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    Keeping a Ram alive

    Cummins? Put big rig Valvoline oil in it. Make sure battery ground go to base of of engine block and opposite other side corner at highest point of the head another ground wire go from there to closest main steel for ground (frame hood older etc, like my versa). As for transmission automatic ...
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    electricity and car?

    Ok ty guys!I would have taught every vebicule would be ac with all the benefit it provide
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    electricity and car?

    Are there car that run on alternating current(yes I know battery would need a converter from dc to ac .but since alternator is ac anyway , wouldn't it be better to use ac as main instead of dc (less loss etc)
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    Steel transmission cooler lines.

    Weird noise?might want to give us a picture of that noise. .
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    Deep cycle (marine) battery w/ the best warranty?

    Guys deep cycle battery are special type of battery , if we didn't have that on big rig ? We would need a tow truck every week in the winter
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    AAA Conventional vs Synthetic Oil Study

    Cummins say , (yes big rig engine maker)less then -25 use synthetic , all other time? Use conventional
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    Smart phone recommendations

    Any from google (android)apple , on window ? Lumia 640 Why no lg or Samsung or other ? Because if you want latest update? You ll need to buy a new phone! I am surprised you have issue with apple ? Right now they are the top phone to have . Steve Gibson (security now) Paul...
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    PetroCanada Duron SHP 10w30 CK4

    If I recall on my truck engine there is a Cummins soec called ces 20078 with this oil you can extend oil change interval by 5000 or 10000 kilometer , Cummins is with Valvoline tho . The oil can even have the Cummins logo. If you haven't used the oil return it and use what Cummins want I was...
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    Direct injection and a long living healthy engine

    Big rig are direct injected .no issue there , make sure to read owner manual .if it says gas , it means 0% ethanol gas.
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    Troubleshooting Periodic Charging System Fault

    Wire weren't properly spaced apart and from steel and it resulted in various electrical problem . So alternator is 1 year old? So it means the other one was 5 years old .ya its about where grimlin start to appear that you would notice. Now? You ll need to go to dealer and fix what blew . Could...
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    wire space gain benefit tested?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: kc8adu</div><div class="ubbcode-body">there is no difference you will be able to see without lab instruments. if this were a real problem a wiring harness would not be bundled up like they are. only place it matters at...
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    wire space gain benefit tested?

    I don't care about rf , ty for I put tho. I know science ath says they cancel out each other. Sadly mathematician forgot to put all number in .because I have added space between wire an (add name here) that are conductive .and I can garanty you there is something different between one vehicle...
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    The A-10 will keep flying, no longer in danger

    All the vehicule on the ground have their electrical wire bunched up (no Airgap) what are the odds that this thing has the same flaw? I would say 99% . I do hope they do test if I am right , this thing is way more durable and capable then USA military think . I didn't bother with the weapon part...
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    The A-10 will keep flying, no longer in danger

    Awsome news, they make nice ginny pig to test new idea .testing thing on a yf 35 is after all very expensive if mechanic do the new idea wrong
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    wire space gain benefit tested?

    Beats me , I haven't added anything of worth aside from more space between (wire (the one that were just tiwrapped , engine .i think the math is wrong about wire close to each other or they forgot to include a few parameter like the engine carry the ground to the earth negative(body)they say...
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    wire space gain benefit tested?

    Was wondering if any other had tested this concept .most vehicule have a pass tru ground . From frame to head engine , tru the engine on the opposite side and to the battery it goes. So if wire are too close to engine metal everything is subtlely affected . By feel of things .i would say about...
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    thicker oil or better oil contents

    Use the thickness recommended.the long version. If you got direct injection ,fuel dilution is gona be one of your concern .if you don't have direct injection , follow the poster recommendation here (thin oil)
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    Do thermostats get 'lazy' over time?

    Temperature range is likely the issue . Ic its minus 5 faren outside it take a while to warm up .colder means tolerance are tighter and part could stick . Even well made.unless someone knows a brand or type that is better .
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    This is why I don't let anybody else change my oil

    If you see someone using tool to tighten oil filter ,don't ever go back there again .too many good shop to bother worrying with the shady but not suable .mechanic .
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    Stuck oil filter? Use a pipe wrench...

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Kira</div><div class="ubbcode-body">RNMKia: What car did you buy ? I wonder if the thread on the filter matched the nipple on the car. An unoiled gasket won't make a filter seize like that. </div></div> Bingo. But it...