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    Correct pressure for a +0

    Where can load tables be found online? I know I've seen threads on here where people come up with different pressures but now that I'm searching, I'm coming up with nothing. My SRT4 had upgraded tires when I bought it and I've always played around with different pressures but just for kicks...
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    Supertech synthetic now meets GM 4718

    I just checked and didn't see anything else on this so I thought I would mention it. I was at a Walmart last week and saw Supertech synthetic in a new clear bottle and it said it now meets GM's 4718 spec. They also had a few grades of the conventional in the new angular shaped bottles that...
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    Bridgestone Dueler Revo II's

    There was a mention in another thread about the Revo II's but no info was available. This is from the latest Tire Rack summer catalog: <a href=""...
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    new Walmart oil pricing

    Seen today: Mobil 1 down to $22 from $26 for 5 qts. Mobil 1 EP down to $26.50 from $28.?? for 5 qts. Q Horsepower up to $20.50 from $18 for 5 qts. Q Horsepower qts. up to $6.0? Valvoline, Castrol, Pennzoil unchanged. Q HP is now more than PP and qts were just a few cents less M1 qts!
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    Early oil history info at

    The site's been up for a year or so but they have recently added a wealth of information on early oil history. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Check the "essays" and "about oil" pages. The focus is on Pennsylvania but most of the early oil companies...
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    Pep Boys has Castrol Edge. What is it?

    I stopped by my local Pep Boys today and noticed Castrol Edge mixed in with the Syntec. It was 5w-30 and the bottle said it was new. Cost was $7.99 a quart. Castrol's website makes no mention of this oil but their international site shows different formulations for different countries around...
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    not all sizes are created equal

    While reading the current thread on non-stock tire sizes I remembered this picture I took when I got new tires for the SRT-4 last spring. I thought some might find it interesting to see just how different in actual dimensions some tires of the same spec'ed size can really be. In theory every...
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    Anyone ever used MMO as a penetrating oil / lube

    I noticed Marvel Mystery Oil Universal Lubricant and Penetrant (wow that's a long name) at a local discount store today. When checking MMO's website I see this is just their MMO formula in a spray bottle. Has anyone ever tried MMO as a penetrating oil or lubricant?? How did it work??
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    Kendall Ultimate Synthetic

    A recent sale purchase of Kendall full synthetic got me looking around on their website this morning. They have a new product called Ultimate Synthetic Oil which meets GM 4718M and Honda HTO-06. I called their tech line to find out what was different about this oil compared to the regular full...
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    Matic-J and T-IV added to Supertech Dex-V

    I was in the local Walmart today and for some reason visited the oil aisle <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/whistle.gif" alt="" title="whistle" height="15" width="15" /> (not like I need any oil or anything.) This Walmart has been out of most of their tranny fluids for a couple of...
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    No Nissan fluids at the dealership!

    I've been planning to do a coolant change on the wife's Xterra for a while now and spent some time in this section of the forum trying to educate myself on coolant formulations for Nissan's. I haven't really decided what I am going to use yet but I keep reading about wide Nissan dealer price...
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    Show us your pets!

    Ok, I did a search and couldn't find a thread on pets so I am starting a new one for members to post pet pictures. I'm borrowing the idea from another forum I frequent where this thread has become a very popular ongoing topic. I'll start with our three cats. We sort of have the combined...
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    Walmart oil prices rising

    I was just picking up an additional drain pan at Walmart and someone was in the process of raising the oil prices on just about everything. In general everything seemed to be going up an additional $2 or so on a 5 qt. bottle. The main exception was a $4 jump on Syntec making it cost the same...
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    oil beer??

    Oil beer?? Well, sort of. I was visiting my local beer distributor yesterday when I spotted this limited release from Erie Brewing Company. Being a sucker for a good stout and having just visited Drake's well a couple of weeks ago, I had to try some. Very good! <img...
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    Oil Creek - where it all began

    My wife and I took a road trip over the holiday weekend to the Titusville / Oil City / Oil Creek area of Pennsylvania to ride a few rail trails and visit the sites where the oil boom began. We visited the area about three years ago but at that time I wasn't into oil and really didn't know the...
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    Anyone heard of Lubeatech?

    A local drag race team / garage speed shop / Amsoil distributor was mentioning good results with Lubeatech oils when I talked to him today. A search of BITOG turned up no mention so I was curious if anyone had heard of them? I'm not interested in their products but the distributor mentioned...
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    What are the real dangers of non-API rated oil?

    What are the real dangers of non-API rated oil? I've been kicking around on BITOG for a couple of months now and I can certainly say that I'm giving a lot more thought to the oils I choose than I used to. The reason I ask the above question is that I have been intrigued by the Brad Penn Grade...