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    Bringing Oil to Full Operating Temperature

    Seems like the answer is to keep driving it every so often for a longer drive. Also seems like he won’t accept that answer. Like PimTac mentioned, it’s been answered in two threads. Maybe time to lock this thread?
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    Anyone does 7K-8K OCIs on conventional?

    I would say it depends on your commute and driving habits (you already mentioned them) I have 12 5qrt jugs of Chevron supreme 5W30 (6 are sn plus and just say Chevron supreme, the latest 6 I just bought are sp and say synthetic blend on them) and my commute in my 17 accord is 15.5 miles to work...
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    AC Delco oils on RockAuto

    $1.95/qrt Mobil super isn’t bad
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    SnowBlower, to break in with Conventinal or go Synthetic after original fill??

    On my Troy Bilt 2460, ran whatever oil came in it when I bought it in summer of 2018. Changed in fall this year with a leftover PYB 5w30 I had
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    New diesel technology

    Where is gas .97 a gallon?
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    Post your latest oil purchase or even filter.

    7 5w30 at Home Depot. $14.97 a piece. Not the best price but I will take any discount I can get
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    Whats the problem with the car!??

    Or in Georgia where the OP took this picture Looks like road grime
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    Seems like a no brainer to run 0-x rather then 5-x for cold temps?

    So now I’m confused on which oil I should be running! I have Castrol Edge EP 5wei..winter30 in my car now. I’m scared
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    Boxed Motor Oil WARNING

    I’ve been fortunate that the two times I’ve ordered 6 5 quart jugs of Chevron supreme from all 12 arrived Undamaged
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    collinite 476 aggravations - by hand or machine

    Collinite 476 and now just 845 works for me. Easy to apply and take off. Good protection. Last a decent amount of time. Works good enough for me. Have no desire to try anything else
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    collinite 476 aggravations - by hand or machine

    I have pretty good water beading after 6-7 months with Collinite 845 during and after the winter. Granted if we do get a nice warmer day during winter and I can wash the car I will wash using Meguiars wash and wax to try and boost it some, or spray Duragloss aqua wax on it while drying it off...
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    Adding Oil To An Amsoil OCI

    He is only averaging a little over 1100 miles/month. He is going to hit the 1 year mark well before the 25K mark. If he isn’t going to do a UOA and this is just a one time run of SS I would top off with M1EP, Castrol Edge EP, or really any syn off the shelf. he only has 6 more months or 3000ish...
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    2 Year Brake Fluid Changes--Overkill?

    That has always been my understanding, siphoning fluid out of the master cylinder and replacing with fresh fluid doesn’t really accomplish anything. It will never get down to the calipers. The only way to get the old fluid out is to open the bleeders and flush out the old with new. I think I...
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    2 Year Brake Fluid Changes--Overkill?

    I bought my 17 accord sport used July 2019 and around September timeframe of 2019 I sucked out the master cylinder and flushed the brake lines using the bottle method. I will probably do it again come summer or fall 2021 just because. -On another forum I am on, this one person who lives in...
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    QS or Super Tech syn oil for a few cent diff in price at W-M

    Won’t let me edit my original post, but to answer your ?, I would probably go with QSUD just because I have never used it and have always wanted to try it