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    Yo! Starsky,

    <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image" style="height:auto!important;max-width:100%!important;"/> Seen on the way to work yesterday.
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    Oil filter cap wrench suggestions.

    I have a another stuck Toyota plastic filter housing. On my son's Rav 4 this time. My 3/8 drive twisted in the base of the aluminium cap wrench. Had a breaker bar and three foot cheater. So I am looking for a steel one to use after the aluminium filter housing comes. I have looked at Lisle and...
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    Best Moly add for timing chain health?

    With the the two paths of moly additives (MOS2 Vs MoTDC). Which is the better to prevent timing chain stretch?
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    Toyota T-IV in gallons?

    Has anyone ever purchased or seen Toyota T-IV in gallon containers?
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    Consensus on Lucas fuel treatment?

    Have a guy at work swears he gets 2-3 more mpgs and power from using it. The main reasons I want to use it is for periodic use on my son's car since I can't get him to add MMO at every fill. O'reilley's has it on sale for $30 a gallon. Please give me your feed back. Thanks!
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    How to check Nitrogen psi?

    Daughter's car came with nitrogen filled tires. Can I use a standard psi gauge to check? I'm curious to see how they have held at 4300 miles. If nitro is better than airOne less thing for me to worry about. Thanks Rich
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    Gas,oil &MMO?

    I bought gas in containers already treated with MMO. I need to get the two stroke snow tosser ready. Would it be ok to add two stroke oil in the MMO treated gas? Should that become standard(MMO cures all?)practice? Thanks, Rich
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    Hybrid oil wt?

    My wife is looking at the Lexus HS. It uses the same 2.4 as the Camry Hybrid. What weights are spec'ed? First and second choice? I have a 5w20 stash. Just thinking ahead.
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    Would you use 15w40 with ARX?

    I need to do an ARX on the daughter's car. Shes leaving Thursday. So I need to change the oil tomorrow. I have some Castrol Tection. Which would be a good rinse,but. It will be winter by time to do the rinse. Would you use the Tection?
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    Waterproof locks.

    We have two pu trucks. Even with bi yearly lube,Two locks have to be cut off again. Can someone please recommend locks that are waterproof for hanging under our trocks to secure our spare tires? Live in Chicago so water/salt is an issue. Thanks
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    Ridgeline anyone?

    Do we have any Honda Ridgeline owners here. I would like to hear the likes,dis-likes. Troubles and triumphs and advice. I am considering a future purchese of a mid trim rtx or rtl. Thank you for any replies.
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    Bulb conversion chart?

    Does someone have a chart to convert US bulbs to the Euro equivilents (numbers/letters)?
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    Toyota '07 engines belt or chain?

    I have searched and can't find an answer. Is there a website to find out what each engine uses for timing? My son is looking at buying a Camry.Either 4 or 6cyl. And I'd like to see if the new almighty 5.7 is belt or chain. Having two Toyota vehicles in the fleet('99 Camry/'02 Tundra) needing...
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    LSD ?

    I have an 02 Tundra 86k with LSD rear. I noticed when it was cold it was sluggish at start. And I got stuck on ice easily. I went to grease it today. Rear jacked up in nuetral to turn drive shaft. It did not free wheel like earlier. And the opposite tire did not spin in the same direction...
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    Grounding straps?

    Hello Bitogers, Can anyone recomend ground staps. A co worker put some Murray's cheapies($5) on his truck.One is gone.I would like to try this to end winter zapping. Does anyone have a source for well built ones? I have found some searching but the sites were not regular part vendors so I'm...
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    Mix VSOT with ARX?

    BITOG'ers , All my cars get the maintenance dose of ARX. I have been wanting to add VSOT to try it. With this be a good or bad mix? What about ARX and SX-UP? Thanks for any advice.
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    Toyota Trans What would you use?

    I have a '05 3.3 Camry SE 10k. I want to flush out the initial shavings out of the trans by T-Tec. I need 16 qts. The price of T-IV is over $8 a qt no matter where I go. Thanks to BITOG I see Mobil lists an equivilant at 1/2 the price. I called Toyota and the "recommended" only Toyota fluid...
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    Filter Change before flush?

    Right now I have ARX in two auto tranies. I will have them flushed at a trusted shop with a T-tec type machine. The said don't bother dropping the pan and changing the filter. These pans have drain plugs so I have the habit of drain and refil at least once a year. I have the fluid to do it. I...
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    Well after being awakened at 6 am to seven punks kicking in a rear basement door. I think its time to look into getting a dog that we have been wanting.Old faithful is too up in years to be worried.Not even a woof.We have had a few incidents latley the neighborhood in changing,not for the...
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    P/S ARX Baster Method?

    I want to clean the P/S systems on the family fleet.Can I use the turkey baster method to change out the fluid after ARX over a few intervals after the intial cleaning? I really don't want to remove some of the hoses because of age and my mechanical ineptness <img border="0" alt="[Bang Head]"...