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    Add Moly to HDEO? Yeah or Nay?

    Just like the title says, should I, or better, would it be a benefit to add moly to a 2007 Ford 6.0L diesel? I've noticed that HDEO oils do not contain much moly. Is that to meet a certain spec? I know that HDEO oils are often used in wet clutch situations on powersports equipment, used it...
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    07 F250 6.0L Delvac 1 5w40 up to 14K on oil

    I'm up to 14K miles on this oil now and still looking pretty good. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""...
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    07 F250 6.0L Diesel, Mobil 1 Delvac 1 ESP 5w40

    Took this sample at 9,100 miles on the oil through a Fumoto valve on my 07 6.0L F250 daily driver. I ran this Mobil One Delvac 5w40 ESP instead of my normal fill of Schaeffer's 5w40 at the last oil change; I was pressed for time and didn't have time to order the Schaeffer's. Bought the Delvac 1...
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    Measurement bottle

    I'm searching for an empty measurement bottle, something like you get with stabil. I need to measure 3 ozs at a time and dispense. Does anyone know where I can find something like that? Thanks
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    New dirt bike oil from Amsoil

    Here's the link: <a href="" target="_blank">Amsoil Motorcycle Oil</a> This is their motorcycle oil page, just scroll down to find the 3 viscosities of "dirt" oil. I like the 10w50 for my applications and will be buying a case as...
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    Polaris Scrambler 850 Silkolene Pro4SX 15w50 9 hrs

    I race this quad. I sees extremely demanding conditions, mostly dust, hard throttle and sustained rpms. The most recent sample is Silkolene Pro 4 SX in 15w50. It is a full ester oil, I was just curious how it would perform in this engine. The previous two samples are Schaeffer's Racing 5w50. I...
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    Polaris AGL alternatives

    It's time to change the transmission/transaxle oil in my '14 Ranger 570. I don't use Polaris lubricants so I have been searching for alternatives. I emailed Klotz (that's the oil I use) to see what they had to say and got this responce: "Chris, What you are looking for would be the KE-970...
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    Race Ready 2014

    My family competes in our local Cross Country (XC) ATV racing series. It is a bit of a struggle each off season to prepare our race quads for the next season. Each quad will require basic maintenance and a thorough going over to replace worn parts unique to each quad. All got new tires and...
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    I won a new Polaris Ranger 570 LE!

    I bought some raffle tickets from Highlifter for their annual Christmas ride never expecting to win. The raffle benefited a local children's hospital so I didn't give it a second thought. Well, got a call monday morning, I won the Ranger. Could not have been more surprised and excited. But then...
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    KFX450R 3hrs Ipone 0w40

    So I'm an oil geek, I admit it, and what better place to be an oil geek than mechanicing on our 4 racing 4-wheelers? I recently bought a 4L jug of Ipone Stroke Racing 0w40. Yeah, I know, I needed it like a heart attack, but the holy grail is always just two oil samples away so I keep looking...
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    Polaris Outlaw 450 KTM engine 4 hrs Elf 4Power

    I have passed this race quad down to my 13 year old daughter. She races it pretty hard, but doesn't rev it high like I did when I raced it. This KTM RFS engine has held up extremely well. It has a total of 122 hours on the crank and 48 hours since it's one and only new piston. I bought 3 cases...
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    07 F250 6.0L Amsoil HDD 5w30 11,318 miles

    I decided to see how far I could run the Amsoil HDD in my 2007 F250 with a 6.0L diesel. I sampled it at 5,587 miles and it looked great(that's the immediate previous results on the UOA). After that sample I added 8oz of Rev-X additive just to see what it would look like in an oil sample. I don't...
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    Polaris Scrambler Schaeffer's 5w50 8 hours

    My photobucket account is acting up so let's see if this works. <a href="" target="_blank">Nyroc ATV Forum link</a>
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    How important is zinc in the flathead B&S engine?

    I have two B&S flathead engines, one 6ish HP on a push mower(splash lube), the other 19ish HP on a JD rider(pressure lube). I commonly use new leftover oil from auto and ATV oil changes in my OPE. I have enough oil to change the mowers and refill it with low-SAPS oil that is left over from my...
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    Kawasaki KFX450R Elf Protech 5w40 2 hours

    My buddy and my daughter both race a '09 KFX450R quad in a local XC series. At the last race, they both ran the same amount of practice and raced on the track at the same time. So we figured it would be interesting to take oil samples and compare. I was running Elf Pro-Tech 5w40 and he ran...
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    2010 Audi Q7 TDI 7,700 mi Amsoil Euro 5w30

    First sample on this car since we bought it used last summer. <img src="" alt="" /> Audi says 10K OCIs, doesn't seem the Amsoil will go that far. I refilled with Castrol Professional 5w30.
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    Polaris Scrambler850HO Schaffer's 9000 5w50 10 hrs

    This is my first sample on my new racing quad. This 10 hour period included one 90 minute race plus about 2 or so hours of practice and the rest just putting around. The Schaffer's held up great, despite the high fuel dilution. I don't know if it's because I didn't fully warm up the machine or...
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    Audi Q7 TDI oil change

    I changed the oil last night in my wife's '10 Q7 TDI. The oil was Amsoil European Formula 5w30. It had 7,700 miles on it and was the blackest, most soot filled oil I've ever seen.( my '07 6.0L PSD isn't nearly as bad.) It felt sort of silky to the touch, very strange. I took a sample and will...
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    Automatic Fire Extinguisher For Garage

    I lost my house to a fire that started in my garage a couple years ago. What an increadable blow that was to my wife and kids. We lost most everything. I am happy to say that we rebuilt on the same spot and have/are recovering and doing well. So I was thinking about putting a couple automatic...
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    New quad, oil suggestons

    I took the plunge a couple weeks ago and bought me a 2013 Polaris Scrambler 850HO. I've been thinking for a couple years that I wanted to transition my racing addiction to utility quads and finally made the plunge. So from a lubrication perspective this is a new arena for me. I have raced wet...