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    Best coolant for 2005 wrangler

    ...Its a 4cylinder, 2.4 like the PT cruiser. What is the best coolant I can buy, readily available at any auto parts store? I dont think I have seen G-05 for a long long time anywhere around here..... Not sure how this vehicle likes silicates or phosphates or however all that stuff works. Thanks!
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    Oil for 2.4L chrysler motor in a jeep

    I have a 2005 wrangler, with a 2.4L Chrysler "world engine". I just bought the car, and im ready to switch to synth and longer OCI's. Anyone have experience with this motor? I have used M1 in the past, but some of the newer UOA's dont look too hot. Would mobil 1 turbodiesel truck work well...
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    A good 75w90 GL-5 for a MANUAL trans

    Heres the deal--- I replaced the factory manual trans fluid in my 97 corolla at about 110k. I used a 50/50 mix of redline MTL and MT-90, and i am NOT satisfied at all... Pretty bad shifting. The owners manual specs 75w90 GL-4 OR GL-5. Someone here mentioned the factory fill was GL5 75w90, and...
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    Toyota 4afe 1.6liter motor mount questions+clutch

    Does anyone know a lot about this engine? I would like to replace the motor/transmission mounts on my 97 corolla. Has the WORST clutch shudder ever, it feels like brutal wheel hop, and I want to replace the mounts first. I would like to know how many there are, and where are they located? Easy...
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    need something compatible with zered extended life

    I did a coolant flush with some older orange colored zerex extended life coolant, "dex cool compatible" and need some more. Is it virtually the same as the newer zerex extended life orange coolant? I do NOT want to flush the system again.... just have to drain the radiator and refill since the...
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    oversized filter for toyota 1.6L 4afe?

    I have a 97 corolla with 1.6L motor. It only holds 3.2 quarts of oil! Not to mention, the filter is a PITA to get it. Is there an oversized option? PS how long OCIs can be run with such a small capacity.
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    Tips/hints for a new (old) corolla owner, 1.6L

    I just bought a 97 corolla 5 speed with 108k, and 1.6 motor. So far, I had the timing belt and water pump changed, did plug, cap rotor, wires, have redline gear lube and auto RX in the mail now. Other than the seemingly glazed clutch that causes massive shudders when engaging from a stop, the...
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    What gear lube in a 97 corolla

    Just bought a 5 speed 97 corolla... What does this trans take from the factory?
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    2004 golf TDI PD motor, Non 505.01 Mobil 1 TDT

    2004 golf, 193,000 miles Oil- mobil 1 TDT 5w-40 NOT 505.01 Miles on oil - 13,464 Miles on pep boys oil filter - ~23,000. Extensive idling, cold starts, etc. Aluminum - 4 Chrome - 1 IRON - 27 copper - 2 lead - 2 FUEL - 0 Insolubles 0.3 percent Viscosity high at 15.20 @ 100 C CJ4 additives...
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    Elf LLX 507, 04 TDI golf, 15k OCI

    Had blackstone run an analysis. Oil was solaris LLX 507. 15k on sample, engine is 04 PD with about 132k. There are some things to worry about here... please comment. Air filter is stock. Car sees a lot of idling, LOTS of wide open throttle redline runs, the car is a messenger vehicle. 5spd. EGR...
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    Maintenance suggestions for an 03 duramax 2500

    My friend just got an 03 2500hd duramax. Its about to hit 50k, and Im gonna help him do some maintenance. Any duramax owners? Can I use M1 75w-90 in the front diff as well, where it calls for 80w-90? Should I stick with autotrak fluid in the xfer case? How is the trans done, is there a plug...