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    Formula Shell Conventional $11.xx per quart. tropical Storm Isaias Promotion .

    During a power outage earlier this month I went to purchase a quart of oil for a generator. I found a Shell station that was open and I grabbed a quart of Formula Shell and asked the attendant in the booth how much it cost . He replied $11 and change . I politely put it back and paid $5 for...
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    Vehicle Donation

    Does anyone have any experience with donating a vehicle to charity ? I was wondering if it is safe to just sign a title and let someone take possession of a vehicle without a bill of sale . My concern is that there would be parking tickets etc. issued to the vehicle and the title was still in...
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    Ductless Range Hoods

    I am considering purchasing a ductless range hood . Does anyone have any recommendations or reviews of how well they eliminate smoke and odors ? I am not really doing heavy cooking on a daily basis but occasionally cook steak in a pan and it makes the house smell a bit much .
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    Food Calorie Count Help

    I am a bit confused when looking at caloric content of food weighed in ounces vs. grams . The site calorie king lists 5.3 oz of potato at 116 calories . 5.3 ounces converted to grams = 150 grams . At 4 calories per gram roughly, that would be 600 calories ? I am not sure if I am making a...
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    Evap Leak(s)

    I had the check engine light come on in my 1999 Explorer and smelled fuel inside the vehicle . It was two P0442 "small evap leak" codes . The shop said there was one leak in the rear of the vehicle and one in the front . They changed the canister and the EGR valve . This got rid of the fuel...
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    PC not charging

    I have a Dell Inspiron with Windows 10 and suddenly the power will not charge . I switched power cords but it will not charge . I checked in Device Manager and it states the AC adapter is functioning normally but the light on the laptop that is usually on when charging is not lit . I also tried...
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    Cilantro vs Parsley for Salsa/Guacamole

    I made the mistake of purchasing parsley instead of cilantro earlier today. I should have looked at the leaves better . The sign on the store shelf said cilantro and I grabbed a bunch right beneath the sign thinking it was cilantro but it turned out to be parsley . They were next to one another...
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    1999 Explorer Ignition Key will not turn

    I parked my Explorer and locked the doors . When I returned to the vehicle and went to start it the key went into the ignition but will not turn . I tried to jiggle the shifter and steering wheel but the key will not turn at all . Any ideas are appreciated .
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    Indoor Tick Spray

    Over the weekend I discovered that a tick bit me . I don't know where it initially got on me but want to eliminate any possible ticks indoors in carpet, etc. . Can anyone recommend a good product to use in all areas of the house ?
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    Spring Cold/Flu

    Does anyone have experience with getting sick in the warmer weather ? I went all winter without getting sick and thought flu season was gone then wham I get hit with the flu . For some reason I think of it as a improved strain that made it thru peoples immune systems and got stronger(joking)...
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    Permatex Super Glue Burning

    I was gluing an earbud that came apart with Permatex Super Glue and used a qtip to apply it around the edge . The qtip started smoking to the point where smoke got into my eye . Very strange as this never happened with regular crazy glue in the past I threw it in the sink and it was still...
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    Microsoft Critical Error Message

    I received a Microsoft Critical Error Message about 5 minutes after uninstalling Kaperskey Internet Security . It states someone is trying to get my personal bank info, etc . It looks like a scam . I did not reply or call the number . Is there any chance this is linked to the Kaperskey that...
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    Windows 10 video problems

    I am experiencing slow motion video playback and audio distortion when watching videos . It is usually at the start of the video and also when resuming play after pausing the video . This is sometimes accompanied with a green overlay distorting the picture ( not sure if that is the best...
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    Leaving money in vehicles .

    I usually leave some emergency cash in my center console for fuel and stuff . I had cup holders filled up with change and rolled up $20 worth of quarters, left them in the center console under a bunch of odds and ends . Went to deposit them along with some cash today and to my surprise they were...
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    Check engine light - Air filter or MAF Ssensor ?

    The check engine light came on in my 99 Explorer . I looked under hood and noticed a vacuum hose partially inserted just past the MAF sensor . I inserted the hose fully and decided to clean the MAF . When I opened the air filter cover the air filter was crushed and pushed down in the housing...
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    Cold Weather Socks

    Does anyone have a recommendation for socks that retain heat well ? I am looking for socks that will keep my feet from getting cold while sleeping . I have been wearing 2 pairs at a time and cant seem to keep warm .
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    Tips for new computer

    I have a new Dell laptop and it is requesting me to allow downloading of software I have "purchased" with the computer . Is it wise to allow this ? It has a free Mcafee subscription for a year and I am hesitant to enter any personal info to register with them .
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    Motorcraft xg-8 grease

    I am planning to lube the splines on the driveshaft slip joint on my 99 Explorer . Has anyone had any experience using this grease ? It contains PTFE and is supposed to help with the Ford driveshaft "Thump" .
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    Replacing tires on Honda Element

    I read that on 4wd Elements having different tread remaining on some tires can harm the drivetrain . Any truth to this ? If a tire has damage do you need to buy all 4 ?
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    2014 Honda CRV gas cap/emissions light

    My mother had a light for her gas cap go off . She said she tightened it then her emissions light on the dash has lit up . I am not familiar with the vehicle but is there any connection between these two lights ? The mileage on it is 16k .