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    Should I change the oil?

    Vehicle: Mercedes C250 2.5L V6 Manufacturer suggestion: 1 year/20,000km Current: ~3 months/3500km FF should be M1 0W-40 Should i change the oil? What about filter change?
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    Regular gas on car requires Premium

    is premium necessary? Some people say Turbo or high compression car is required... How high is considered as high compression? Have seen some people say it runs fine and some say runs like [censored]... anyone tried regular gas on car that requires premium?
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    Cut open Honda A02 VS Nissan OEM China

    Nissan Filter Made in China was bought 2 years ago Used On: 2005 Nissan Quest 4AT (3.5L VQ35DE) Oil Used: Castrol GTX 5W-30 Filter in service: 6370km/3957miles <img src="" alt="" /> <img...
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    E-test & Oil change

    Currently my villager is running on 50% GC & 50% Formula Shell and it's just over 4k miles on the oil... 50% highway & 50% short trip and stop and go traffic Should I dump it and put some new oil for e-test? any story anyone wants to share?
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    replace ATF Filter or not?

    Should i drop the pan and replace the ATF filter? The filter has never been replace! Last ATF change was 145,000km; i put 36,000 km since the last change! The color is always pink (not burn or brown) or should i even bother?
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    High mileage stories using 5W-20

    any high milage one? Doesn't matter dino/synthetic!
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    Oil Cap Sludge = Engine Sludge?

    If i see there is sludge in the oil cap, does that mean there is possible some sludge in the engine?
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    EaO filter Question

    I put slightly over 13,000km on this EaO for 9 months and i notice the filter is all oil up/dripped a few drop on the driveway. Should i replace it?
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    Does Fram really cause engine failure?

    <img src="" alt="" /> <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Torontonian: where you get mobil oil filter?

    <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/11.gif" alt="" title="Cheers2" height="16" width="57" />
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    Is it okay to mix PP with dino?

    I bought 12 qt of shell dino oil from costco. I saw PP on special and bought a few jars, but i still want to finish off those dino. I did not find info about mixing oil in pennzoil site. Has anyone tried mixing pp with dino? any problem? thanks
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    Fram Synthetic filter

    is it the same as Fram Extended Guard? is it the best Fram oil filter? <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Castrol Syntec $22.99 or PP $25.99

    which one i should get? btw, these are the Canadian Tire on special price
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    Mercury Villager - Motorcraft Filter

    Hi friends, I have been using motorcraft oil filter (from Ford dealer) for years, and oil turned black after 3k on various dino oil and needed to drain out(GTX, QS, Penzoil, etc). I switched to Castrol Syntec with motorcraft oil filter at 92k miles. The oil was black at 3k and drained out at 5k...
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    Eneos Oil

    Have anyone tried Eneos Oil (japanese oil)? How good are they? it says over 10hp gain with this <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Since Amsoil is so good, why doesn't every1 use it

    IT is cost effective (ie long drain interval). It actually costs less $/miles. Just want to know why is everyone not switch to that?
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    How to dissect the filter?

    What tools are required?