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    New tires, out of round?

    Just finished a set of Defender LTX‘s on my 02 Envoy, lasted 74K miles to the wear bars. Those tires were purchased at Costco and I had zero issues. I replaced with a fresh set from Costco again, this time I had a shake around 30 MPH and figured it could have been a flat spot from being parked...
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    Replacing original battery in 2014 Highlander

    The original battery in our Highlander is showing it's age with occasional slow starts and minimal reserve capacity resulting in a couple jump starts in the last 2 months. From what I can see, it's a Johnson Controls Type 24 and I believe a Dec 18, 2013 build date. This battery definitely...
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    Need new i7, Windows laptop

    My trusty i3 Toshiba Satellite L755 keeps on ticking, but looking to jump into an i7 and would like a touch screen and only need 1080P, higher is welcome but not necessary. I'm after a laptop that can easily handle video streaming, tuner software like HPTuners, occasional games, but not really...
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    Need help on selecting GM MDI or Tech 2

    For my 2002 GMC SUV as well as other mid 2000's GM vehicles, I'm ready to purchase either of the above mentioned. My thoughts are with a Tech 2, I have an all-in-one unit, but the MDI gives me options down tne road especially with our 2014 Toyota. I'm fine with just a Tech 2 for the 2002 GMC...
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    Worn hydro gear or linkage?

    We bought a Husqvarna 1542XP lawn tractor with the Kawi FH430V brand new about 12 years ago. Has the fender mounted lever for the hydro gear and has performed very well. Hour meter just hit 1200 hrs and we've noticed a little bit of play in the linkage. Couple days ago the linkage had a good 2...
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    Drift carts, looking for advice

    My 11YO has been obsessed with anything he can drift, but I'm not sure who makes a decent drift cart under about $400. The razor looks decent but may complaints on front tire life...any input appreciated.
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    Possible bad coil on Husky 150bt

    Just want to cconfirm the coil is bad before I purchase one. No spark, kill switch checks out, coil gap is correct. I have: 12.6K ohms from plug boot to black ground lead on coil mount bolt. 2.47M ohms from plug boot to red spade terminal on coil. No continuity from red spade terminal of...
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    2002 Envoy 4.2L M1 0W-40 Euro/15W-50 mix 1,200 miles

    The story on this engine can be found here: <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>forums/<wbr>ubbthreads.php/<wbr>topics/<wbr>5161992/<wbr>1</a> Current mileage just over 292K, only rod...
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    JGR Driven LS-30 (5W-30)

    May try this after my next few oil changes, wanted to get a baseline first.
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    Looking for a slightly softer ride than the Bilstein HD

    I currently have the Bilstein HD's all the way around on my 2002 Envoy, which need replacement. I like the HD's, but would really like something between the stock shocks which are very soft, and the HD's. I thought of going back to stock which were OEM Bilsteins, just not sure what version they...
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    2014 Highlander 75K miles, stick with Toyota oil?

    We bought this as a CPO with 57K miles, all services were done by dealer and documented. Looks like it had 7500K OCI's at the dealer, I have moved to 5K OCI's at dealer and would like to inquire about moving from the Toyota oil or stick with it. I would like to keep this vehicle for the long...
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    Would like a higher capacity version of the Fram XG3675

    For my 02 Envoy, 4.2 I6, I generally use the PF-61E, have been also using the XG3675...however the XG 3675 is smaller by comparison. When I did try the Ultra I was surprised at the smaller size compared to the PF-61E. Do I need a larger can...not sure, but curious if one would be beneficial and...
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    Thoughts on moving from 5W-30 on high mileage 4200 Vortec

    Sorry for being long-winded, but I feel all is pertinent info, there's a lot of maintenance pics but just hoping to possibly answer as many questions as possible beforehand. I've had a few threads on this in the maintenance section but this will be just for the oil. Brief history, 2002 Envoy...
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    Do we have a master oil data sheet listed

    I'm just curious if anyone has posted some type of master data sheet with all, or as many as possible, of the oils on the market. Would be a huge list for sure but I searched and haven't found one. If this has even posted, I apologize but I didn't locate it.
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    Carbon knock or piston slap

    I needed to start another thread as this issue is more specific. Engine is a 4200 Vortec, I had a few noises before I replaced my rod bearings...some piston slap, as well as worn rod bearings that one seemed to rap slightly after it warmed up. Most of the bearings measured .003" or slightly...
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    Craftsman floor jack rebuild

    Surely enough as I'm nearing the end of my rod bearing replacement, my floor jack decides to start leaking down. This is the jack, has anyone rebuilt these and/or replaced any seals? I can crank the handle down as hard as I can but it will slowly drop with weight on the cup. I don't think...
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    Question on reusing rod bolts

    Im going to pull the pan on a 4200 Vortec to check for a possible rod knock. This noise just started within the last month so I stopped driving it. I'm not going to remove the mains since I cannot remove just one cap, it's one ladder-style brace and those bolts are TTY. My question is, the rod...
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    Can you recommend a good torque angle gauge

    I will need this initially for connecting rod bolts while under the vehicle. I'm sure I will use it for other tasks but will need it primarily right now for the rods. I keep seeing the OTC, but I don't mind spending a little for a higher quality gauge. I like the dial gauges since there's less...
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    Polishing crank rod journal while in vehicle

    I have a light knock that started recently in my 4200 Vortec. Fairly confident it's a rod, going to pull the pan and take a look. I have new STD bearings from GM, if the journal checks out with a mic, could I polish it while in the motor and if so, what is a prescribed method for doing this...
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    4200 Vortec cam wear pattern

    I replaced all the lash adjusters as I had an occasional cold start tick. The tick is now gone, but I wanted to ask I about the cam wear pattern and is this a normal pattern for this engine? This is my first OHC motor and have owned since new....mileage is 287K. The lobes feel perfectly smooth...