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    Interesting read in Nissan GTR 2015 manual

    Interestingly - the Corvette C6 (non-dry sump) requires that you overfill the sump by 1qt for performance driving!
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    06' V6 Accord 12,462 miles Penzoil Platinum 0W20

    Typical amazing report for a J series without cylinder deactivation!
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    S2000 First UOA, 1000 Miles, Penrite Racing 10w40

    Good reports all around, even with the mild tin elevation. Looks like around that 11.0cSt at 100C is ideal. I did a lot of experimenting on oil in my AP1, but it was more with oil pressure and temperature on track. I found the stock S2000 oil filter or a K&N gave me a few more PSI oil pressure...
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    Oil Reccomendation for 2018 Audi S5

    I’d run this. German oil, licensed and approved for 508. On a newer car I wouldn’t worry too much about increasing viscosity for performance driving unless you have a valid reason such as hot oil pressure or OE...
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    2017 Corvette / Motul 300V 0w40 / 6.8k miles

    I think that’s a good idea!
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    UOA Corvette LS7 Redline 5w-30 Track Usage

    Glad K&N filter isn’t letting too much dirt past!
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    2017 Corvette / Motul 300V 0w40 / 6.8k miles

    Nice analysis’ for the driving style. Wish my LS7 looked this good after track time!
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    UOA Corvette LS7 Redline 5w-30 Track Usage

    Hi BITOG members in for my annual UOA. Car is a 2008 Corvette Z06. Saw street miles and 6 track days and 5 autocross events. OLM read 42%. Oil was in the 250s for most of the events, but 2 of the days it got around 265F. I checked the oil pressures at 265F and they were right at the low limit...
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    Oil Recommendation for LS7 Z06 Street & Track Usage

    Coming in for my annual oil change. Saw some borderline out of spec oil pressures at 265F using Redline 5w-30 and OEM oil filter on a track weekend. l Gonna step it up to Redline 5w-40 and K&N filter for this next oil change. Hoping to give a little more margin as I am able to drive the car...
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    Do I need a high milage oil?

    Your sacrificing engine efficiency benefits for extra wear protection and seal swelling you don’t actually need. It’s like adding a layer of carnauba wax on top of a ceramic coating. You feel good about it because you did something different and added more to your already exceptional layer of...
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    Just saw an Amazon delivery truck.... the same type UPS uses

    Straight frame chassis with a Morgan Olsen body. Look up Ford F59P for the straight frame chassis as an example.
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    LL-01 0w-30 recommendation

    Ended up buying the LL-01FE Liqui Moly from FCP Euro. $62 for 10L and free shipping with the warranty policy. I’ll take it!
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    LL-01 0w-30 recommendation

    Looks like some Liqui Moly Special Tec B FE SAE 5W-30 is LL-01FE rate and would probably be a good pick. Could use FCP Euro's return policy to get some free oil changes...
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    LL-01 0w-30 recommendation

    Hi All, Coming up on an oil change in my BMW 335i F30. Currently running Castrol 5w-40 A3/B4 and would like something thinner for winter cold starts and improving engine efficiency. It looks like this engine (N55) can use BMW's LL-01FE spec oils which is a 0w-30. What other oils are available...
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    Recommendation for tuned BMW N55?

    If your tracking it I would use Redline 5w-40. Thinking your significantly above stock torque levels, the oil is getting really hot due to track driving. Personally I like to use Redline for cars that I track. Used to have a FBO tracked E90 N54 and more recently a daily driver E92 N54. If your...
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    F20C Honda S2000 results. What should be my next oil change?

    I had a track raced AP1 with similar miles for a few years. I would recommend at least running a A3/B3 or A3/B4 rated oil. Really anything synthetic and European. These oils have a nice viscosity sweet spot for performance driving and a more robust additive package. Plus at your mileage, your...
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    Higher mileage BMW ZF 8spd fluid recommendation

    Thanks for the feedback. I feel like the transmission sometimes shifts really hard on a WOT upshift in Sport+ mode. I know in the sport modes the transmission shifts progressively harder and faster, but this seems almost clunky. I noticed maybe twice since over purchased the car. Did you notice...
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    Higher mileage BMW ZF 8spd fluid recommendation

    Yeah I've done a little more research, and ZF recommends their Lifeguard 8 or suitable alternative. OCI is 50-80k miles depending on driving style or 8 years. What I haven't been able to find is the total transmission fill. Thinking here is should I replace the fluid and filter and then 5,000...
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    Higher mileage BMW ZF 8spd fluid recommendation

    This will probably be the one and only fluid change on the transmission I will do on the car. I'll just stick to the ZF LG8 fluid to keep from mixing them.
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    Higher mileage BMW ZF 8spd fluid recommendation

    Hi all - I bought a 2012 BMW 335i RWD with the ZF 8spd automatic as a family car. I am fairly well versed in BMWs and their maintenance, but this is my first automatic. The car has 94,000 miles on it and to my knowledge, has not had the trans fluid or filter changed. I've seen a couple kits on...