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    1992 Chevy Corsica......thoughts?

    I'm going to help a friend look at a the car in the title, tomorrow night. It is a CL find; apparently it's a one-owner, estate sale car. Looks pretty flawless, only 67k on it. What issues should I be looking for on this that could lead to trouble more quickly than not, outside of stuff I can...
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    Fuel economy question on a 2016 Toyota 4Runner

    Hi all BITOG'ers, My question: I now have a 2016 4Runner Trail Premium, which I love and expect to have for the next 15-20 years. My friend has the exact same 2016 but it's a SR5. When he fills up, he always gets around 360 miles in the "Distance to Empty" readout. I have NEVER gotten that...
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    Silent Stop/Federated stores brakes

    I would like to applaud the Silent Stop brake parts from your local Federated parts store. For me it's KOI Auto Parts. Did all four corners today on the CR-V and these are by far and away the best, most well-fitting aftermarket parts I have ever encountered. Zero noise after the fact...
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    Brakes on a 2004 Mercedes

    My landlord asked me about his new car's brakes, a 2004 MB ML 350. It needs pads/rotors, and he wanted to know if the pad sensors needed any kind of programming/turning off programming ahead of him doing the job. He's going to get the pads with the sensors already embedded/attached. Thanks in...
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    2005 CR-V trans issue, 274k

    The beloved CR-V now finally has what I can only describe as a first-gear, starting from a stop, "shudder/clicking" and you can feel it slightly as well. Shifts normally otherwise. Background: I'm the only person who has ever changed the ATF on this vehicle. Every 30k from new until 265k...
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    Cooling fan staying on after shut-off, Honda Pilot

    2008 Honda Pilot that my ex drives, I bought it back in 2010. She mentioned for the past few days, one of the fans under the hood runs after she shuts it off. I'm thinking it could be a relay going bad considering it never did this before? I do need to check the coolant level just as a...
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    2008 Honda Pilot/standing water issue

    I come to you, BITOG royalty, for assistance. My ex-wife has a 2008 Honda Pilot that we purchased in 2010. When it goes through any kind of standing water more than 2" deep, the accessory belt slips, steering goes, battery light comes on. It's now happened 3 times in the past two years. Do...
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    Odd electrical issues, 2005 Honda CR-V

    I rarely start a new thread as I've been lucky with my vehicles. Here's what's up on my 2005 CR-V: About 6 weeks ago, I noticed my headlights/interior lights were flickering in rhythmic fashion. It wasn't random and the durations were all the same. It would come and go (sometimes not...
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    2001 Toyota Echo P0440/0441/0446 codes

    Subject says it all. Nothing "obvious" when sniffing around the engine bay, under the gas tank and filler neck, and cap. What's my best way to diagnose these recurring codes? Car runs flawlessly for 17 years and 138k. Just older. Some rubber deterioration visually but nothing standing out.
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    2016 Chevy Impala rental review

    Highway master. I love it when cruising above 50mph. Solid ride, great handling. Sneaky fast and quiet. Interior is pretty nice. I really like the dash and layout/controls. Gigantic back seat, great for adults. Comfortable seats, cold air, great sightlines. The rear window is not tall but it's...
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    Sudden throttle issues, Stihl BG55

    I have had my trusty blower for nearly 7 years now. Always Stihl 2-cycle oil in the proper mix with 89 octane gas, along with a dose of Stabil. Zero issues, ever. Last time I went to use it, it starts up as always but now a steady stream of smoke out of the muffler. That was NEVER the case...
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    Should new cars burn oil? C-R report

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Snafu made right by my mechanic this morning

    I went into my normal indy mechanic for a tire rotation and brake fluid flush on the wife's Pilot. About 1.5 hours later, got back in the car and noticed the oil life monitor had been reset to 100%. Look at the invoice, and see the brake fluid flush and an OIL CHANGE. Went back in, counter guy...
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    New job needed, territory sales desired

    I was laid off yesterday. I reside in SW Ohio. I am OK with travel, have updated resume, and am looking for a regional outside sales position. Any help would be appreciated. PM me.
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    Did your moms buy new cars this week? Mine did.

    Mom: 2015 Subaru Forester (I doubt she got the turbo but unknown) Mother-in-law: 2013 Infiniti G37 (this is a 2013 made in 2014 before they started making the Q's). It's brand new and she basically stole it. Do the 2015's still have HG issues? Anything I need to know on Subaru's as we've never...
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    My next OCI strategy with M1 EP 5w20

    So I had been going 10k on PP or M1 in my CR-V, which was only about 2.5 months on average due to lots of business travel. In 2013, I only drove 6,600 miles due to a horrible job change that I've now changed out again from. I probably will average 500-600 miles a week now. I'm currently at...
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    2004 MB C320 oil/filer and air filter change

    I'm going to take the plunge and help out my mother in law on her 2004 C320. 7.5 quarts M1 5w40, Wix cartridge oil and (2) air filters. Where's the filter on this car, topside or underneath? Any special things I need to be wary of either with the oil change or the air filters?
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    Today's work out on the farm

    My friend has 375 acres he uses for hunting and hanging out on. This morning we (mostly me) did the following: --Oil/filter and spark plug on two Kawasaki ATV's --Same as above on two Honda Rubicon ATV's (side note, changing the oil on the big one was not easy...skid plate removal, spring loaded...
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    Quaker State 0w-20 at WM

    I chickened out and went with my normal PP 5w20 for my CR-V. I do 10k runs, mostly highway, on this car. The QS was $4 cheaper but I've never seen it before and don't know anything about it. Would it be good for my situation?
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    Concrete drilling to drain water in my home....

    OK, so my foundation walls leak. I'm looking to drill/chisel out about a 12" long by 3" deep channel right under the cracks, and let the water that comes in through the wall go down into the gravel below the slab. I do not have a sump pump. Will this idea work to stop by floors from being wet?