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    The best and worst evolution in tools ever.

    I see it as the ultimate result of perfected exploitation of the workforce. The dealers and garages are now getting exactly the value of work they are paying for.
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    Do you take Valentine's Day seriously?

    Put the cards on the bicycle spokes, and then you really have something going on!
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    CAFE axles of Bronco

    Honda got the VTM system from the Germans. Honda also had a lubed-for-life center member in 2003 Pilots which has a good reputation for reliability, but it was eliminated on later model years... or at least, the separated lube aspect was.
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    Is Walmart done with guns and ammo everywhere?

    Our rural WM lost guns a few years ago, still has ammo... when it's not sold out.
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    Brake Pads - Wagner/Chain 'gold series'

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with squealing thermoquiets. The only reason they're still on the Corolla is the low, low number of COVID miles we put on it.
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    Napa has an online repair cost estimator

    I have been using it for years. It is limited but often useful... for justifying tool purchases!
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    HF Wheel Chocks

    I have six of these from HF of various ages. After a couple years the smell goes down enough to be tolerable. All are still good.
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    Delphi Quality Dropped.

    That is not the definition of "bait and switch". B&S involves advertising one low price product, and then a hard upsell to a different product. But I too hate the "quality slide" (almost always involves China), as well as getting used parts or wrong part in the box, or outright counterfeits, it...
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    Electrical problems galore

    Get an intelligent charger and charge it at least once a month, better yet, once a week. Disconnect it when not charging. See if you can suspend the tarp over the vehicle instead of putting it directly against it, more like a canopy than a tent, not fully contained. Allow for airflow in all...
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    My new car.

    You didn't list mileage or price, so it's hard to get a feel for value. I looked up the specs, RWD, 210HP (at high RPM) and 20-ish MPG, not bad. I'd say it gets down to the price, and the service history. And your tolerance for issues and DIY ability... just because it's a 27 year old car.
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    The ignore feature.

    For me, the ignore feature saves me the time and mental effort of reading a post, preparing mentally to respond, and then realizing OH it is "that one person" and then spinning down instead of responding- since I rarely read the poster's name first, the quoting feature usually takes care of that...
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    Tire with 5 plugs

    Plugs are only suitable for straight holes. It's in the instructions. And again here we go with the BITOG nay-sayers saying that a plug is never an acceptable repair. It's simply a correct repair within its limitations which some can never admit or understand. Good luck with every other...
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    What's your favorite socket holder for mobile toolbox.

    Not a fan of the Lisle 40200 for portability, it wastes a LOT of space. The handle can be cut off, but there's a lot of space between sockets, and wasted space between rows, and it's already double-wide. I have no idea what they were thinking when they "designed" that one. For minimal space and...
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    Favorite tool starting to fail

    I thought my old USA 1/2" teardrop raised panel Craftsman ratchet was dead, even bought a replacement. Or two. I've used and abused it since I got it new in the early 80's, there was no shame for it. With nothing to lose, I took it apart, cleaned and lubed it with Super Lube (silicone grease)...
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    "VW-Ford isn't just an alliance, it's an automotive earthquake" -Autoblog

    Does this mean all timing chains will go against the firewall now, not just 1/2 of them? Or if it's only about electric cars, maybe they can glue the batteries in like some phones, to make them truly disposable.
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    How to plug this?

    Does the blue shutoff valve on top not work? I know, often they don't.
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    I have sinned by purchasing plastic.

    Plasticizers were the baliwick of old 10w40 oils. Nowadays, a 0w-Anything is likely to have more Group III+/IV/I than any 5w- or 10w-... which are more likely to have more... plasticizers.
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    Am i the only one really disliking SUVs?

    Some are better than others. What bothers me is when they are all so alike, no real choice there but the badge on the front. Also don't like the high waist, short window, poor visibility design most have.
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    Does threadlocker go bad?

    Yes, in manufacturing we were required to date tag it coming in, and stop using it after the due date.
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    What retailer has the best tool combo kit?

    $99, reasonably complete and made in Taiwan. If I were in that position, I'd go with this one.