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    Reloading, is it sooo complicated?

    Not complicated at all. Common sense and ability to read and follow directions are the biggest skills you will need. You will be dealing with fast burning smokeless powders so utmost care is needed. A press, dies, a good reloading scale and set of calipers are mandatory. It will become...
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    Best Cocktail to Remove Heavy Leading

    They still do <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Michelin LTX MS/2

    I have the LTX M/S 2, but not in the size you mentioned. They replaced a set of Michelin Cross Terrains on my Tundra that still had tread life, but were starting to develop dry rot cracks due to age ( 7 + years old). As somebody else pointed out, they are rated at 70,000 miles in regards to...
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    Great Invention

    From the look of the video and the tail fins on the Caddy, it looks like we are talking early 1950's. A neat idea for sure, but fairly complex and possibly quite expensive by 1950's standards. My guess was it just was not economically feasible to offer it.
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    Stand by generator lube.

    I use the Generac 070185E filter. With that filter, the oil capacity goes from 1.7 quarts to 2 quarts on my Generac 13 KWH generator. The filter is pretty well constructed. I have also had some good results with Wix and Napa filters, but neither of them were extended capacity. I have found...
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    Stand by generator lube.

    Try this place <a href="" target="_blank"></a> They have an extended capacity factory Generac filter. The past couple years I have used that filter with a German Castrol fill. I used to have a smoky startup using M1 5W-30 fill...
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    Best Cocktail to Remove Heavy Leading

    If the guns is stainless something like Birchwood Casey's Lead and Rust Remover will do a good job. I don't advise it on blued guns because it can remove bluing (which is a form of rust). In lieu of that, brass wool/sponge will work well as will a tool called the Lewis Lead Remover, which uses...
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    Another "What scope should I get ?" post

    Look at the Burris Fullfield II line of scopes. Good quality and reasonable price in price ballpark you are considering.
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    Colt .45 Peacemaker: recoil?

    Recoil in the Peacemaker is mild with Winchester/Remington 250 grain LRN factory loads. You are lucky if you can break 700 fps with them as they are likely downloaded a great deal out of fear somebody is going to stuff one in a gun made specifically for blackpowder. I use a classic load of 8.5...
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    My first batch of reload!

    congratulations on what you will find to be an enjoyable hobby. Just one thing to point out when using mixed brass. Be careful of case neck tension. The 9 mm is a short case and some dimensional variations between brands can result in some cases producing less case neck tension (and potential...
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    CDNN order?

    I've ordered from them. They are a pretty reliable outfit.
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    Tar Removal

    Cigarette Lighter fluid (naptha) is a great tar remover.
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    help with a Stihl Trimmer

    I have one of the FS-36 trimmers. It really is a nice machine for the price. In the 12 years I have had it, only had to change the spark plugs a couple times and clean the spark arrestor once. It has run most of its life on red bottle Stihl 2 cycle oil, but in the past year have switched to...
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    North Caroline cat 4 Irene

    About 750,000 homes in the greater Baltimore area without power due to Irene. The number is down to half that now, but BGE (local power company) claims it could be a week or so before everybody back on power. That sucks, but at least the temperatures and humidity have been moderate so you can...
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    My "clip" esploded..... :)

    I make every effort to stick with OEM magazines for my short guns and GI issue for my AR's if OEM are not available. I will also use MEC-GAR aftermarket magazinees as they produce a lot of OEM magazines for the big companies. If the gun is being used for self defense, I make sure it has OEM...
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    Special treatment for nickle firearms?

    Avoid any gun cleaning product containing ammonia. The way nickle is applied, there is a thin layer of copper sandwiched between steel and the nickel plating. Nickel can't adhere to steel and the copper is used as a suitable substrate to bind to. If the nickel plating has some sort of flaw...
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    .327 Federal Magnum

    I haven't shot one, but have read a number of articles about them in various gun rags. The .327 offers something the various other .32's didn't offer. .357 class ballistics in a small frame 6 shot revolver. Unlike the .32 H&R, which touted .38 special ballistics, but barely made minimum .38...
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    Lee Loader Feeedback

    I got started on reloading ages ago using a Lee Loader. It is a very simple tool that only partially sizes cases. You will need to purchase a rubber/plastic tipped hammer and some case sizing lube to go with it. You will also need to select a suitable powder by examining your choices on the...
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    .22 kit for a .45

    Sigarms has a nifty kit for all their P series pistols if you are interested in a double action pistol. I made a Christmas purchase for the .22 conversion for my P220 .45 ACP, but have not used it yet. A friend purchased a .22 conversion for his P229 in 40 S&W and he is quite happy with it...
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    Best guns for barter?

    Probably anything for which ammo was/is readily available. .22 long rifle would be a good choice as would 5.56 NATO, 7.62 NATO, 9mm Luger, .38 special/.357 magnum and possibly 40 S&W and .45 ACP. Also included would be 12 Gauge and 20 gauge shotshells possibly 30-30 for all the lever action...