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    Wrong oil ??

    Long story , short .... While changing the oil in my Kohler engine I refilled with 5w-30 Pennzoil Platinum . Apparently I purchased it by mistake as I usually buy PP 10w-30 . Should I drain and put the correct oil in it or is it close enough and ok to finish what's left of the mowing season ?
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    Air filter maintenance

    I'm as anal about air filters as some of you are about oil and oil changes . I have a Bad Boy Zero Turn with a Kohler 725cc engine . Every other time I mow I pull the filter out , wash the foam pre filter and lightly oil it with some K&N filter oil I have left over . The paper element gets...
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    Oil color ?

    I wasn't sure how to title this thread . I see people brag on a certain oil they use because when they changed it " it was as clean as when I put it in " or some other such nonsense . Is clean looking oil really a measure of the quality or performance ?
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    Oil requirements

    Why do people still argue that you MUST use a manufacturers own brand of oil to protect your warranty ? I had a running debate with some guy on FB that refused to admit he was wrong and would not provide any documentation to back up his claim . He also said that automotive oils WILL burn up...
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    Need a tire pressure gauge

    Can anyone recommend a good pressure gauge ? I'm old school and prefer analog . I'm looking for accuracy and not anything elcheapo .
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    2018 Titan Air Filter

    I was at the dealership getting an oil change yesterday and of course the service guy tried to upsell me on wiper blades , air filter , etc. Nah , I'll take care of that myself . Got to be able to do that cheaper myself right ? When I got home I started looking at the various websites for WIX ...
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    Rotella Gas Truck

    I see Shell has come out with a new Rotella product . Gas Truck Full Synthetic . I realize it's too new to really judge it's performance but does anybody have any insight ?