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    The Doctor is IN!!!

    the old man is throwing it down hard. 2 wins in 3 races <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Traub - now this IS interesting!!!

    sent to me by my good riding buddy bobby: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    M1-102 - Anti Drain Valve failure?

    for months i have had start up knock/clatter on my 05 tacoma and had no idea what the issue was. well, saturday i think i found out. and i was not happy with what i found. i had the motor hot and then parked it for the long drain of an oil change. when i went to take the M1-102 off, you have...
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    Team Kalitta - TF/D

    was talking with one of the crew members during the rain delay on saturday. they run Redline 70wt. i asked if that was to survive the nitro. he said yes. i said that is some might thick brew. he said on cold mornings they have to push it into the motor. doesnt like to pour so well. was...
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    piston pics

    here are 2 pics (1 smaller, 1 bigger) of my piston. the starting bid on how many RACE hours are on it begins at 20! this is an example of what GOOD fuel leaves (or doesn't) behind and how all of the force is driven straight into the rod. <a href=""...
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    supertech 15w40 - 05 WR250F

    this is another guys uoa. he gave me permission to post it. Superstition Stats: Avg speed: 18.78 mph Max speed: 71.82mph Dist: 71.28 mi Trip Time: 3:46:25 Ocotillo Stats: Dist: 57mi Avg: 20.33 mph Max: 72.81 mph Trip time 2:52 minutes Miles Totals: 128 miles Hours: 6 hours 38mins ALUMINUM...
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    someone let the Genie out of the bottle

    gonna be hard to put it back in now!!! "Another solution proposed by Bush is to increase the use of gasoline blended from ethanol. True, less gasoline would be consumed, but so much energy is required to make ethanol in the first place that there would be no appreciable net savings. Besides...
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    voa on MC Super Duty Diesel 15w40 ?

    i wore out the search button trying to find one. does anyone have a voa on Motorcraft Super Duty Diesel 15w40 ? thanks! steve
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    Golden Spectro 85-150 Cartridge Fork Oil - voa and uoa

    i have a VOA and UOA both up now for viewing. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> very very interesting results from 35 hours of use. Iron is probably from the shims. however, this value is HUGE! Lead and Copper are probably from...
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    Top Oil SMO-8000 100% Synthetic 15w50 Motorcycle Specific

    here is the url: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Top Oil SMO-8000 100% Synthetic Motorcycle Specific 15w50 Testing done by Blackstone Labs. INSOLUBLES: 0% WATER: 0.0% ANTIFREEZE: 0.0% FUEL: 0% FLASHPOINT IN F: 440 SUS...
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    Top Oil Pro Racing 4-Stroke Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 20w50

    here is the url: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Top Oil Products Top-1 Pro Racing Synthetic Motorcycle Specific 20w50 Testing done by Blackstone Labs. INSOLUBLES: 0% WATER: 0.0% ANTIFREEZE: 0.0% FUEL: 0%...
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    XOM Superflo sae30, 3.5hrs, 06YZ250F MMoD loses?

    what can i say. the MMoD loses yet again to the 79cent elixer in the red bottle. superflo 20w50 held up and now sae30 does as well. funny how sae30 did better than 10w40, but went 29.6% more time. <a href=""...
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    05 Toyota Tacoma 1GR-FE 4.0V6, MC 7500, MMO, 5109mi

    This is my 05 Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner SR5 4dr 4x2 with the 1GR-FE 4.0L V6. The oil was 5.5qts of Mobil Clean 7500 5w30 and 8oz of Marvel Mystry Oil. The oil was in use for 5109 miles, 11925 on the truck. No makeup oil added. PureOne oil filter was used. Sample date of 03/25/06. Testing done...
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    air filter for 05 tacoma 1GR-FE ???

    has anyone found a non-oem that is available??? and i don't want a k&n either. every book i look in shows a "-" or just blank for the part #. ideas please.
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    what's better than cheap oil??? FREE OIL!!!

    took my pep boys ad into the autozone. what did my eyes find, but Exxon Superflow 40wt. yep, straight weight 40. HoooHA!!! so i got 12. and 6qts of mc7500 for my truck. asked the kid at the register to price match the pep boys ad of 1.39qt for the Superflow (their price is 1.79). he said yes...
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    Need to Change the 6 month old oil in sump? - Only 6 miles on it

    what kind of bike? how much oil does it hold? did your OC include a new filter?
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    Castrol Syntec 0w30 (gold gc), 55 miles, 06 YZ250F

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    gold elves, finely ground

    the Golden Elves from Germany meet the MixMaster of DOOM! how will these vaunted elves fare in this battle of whirling gears and spinning cranks? will the magic of the Black forrest prevail over the blue titan from the land of the rising sun? will the MMoD and its gnashing teeth cause the...
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    Havoline 10w40, 3.2 hours, 06 YZ250F

    Texaco Havoline 10w40 SL in a 2006 Yamaha YZ250F. at drain, 3.2 hours on oil, 12.7 hours on bike. this was 54 ground miles in the Gator Bait enduro. Testing done by Blackstone Labs 2/9/06. INSOLUBLES: .1% WATER: 0.0% ANTIFREEZE: 0.0% FUEL: 1.0% FLASHPOINT IN F: 355 SUS VISCOSITY @ 210 F: 60.7...
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    Havoline 10w40, 4.5 hours, 2006 YZ250F

    Texaco Havoline 10w40 in a 2006 Yamaha YZ250F. 4.5 hours on oil, 5.4 hours on bike. Testing done by Blackstone Labs 1/6/06. INSOLUBLES: .3% WATER: 0.0% ANTIFREEZE: 0.0% FUEL: 0.5% FLASHPOINT IN F: 370 SUS VISCOSITY @ 210 F: 58.3 ALUMINUM 24 CHROMIUM 1 IRON 17 COPPER 18 LEAD...