up getting this: Black + Decker Pivot I have very little complaints about it and it has been better than any I've owned before it.
  8. MotoTribologist

    Will blue gas kill Tesla?

    Those precautions were to prevent sabotage and accidental fires. There were no incidents of leaking hydrogen in airships being accidentally ignited that I am aware of. The Hindenburg situation had a lot going on. Yes the gas chambers ruptured, but that occurred after the initial incident as far...
  9. MotoTribologist

    Why bother calling an electrician?

    Woah woah woah! 👐 Who said anything about a fire? That was just a 🤔.......... thermal anomaly, yeah that's it 😀 Nothing to see here people, move along.
  10. MotoTribologist

    FR-IR oil analysis

    Maybe someone can. As I said, I'm not FT-IR expert, but a peak in 1700-1750 cm-1 is typically ester. I'm not aware of a way to distinguish specific ester compounds within those wavelengths. There can be accompanying indicators like the 741 cm-1 peak I mentioned for phthalates, but within that...
  11. MotoTribologist

    FR-IR oil analysis

    The main Trimellitate and phthalate peak is at the same 1700 -1750 wavelength all other esters peak at. And the scan you provided doesn't' go as low as 741 cm-1, which is where you'd see the peak for the aromatic ring of a phthalate. It's fine to assume information based on past experience, but...
  12. MotoTribologist

    environmental focus, should I stock up?

    Lube oil price changes lag behind crude price changes by such a long time, you'll have plenty of warning if an opportunity to stock up at low prices arises.
  13. MotoTribologist

    FR-IR oil analysis

    References are typically required if you want any usable information from an FT-IR result. That was why I asked what the OP was trying to really look for. General information about a product isn't going to be gleaned from an FT-IR scan.
  14. MotoTribologist

    FR-IR oil analysis

    I'm saying that 2% was a common threshold I saw where the spike on the graph might be noticeably different. Under 2%, the peak height would be quite variable depending on the actual concentration. Above 2%, and the peak height didn't really change all that much. So, for instance, 2%, 5%, and...
  15. MotoTribologist

    FR-IR oil analysis

    The height of the peak would make me assume that oil has at least 2% ester. Less than 2% and greater than 2% (rough estimate) is about where I always saw the difference in peak height from relatively small to relatively large. No real way to tell the type of ester from that scan though. Beyond...
  16. MotoTribologist

    XADO Metal conditioner TURBO?

    I still posit it should be converted to a sub-forum of the Humor forum.
  17. MotoTribologist

    Brake Fluid Shelf Life

    If it is truly sealed, the reservoir is made of metal, kept in relatively normal temperature conditions, and it is charged clean and moisture free, indefinitely. It should be the same as if it were in a bottle. If the seal is imperfect and allows air to come and go along with moisture, then it...