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    Pepboys free after rebate: Shell Rotella Gas Truck Full Synthetic Engine Oil, 5W-30, 5 qt.

    Free after $30 rebate from Pepboys. Offer expires 2/20 Rebate form-...
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    Tire with 5 plugs

    I had a tire that was slowly leaking air. Went to the tire shop today and they found a small nail. He also showed me there were 4 other plugs on the tread in different spots around the tire. He asked if i wanted a plug, patch, or get a new tire. Told him to plug it. Now am thinking should’ve of...
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    Car pulls AFTER tire rotation

    First time ever experiencing this. 2010 mits galant. Fwd. I had an alignment done about 1.5 mnths ago and she drives straight as an arrow. Today i decided to do my 10k tire rotation. Simple back to front and front to back. Now the car pulls to the left. What in the world?!
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    Rockauto 5% off code valid thru 10/31

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    2010 Mitsubishi Galant 133k 2.4l valve train pics

    Had the valve cover gaskets done. Have owned this car for about 1k miles now. Here's a peek of how we are looking under the cover. <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
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    Drivers Choice 10w-30 oil @ Dollar Tree- thoughts?

    Saw this today. It's $1 per half quart. Anyone had any experience with it of have the specs on it? <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
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    2010 Mitsubishi Galant atf SP iii equivalent at walmart

    I just bought the car has 132k. I want to change the tranny fluid. What is the equivalent of sp iii fluid at walmart? Someone told me i can get ST atf +4 but I want to confirm Also does anyone know how many qt's and transmission fluid change will be? I know the full capacity is 8.1 qts but...
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    Orifice tube backwards, now can’t reach it

    Follow up to my recent post- <a href=""...
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    84 Caprice- AC gauge reading- low side is high and high side is low

    New compressor, new lines, new orifice tube, new cycling switch. Fan works and clutch comes on for a second then turns off and repeat. Static reading- low: 82, high: 83 reading with AC turned on: Low- 100~ High- 50~ Outside temp- 80F Thoughts on what could it be? I was thinking bad...
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    Lucas power steering stop leak

    When I turn my wheel there's a loud whining noise and sometimes the steering wheel vibrates. I checked my power steering fluid and the reservoir was close to empty. Called my mechanic and he said it could be a bad power steering pump but most likely it's the rack and pinion that went. He advised...
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    1st UOA 2009 Pontiac G8 GT 6.0L 130k

    This is the first UOA. I recently bought the vehicle. Here are the results. Enjoy oil tested: unk miles on oil: unk Total miles: 130,420 filter out: unk- black exterior couldn't make out name oil in: 5 qts 5w-30 Castrol GTX Magnatec and 3 qts PP filter in: SuperTech ST10060 <a...
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    Pro-tec vs Champion lab filters

    Which would be your choice? I've never used either but I see those are the 2 cheapest listed for my car on RA
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    palm polisher strong enough to remove scratches?

    Light scratches and swirl marks using Meguiars m105. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> It only costs $18 at harbor freight. Or am I better off going with...
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    Finish kare 1000p

    Most durable longest lasting ‘wax’ on the market?
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    Meguiars ultimate fast finish

    I bought this product today. My question is in what step do I use it? After I clay bar- do I wax first and then apply ultimate fast finish? OR apply ultimate fast finish first and then apply wax? (wax I'll be using is 303 spray wax) Thanks!
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    Liqui moly engine flush

    Thinking about doing it to my 95 caprice. Has anyone used it before? Thoughts?
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    Sta-bil for car the barely runs

    Thought of adding sta-bil to my gas tank? I have a 84 caprice landau with 14k on it. Showroom condition. She sits a lot. I know gas eventually goes bad so I’m worried about gas being kept in the gas tank of the car too long. Please don’t answer with drive her more. thanks
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    '96 Roadmaster 5.7l LT1, PUP 10w-30, 7000mi

    Hello, here is my second uoa on the car. I've been using it a lot more recently. Silicone is high at 162. Could it be because I had the valve covers changed? Lead went up from 20 to 71 when comparing it to the first uoa. Below are the results and the thread to the first uoa of this car to...
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    AC fixed but still not blowing cold air

    Things that have been done recently to the roadmaster- New: ac drier, hose assembly, condenser, orifice tube. System was vacuumed out and charged. Oil in. It is leak free Compressor only has 66k miles on. Doesnt make any wierd noises. Still engages. After all of this my ac comes out...
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    Best car cover for outside

    I'm in store for a car cover. My car is outside year around. In the direct hot sun, rain, wind etc. I read online somewhere that waterproof covers can be bad because the material is too rough so it can scratch the car paint. Should I get one that's like fabric of a bed sheet? Input appreciated...