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    Is it ok to use mopar coolant in my mazda?

    I have some 5 year 150,000 mile mopar coolant left over. I believe it is a hoat coolant. Is coolant really all that much different I couldn't use It? I'm not just adding coolant. I am doing a flush.
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    2008 mazda 5 transmission fluid change.

    I am due to change my fluid and filter on my transmission. I was wondering if any one else has done this already on their Mazda 5 and wanted to know what you used and what luck you had with it. I am partial to using oem but I am curious on what others have tried. Does anyone know any good Mazda...
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    Acdelco ultraguard gold oil filter.

    Came off of a Roth jeep commander. Has 3,800 miles on it.. not too bad
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    Honda filter 3200 miles.

    Honda oil filter. CHECK off of a 2022 honda crv.
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    Timing chain tensioner

    I need to replace the timing chain tensioner. Will I need any special tools other than the one to lock the gears. This is for a 2008 mazda 5. Any advice is appreciated.
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    Ford flex

    What is the consensus about the forward flex with out the eco boost
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    3rd wheel bearing. Still grinding noise.

    This will be my third wheel bearing replacement. I replaced the fist 2 because the thought was maybe i just got a faulty one. They were the same brand bought from the same place. It sounds just like a bad bearing. I doubt I just have bad enough luck to buy 3 bad bearings in a row. What else...
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    Phone app.

    why not make this a phone application?
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    Another wheel hub assembly brand.

    I was reccomend Timken a few months back. I bought to and replaced both my front bearings. After a month one of them went bad. Out of good faith a bought another and this one didn't even wait a full day to start sounding like a jet. Any other decent brands out there? I was thinking about moog or...
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    Premium guard extended life oil filter cut open

    cut open this filter today with about 3,500 miles on it. I think it looks pretty good. Side note, I bought the lograce oil filter cutter and maybe it was me but the thing worked horribly. Saw someone say the loved it on here. Wasn't doing it for me. We'll see how it does next time. Maybe I...
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    Prime guard oil filters made by fram.

    I emailed Rural King and asked who made there prime guard filters. At 2 bucks a filter for your basic fram, not a bad deal.
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    Swap out transmission filter or just let it be.

    planned on changing the transmission fluid in my 2008 Mazda 5 with about 115,000 miles on it. Normally I would do the filter but this bad boy has a drain plug on the bottom of the fluid pan. Should I just do the extra work and change the filter or just change the fluid. The fluid does appear to...
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    Purolator one used cartridge oil filter.

    I have to say I'm rather disappointed. I had higher expectations for the filter. Its only been about 3,200 miles. Ran with PPHM in my 2008 Mazda 5. This has done the worst so far out of the cartridge filters I have purchased to spite it being the most expensive.
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    Best and worst spark plugs and why.

    I have always heard NGK has good spark plugs. Do they make any that aren't so great? I have also heard bosch plugs are the worst. Why? Do they burn out prematurely? What about other brands like auto lite and e3? ( side note: recently bought NGK G-Power a 4 pack for 12 bucks on amazon. Anyone...
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    Premium guard cabin air filters purple.

    Recently bought a premium guard cabin air filter for my mazda. I noticed the charcoal and when I flipped it over it had some weird purple filter. I looked in there website and it said something about anti-bacterial? Are there any other brands that do this? Just a note that the filter media seems...
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    Thicker oil in my Jeep.

    I've been considering running a thicker oil in my jeep to help with burning and to help it run smoother. I am just very hesitant to do so but I have added lucas to it in the past and it did help with the oil burning. I understand lucas is "snake oil" and has almost no additives and is changing...
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    Worth spending more for more efficiency.

    I have a 2010 jeep commander with 180,000 miles. I do 3k oci and currently have been buying 99% efficiency with 10k rated filters. Should I just switch to using the cheaper ones with less filtration? I will still be using full synthetic and I will not leave the same filter on for more than one...
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    Mobil 212 A cut open.

    This filter had 5k on it. Forgot to take a picture of the ADBV no tears this time though! It did look like there was some excess fraying in one spot on the filter. Wanted to take out the media but don't know a good method without just ripping everything apart. Glue was seeping out of the seems...
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    Harvest king switched suppliers confirmed.

    I was on the rural king Facebook page and say the post saying new bottle same great product. In the comments they replied that they had switched suppliers. Take a look.