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    Toyota Gives Man Brand New 4Runner TRD Pro

    That FJ was destroyed it appears, glad he survived, honestly. Happy I own a 2016 4Runner built on the same platform!
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    Genesis SUV

    Curious, timely post.......................
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    Replace alternator - As preventative maintenance?

    Correct. My CR-V had 284k on it on the original.
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    Are there any considerate people left?

    Karma will get those who treat others poorly.
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    Head scratching oil burn in '16 Outback 3.6

    Before reading a single reply, my guess was downhill vs. uphill driving makes a big difference.
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    Early Risers

    This is my life also. Exactly the same.
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    Another Grim Reminder to Drive Carefully During Winter

    My coworker destroyed his F-150 in that crash. He's fine.
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    Here's something that could happen, and ruin your day, lol!

    Mine are in the ignition, listening to Sirius with windows down. Back before my Runner, I always put my keys on the driver seat.
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    2021 Daytona 500

    From what's been reported, it was not a good scene.
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    2021 Daytona 500

    Imagine being Ken Schrader, telling him the news in Victory Lane.....brutal.
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    2021 Daytona 500

    And yet again, rain......... I don't complain about night racing there, however. Either get it done tonight, or tomorrow night.
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    Work’s Canceled Tonight - 1st Oil Change Time on the 4Runner!

    Hopefully you get the filter off no worries. I had to really work hard with my Motiv wrench and a breaker bar when I did mine (dealer did the change before I bought my 2016). But it's a satisfying change because the filter housing only goes so tight, with that silver tab. So there's no...
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    Another reason to avoid quicky lube places.

    I'll continue to lay in the snow and on gravel and do my own work.
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    Brass Hammer

    I thought this was a heavy-metal band thread.
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    High Mileage S2000 needs some advice!

    I'd go with a 5w30 high mileage oil and sleep well.
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    Firestone Store Visit

    I had the exact same experience at Firestone in November 2018. Called about my cabin and engine air filters, my serpentine belt, and other "services." All of those had been changed within 3 months of the visit. They made my wheel balance much worse in the process. Hard pass on Firestone...
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    Montgomery Ward oil find at the recycling center

    Those are neat. Now you are required, per BITOG, to send samples off for data. It's in the small print.
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    Indy shops?

    This is the very first one on Google search.