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    Bedding in brake pads - brand new car

    Just curious, Nobody talks about bedding in the brakes on a new car, though when you change your brake pads, there is a specified procedure. New cars come with new brake pads. Is something done at the factory? Or if your car is made overseas, can you depend on the longshoremen driving the...
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    Removing Chocolate from velour seats

    My 4 y.o. has given me a reason to do this. Does anybody have any suggestions or tips? I was thinking of waiting until it's -20C outside and using a stiff brush to rub it out. Not so sure I want to try those upholstery shampoo in-a-can that they sell at the auto parts stores.
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    Weed n' Feed in late fall

    I normally hit the lawn with weed and feed pellet fertilizer/herbicide in October. I forgot, and we've had one small snowfall. Temps are lingering around freezing or a little below right now, but temps are supposed to be close to 45 later this week. Is it advisable to spread fertilizer this...
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    Optimizing XP for gaming with a new profile/boot?

    Gang, I've done a ton of googling and I'm not getting anywhere because I believe I'm not asking the right questions due to a lack of knowledge. I have a desktop running XP. At any given time using our standard user profile there are a ton of processes running. They include: - Antivirus - a...
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    WM Canada everyday price PZYB 4.73L Jug $10.88

    Same price for Valvoline 5L jug. This is the lowest everyday price I've seen anywhere in Canada in a long time. Especially when I'm hearing that motor oil prices are on the rise. What is the price for the same thing in US Walmarts?
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    Help me decide - new sedan get the 6 cyl or the 8?

    Well I've ordered a new car for the first time in my life, been saving and waiting for a long time for this one. Going to pay cash. The car will be ready in 6 weeks, or 10 weeks if I choose to upgrade to the 8 cyl. Anyhow, this car is a mid sized sedan that's available with 2 different 6...
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    Long Term RV Battery Storage Process

    With all this talk of batteries and chargers showing up, I have one question of my own. I have a marine deep cycle/starting battery from Costco that I have been storing for some time. It has not been used on our RV since August 2009. I have it on a Schumacher 1.2A automatic float...
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    Busy maintenance week for me

    <span style="font-style: italic">Jim's Garage</span> - all my offers of help to friends and family got called in in the same week. <span style="text-decoration: underline">Thursday</span> - Change oil on co-workers 2010 Audi S4 - GC. That is one beautiful engine. No valve cover covers. All...
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    Honda Blue Coolant - UOA Markers?

    Is there anything peculiar about this coolant I should look for in a UOA. I am concerned my lab might miss a coolant in the oil issue because Honda Blue coolant (from a MY2009 Honda) is different enough from regular green or Dexcool. Can anyone give me any feedback on that point? Wife's...
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    Does fuel stabilizer go bad?

    Getting ready to winterize outdoor power equipment and motorcycles. I bought a good supply of fuel stabilizer last fall and have enough left for this fall and next. Can I depend on this 1 year old stabilizer for winterizing the gasoline in my equipment this year? Thanks for your thoughts.
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    Check that Duramax Transfer Case!

    After reviewing a number of threads on the duramax forums, I decided to change my transfer case fluid (Dex VI) at 43k miles. There is a great deal of information out there on the fact that the ATF in the transfer case gets hot and burns off. There are guys draining their transfer case at 100k...
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    Outlook Express opens/closes - windows update

    Updated my windows XP last night. 9 security updates and malicious software removal updates. Now Outlook express opens for about 2 seconds then instantly closes. Have searched the microsoft site and googled this problem and get no real hits. Can anybody point me in the direction of a...
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    Furnace Fan not shutting off - Heat still works

    I'm trying to troubleshoot my furnace. All things point to a failed circuit board. Carrier natural gas furnace..about 9 years old. <span style="text-decoration: underline"><span style="font-weight: bold">Symptoms:</span></span> A. <span style="text-decoration: underline">Furnace fan runs at...
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    Marette saved my Duramax engine - Fumoto mishap

    5k miles ago I installed a fumoto on my Duramax drain pan. This one had the hose nipple on the end, so after cleaning everything up I jammed a Red/Large marette over the hose nipple on the fumoto to keep the hose nipple clean for sampling. I jammed it on really hard thankfully. Well the truck...
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    Help!XP/Airport Utility Can't find Airport Express

    I want to stream wireless music to my stereo. Bought an Airport Xpress and the Airport Utility can't find apple wireless devices (the Airport Express). Airport express flashes amber Router is a DLink DI-625 My Ipod touch works perfectly on this network. I just had to key in my 10 digit...
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    Meg's Clear Plastic cleaner & polish to repair CDs

    My 3 y.o. is fairly imprecise when she puts CDs into her CD player. I didn't have the foresight to rip copies of them and save the originals. Anyhow, I am trying to rip her favorite one, and I've lost 2 tracks to errors. The CD is visually scuffed but not scratched. I have the meguiar's...
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    Are Chassis Mount Wirewound Resistors waterproof?

    I ordered an LED taillight for my motorcycle and it is setting off the bulb warning light/fault on the CANBUS equipped computer. The LED doesn't draw as much current as the CANBUS expects the incandescent bulb to draw. I have purchased a pair of 100 ohm 20W resistors that I have tried in...
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    BAD CAPS!!

    Well my BenQ 19" monitor had shut itself off and wouldn't come back on. I have a dual monitor set-up and having matching monitors would have meant replacing both at significant expense. Took it apart and found that 2 of the 10 or so capacitors on the inverter/power supply board were bulged...
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    8 year old house - stuff is starting to fail

    8 years seems to be the failure point for a lot of stuff in my house. In the last 6 months I've had to repair the following applicances bought when the house was new: - Side by Side Refrigerator - Controller board (twice in 3 months), Ice Actuator door, Crushed/cube ice selector solenoid; -...
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    No Mess Duramax Oil Filter removal Trick

    Just thought I would help the next guy keep soot laden oil off the front driveshaft and his face when removing a duramax filter. I cut this 1 gallon washer fluid jug making a flap that you wedge up between the filter and the block. Then just spin the filter until it drops into the jug. It...