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    Any other short changers out there?

    3.6 NA Grand Caravan: 7000-9000 miles or 12-months 3.7 NA F-150: 7000-9000 miles or 12-months 2.0 NA Hyundai Elantra: 6000 miles (primary driver so always on miles) 1.8 NA Kia Forte: 5000 miles 1.6 NA Kia Rio with DI: 3000-4000 miles because DI & short-tripping I wouldn't call any of those...
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    New ST oil coming?

    I made my investing mistakes like most people. I'm hopefully older and wiser (at least older) now. Three funds for me.....VTSAX Total US Stock Market, VTIAX Total International Market, and VBTLX Total US Bond Market. Actually, I have a balanced Vanguard Index too in my 401K but only...
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    Dodge Grand Caravan trans service or not?

    Yea.... that button is masked-over in our van. Must have been luck of the draw because ours shifts poorly. As long as it staying in one-piece I don't care.
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    New ST oil coming?

    I only buy indexes so there you go!
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    New ST oil coming?

    The cost of oil is such a small slice of the ownership cost that it is in the noise. Most people on here are not making logical investments, they are OCD and enjoy getting nuts over a topic (me included). But... if you know of actively managed funds guaranteed to beat the index I'd love...
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    Dodge Grand Caravan trans service or not?

    Did my 2016 at 49K with a dropped pan (replaced with the Doorman) and I freshen it up every other oil change. I changed the filter and cleaned the magnet @ 49K and I'll probably do it again at 100K because it really wasn't that difficult. The transmission has poor shift quality but it has...
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    New ST oil coming?

    I already take the cheaper stuff to 10K. They need to add a couple more stars before I'll jump.
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    Iron increase?

    True.... I don't measure oxidized forms and the chelated ferrous is measured by the Hach method. But oxidized iron falls out of solution in either water or oil and you don't necessarily get a representative sample by pulling bulk oil. And you do have water in your engine because it is in...
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    Iron increase?

    I routinely measure ferrous iron in water systems. It is what I do for a living. I really hate trending ferrous iron in those systems because it really isn't an accurate measurement of corrosion rates. It can trend in that direction but there are too many other variables that can spike an...
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    2009 Elantra Commuter Car

    I just bought a 2020 version. I've owned three Elantras prior to this one and I've always followed the Hyundai non-severe guidelines (because I do mostly highway miles). Highway miles are certainly the easiest and you have been overly conservative with your OCI prior to this so I'd say you...
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    Super tech oil choice

    The cost difference is so minimal I'd just go to the full synthetic.
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    Most resilient oil to GDI intake desposits please

    My solution is not to buy cars with GDI engines...... although I have one in the fleet. Ultimately, I'd like to see the Toyota solution with GDI mixed with port injection.
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    Does It Matter What Time of Year You Do an OCI?

    My wife has the only vehicle that is close to a once a year candidate. Looking at my records it is more like every 9-months. Summer is much nicer, the days are longer, the driveway isn't wet, the beer is colder.
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    Post your latest oil purchase or even filter.

    Missed the end of the sale but $24.99 for 10-quarts of 5W-30 Kirkland flavor is still a pretty good haul. Easier than chasing coupons.
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    Kirkland Synthetic oil

    I saw this post and it motivated me to go pick up another 10-quarts of this FULLY SYNTHETIC bargain. LOL....
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    I'd say Hyundai has been "proven". Proven to fail for some people and proven to be reliable for others. Every brand of machine made by man ultimately ends up in a scrap heap and every group of humans that gather to make something, produce good things, and produce bad things. What is...
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    Don't scare the poor guy telling him his engine is going to blow. LOL.... cross your fingers and hope for the best! I'd follow the Hyundai manual and document your oil changes with copies of receipts. Personally, I'd run three oil changes per year (4000 each) until it was out of warranty...
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    Kia Niro engine oil specification confusion

    I wouldn't visit such places but I understand. Everyone has to make a buck but I'd at least be honest about it. I tell my customers hey.... I'm going to get my pound of flesh out of you one way or the other.
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    Kia Niro engine oil specification confusion

    I know what he means...... Hyundai gives you the first six oil changes on the house now. They say "Three years of free maintenance" which translates to six oil changes with that cheap bulk oil and six tire rotations. Of course, that gives them the chance to sell you something extra for...