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    Lower Intake Manifold gasket

    How much should it cost to have a LIM gasket replaced eventually? It's a '03 Impala with the 3.4. I don't have the skills, space, nor know anyone available to do it for me other than the garage we have taken it to for stuff over the years. I just wanted a figure I can keep in mind when I check...
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    Brake Bleeders

    Specifically, the "One Man" kits. I was wanting to replace the brake fluid in our '03 Impala someday, and was wondering if it could be done with one of the bleeders. <img src="/forums/graemlins/27.gif" alt="hide" title="hide" height="35" width="26" />
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    Can Sprayway be used on tinted windows?

    I dislike Invisible Glass with a passion. The best I've found is the blue and white can of Sprayway. My question is can it be used on tinted windows since it says "Ammonia Free"?
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    searched but could not find it....

    Someone on here posted a link to a site where it was comparing oil brands and was geared towards us the consumer. Does anyone recall that posting? I cannot find it nor a link anywhere.
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    "power" screwdrivers

    Anyone use them? I have one from W'mart for less than $10 and it works ok. Bonus is it takes 4 regular AA's. I mainly use it for the plates on our car as I remove them now and then to clean behind them.
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    Lovely vehicle site.

    Though it had a cool looking black semi on it and a replica General Lee :) this site gets one thinking what WERE these people thinking? <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    lug nut painting question

    I wanted to get stainless steel cover lugnuts for our impala (have the center caps on it) but they cost too much. I decided when/if spring ever comes to paint the chrome lugnuts and just deal with touching up the paint every so often. My question is should I bother trying the "chrome" finish...
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    A little satisfied with myself.

    I just finished replacing the heating element in the stove my sister gave us two years ago. :D The oven took about 10 to 11 minutes to get warm; I never thought anything of the element going bad. we were waiting for it to heat so we could make some biscuits and heard a pop and I went to look...
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    Oxygen sensor question for other impala owners

    We have a '03 Impala 3.4 showing code of P0137 (oxygen Sensor). My question is should it matter if I get a Bosch or Denso or AC Delco brand? I read elsewhere that GM 3.4s are anal when it comes to any other brand of O2 sensor being used. Why should it matter? I'm confused. PS: this would be...
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    Training question

    I'm 40 now, and like alot of people; unemployed. Would it be too late to take schooling for body work? I'd wanted to 15 years ago, but since I was at home at the time Iwas forced into a job instead of training (long story). I tried 3 years ago to learn ASE mechanics at our county's voed...
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    Stripes on my '03 Impala

    I was considering reflective blue and reflective black stripes along the edge lines of our Imp. It's either that or a single reflective blue. About 1/4 inch or less wide. Adjusted towards the body line under the windows. <img...
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    Coffee table with chess board

    Anyone have ideas where I can find plans for or a coffee table with a chess board laid out on it? I have a set, but wanted to get a table already with the board on it. Everywhere I searched had tables, but no coffee table types. Plus they were at cheapest $470. <img...
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    Thinking of selling my Cavalier

    I've had this car since it was new (5 miles on it) and am considering after 111,171 miles of selling it. I wrote a list similar to ones I saw in library books on buying/selling cars yourself for and against selling it. Here is my list: For Keeping it: 1) Car is paid for 2) Convenience of 2...
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    Jeremy Mayfield's deal

    Did nascar finally say what naughty substance he was supposed to have taken? All I ever heard was it was an OTC medicine and a prescription medicine that combined. <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/54.gif" alt="" title="confused" height="22" width="15" />
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    A question for baseball fans

    Which have you been to more: major or minor league games? I've been to two majors, but about 8 minor since '00 and found them more enjoyable. <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/36.gif" alt="" title="popcorn2" height="35" width="49" /> Best seat ticket prices are lower than the worst...
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    Bumper cover/Sorry if it's the wrong section

    As I've mentioned in a few posts I have a '00 cavalier (standard version). I was thinking of getting a stock Z24 bumper cover from a boneyard someday for the better (for oem) fog lights. I can't fit anything in the slots of the original cover without cutting. <img...
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    What's your favorite glass cleaner?

    I like Sprayway, but have to find a decent type of cloth. Newspaper doesn't work as good as how to articles claim. <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif" alt="\:\(" title="frown" height="15" width="15" />
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    Finally decided where to get tires

    Though I wish I still had some of our tax refund, I am glad I didn't get tires after all. My wife and I got a membership at Sams Club and I searched their site for tires for my cavalier and the impala. I found 6 suitable for the 14 in size and 7 for the 16. The only ones they had in stock were...
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    Just used Fleetfilter

    Our taxes miraculously came <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/grin2.gif" alt="" title="grin" height="15" width="15" />, and one of the "needs" I used the $ for was a case of #1040 oil filters from Fleetfilter. These will certainly last me awhile even though both my cars use the same...
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    Driving lights for a '03 Impala

    Whenever I can save the cash I was thinking of getting driving/fog light combos (in same housing type) or driving lights for our '03 Impala. It is the standard cheap model so has the holes in the center of the bumper. I have not measured them so I don't know which rectangular lights would fit...