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    '91 Mistubishi Galant VR4

    I recently changed cars, and picked up a '91 Mistubishi Galant VR4. For those that are unfamiliar it is the car that preceded the Mistubishi Evolution. It has a 2.0L turbo 4G63, 4WD (full time 50/50 split), and 4 wheel steering. It was only imported for to model years, in very limited numbers...
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    1999 Acura RL

    so over the weekend i sold my old nissan sports coupe and picked up a black on black, 1999 Acura RL w/ 3.5L V6 (C35A1). it has 120k mi on the clock and it's in really good shape. anything i should look out for on this car? i know i need to peak at the timing belt. any other suggestions...
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    '99 Acura 3.5RL Oil Recommendation

    Well, I got a new car over the weekend and I need to decide what oil to put in it. <span style="font-style: italic">1. What kind of vehicle you have?</span> 1999 Acura 3.5RL (C35A1, 3.5L V6) <span style="font-style: italic">2. What your owner's manual says?</span> API SJ Energy Conserving...
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    RP Filter Info from the Source

    well i have rp filter on my nissan that i bought at pep boys while i was working there in cincinnati. i just graduated and took a job in cleveland. come to find out there are no pep boys in this area of the state within 50mi. so i sent an email to rp last night to find out what i could do, since...
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    Lubro/Liqui Moly Opinions

    so i recently found a local import parts place that carries the 0w40 variety. has anyone used this with success? looking to use it possibly in my nissan. i searched but not too many finds for this oil.
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    Oil Choice for Nissan SR20VE

    i just picked up a new car and i'm going through the general maintenance on it. the motor is a sr20ve nissan 2.0L. i'm going to be doing a auto-rx on it since i don't know the engine's history (supposedly only 30k miles). and then want to switch over to a good synthetic. its a high compression...
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    Oil of choice for my Cavalier

    i've gotta oil question for the gurus here.... i found out about this forum when i had my '95 lt1 wagon and started using m1 0w40. seemed to do well in it. so when i got my 60k '00 cavalier 2.2L, i used some m1 5w40 tdt thinking it was closer to a standard 5w30 spec. but after much reading i...