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    “Christmas Star”(Jupiter and Saturn)

    I managed to get a picture with my iPhone 11 of it. It is moving fast. It looks to the naked eye that they are separate. The phone makes it look way bigger and brighter than it it. It is just off the tip of the tree in the second one.
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    Basler Läckerli

    Anyone ever had this? My grandma used to make it and send it out to all her kids during Christmas time along with awesome fruit cake. The lackerli was soft and chewy with an interesting flavor (Hazelnut I think). Would have been good with coffee. Mom tried to make it after grandmas health...
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    Casio AMW330 revival

    I have seen on here before that we have some watch aficionados on here. I know it isn’t a high end watch but it is as good of quality I am comfortable wearing around most of the time. I don’t wear watches or rings at work since they beat ”degloving” into our heads in college. It also has...
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    EB2200i break in.

    New work toy. Used John Deere turf guard 10w-30 since that was the first non synthetic 10w-30 I found in my shed. Put in oil and gas and started it up. Plugged in the heater and fan that should be around 1600 watts and let it run a few hours at full throttle. With the eco throttle on it...
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    Ac Delco oil on rock auto

    Looking through rock auto today for some brake parts and noticed that they had 5 quarts jugs of full synthetic ac Deleon oil reasonably priced. 0w-20 was $20 a jug and 5w-30 was $18.64. I added a jug to my cart to see what the shipping was and it only raised it a couple of bucks. Not a bad...
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    19/32 socket

    Found this in Grandpa's toolbox when I was cleaning the tools up. A quick search says that some old Ford engines used this along with several other suspected uses. The most common being 8 point sockets for square headed bolts along with being an SAE match to 15mm. This one is 12 point...
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    Rivet punch

    While looking through my grandpas old tool box for evaporust fodder I found this. <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image"...
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    Gasket dressing

    What is there to use as gasket dressing to use on old stuff with beat up mating surfaces? I don't want to use something hardening like schelac. I see permatex makes a gasket dressing that might fit the bill. Looking to use it on my Massey carb I am working so so it doesn't get slobbery like...
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    Massey Ferguson 65 revival.

    Working on getting the fuel system fixed up on my Massey Ferguson 65. It is a Marvel-Schebler TSX 695 carb on a G176 Continental engine. The tractor has sat for less than five years and fired up correctly once I replaced the points and filled the gas tank. It has had E10 run in it for a while...
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    Baby praying mantis

    <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image" style="height:auto!important;max-width:100%!important;"/> <img...
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    New tool thread

    Figured this place needs a thread to condense all the new tool posts. If not oh well... <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image"...
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    Free Echo

    Curb picked an echo SRM-2100. Only thing keeping it from running was the primer bulb. New bulb and fired right up. Only a couple of issues with it but nothing major. Tank vent leaks. The head isn't quite right. Had to add a washer to space out the line advance mechanism so that it would...
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    Space Subforum

    Could we have a space subforum? Lots of info out there that could be discussed in this forums style.
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    Food for the grammar and spelling correctors.

    Caught this out of the corner of my eye today. Had to loop around to take a picture.
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    Homemade umami condiment suggestion

    I am trying to figure out if the condiment I am craving exits or there is a recipe for it. I was taxing the fires I made for my children yesterday and got to thinking that ketchup is just to sweet. What I am thinking of is tomato based, salty and a little spicy. Kinda like in between ketchup...
  16. J

    Zealco pressure washer.

    I have an old Zealco hot pressure washer I grabbed from one of our terminals today. Trying to find if any parts are still available for it. It looks like the company no longer exists. I have the manual for with a parts list and a bill of sale that has the companies name and address on it...
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    Toyota BCM replacement

    It looks like the BCM on my wifes van biy the dust. Does anyone know if these have to have a vin specific program put in them or can they just be swapped? The issues we have are multiple warnings for various systems like. VSC, ABS,TCS, brakes TPMS power steering and a bunch of warning lights...
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    OPE that won’t die.

    What is a piece of ope you have that won't die so you can justify getting a newer better one? I have an old Weedeater featherlight leaf blower that I found in a barn next the 318 I resurrected that just keeps running. When I found it in 2008 all I did was put gas in it and it fired up. I use...
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    Long low profile jack

    I rotated the tires on the wife's van the other day with my regular floor jack and it was a pain. I can barley get it under the front to the jack point and then when I had it up on jack stands there was no way I could get to the rear jack point. I ended up using the lift points on either side...
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    Matches and gasoline

    No, not what you think. Not very scientific but interesting. <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>