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    Lewis Lead Remover

    I had the opportunity to use this "old tech" cleaning tool on a couple leaded up single action army clones this past weekend. For those who are unfamiliar with the tool, the Lewis lead remover is comprised of an 8 inch sturdy threaded metal rod with "T" handle, a metal and rubber bore plug...
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    plugged spark arrestor

    Well, I ran into my first real problem with my 11 year old string trimmer. I fired it up this morning to do some trimming around the house and fence line and it started up without incident and ran good long enough for me to get the outside perimiter of my fence. I had just started working...
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    Stihl MS230 C-BE Duro

    I am considering the purchase of one of these chain saws for some light/midrange duties around the house. I have had good results in the past with other Stihl equipment including blower, hedge trimmer and string trimmer. This model has easy 2 start, tungsten tipped blades and 40cc engine...
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    Toro CCR 2450 GTS

    I've owned this beast for a few years having purchased it after a record snowstorm in February 2003. Snow in Maryland is hit or miss and the latest storm this past weekend was the first real test for this machine. This snow blower did remarkably well in dealing with the 20+ inches of snow...
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    Nostalgia: Rembering your first new car

    Don't know if a thread like this was done before, but waxing nostalgic, I suspect many still remember their first new car purchase. For me it was a 1983 Plymouth Reliant base 4 door sedan. It had a midnight blue exterior with light blue interior. It had a front grill reminiscent to a Mercedes...
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    Oil Life Monitors

    I recently purchased a new auto not long ago and it was my first in close to 10 years. Naturally, some changes have taken place over that span of time and one of the changes is an oil life monitor. My question is how good are those things? Are they more gimmick and hype than useful. Thanks...
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    Mercury Grand Marquis

    With end of year incentives and the fact that this fine vehicle may soon be discontinues, I went out and picked out a 2009 Grand Marquis. Silver Birch with medium stone interior. After riding in it a few days I have come to appreciate just how nice this car really is. The ride and comfort...
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    FP Plus & Neutra blend

    I have used the Molabrew blend of 3 parts FP 60 with 1 part Schaeffer Neutra and have been pleased with its performance. Can FP Plus be blended with Neutra for similar results? If so, what are the proportions of FP Plus and Neutra, and what is the dosage amount for treating gasoline?
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    Sig 522 LR

    Has anybody seen the new Sig 522 LR or heard anything about when it will be available? I was checking Sig's website and it looks like it would be a hoot to shoot and cheap too. It is a knock dead look-a-like for the Sig 556 Classic (which look like the Sig 550). The MSRP is $515, which makes...
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    DIY Christmas Gift Suggestion

    I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself with it being just September, but I'm sure BITOG members have friends that are into doing their own oil changes. Some of those same BITOG members probably would like to try Scheaffer's oils, but might have trouble scraping up the minimum amount to get...
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    Interesting Oil Article

    Primarily about oil choices for Porsche air and water cooled engines. Includes a table with Zinc and Boron levels for a bunch of different oils <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Confirmed sighting GC in MD AutoZone

    Decided to visit an AutoZone today and lo and behold. They had German Castrol. They weren't giving it away (>$6/quart), but I picked up all that was out on display (12 quarts).
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    Schaeffer Neutra Maintenance Dose

    I am a first time user of Neutra and have been pleased with its performance. I could not find anything in the Scheaffer literature about maintenance dosage after initial treatment. I did a search on old posts regarding Neutra and saw some recommendations of about 3 ounces/10 gallons of gas for...
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    SAE 20W

    I found a site with a bunch of literature related to old automobiles. One of the items there was an owners manual for a 1940 Chevrolet. The interesting thing about the manual was that it pretty much recommended 20W oil year round with the exception of very cold weather when 10W was permitted...
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    LC20 as CLP?

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody has considered the use of LC20 as a gun oil additive, or its use straight up to clean, lubricate, and protect firearms. Based on the manufacturer's description it would seem to have use in removal of carbon fouling from smokeless power and it's touted...