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  1. uc50ic4more

    LinixMint 20.1 is out

    I really like that Mint offers a few different upgrade options. Updating a kernel unnecessarily is only asking for trouble and I have had my issues both desktop- and server-side with new kernels borking drivers or requiring server reboots. Mint offers options that range from "stay as up-to-date...
  2. uc50ic4more

    LinixMint 20.1 is out

    Very recent blog post from Clem (Founder and Head Honcho of Mint) about how many users are not properly keeping their systems updated:
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    "Smart Phone" on Wheels and Privacy Concerns

    And irrespective of what you choose to "share" your phone's location is always available to someone. Taking a look at directions from one point to another in Google Maps, for example, will often show you traffic patterns and expected delays. This is accomplished by aggregating movement data from...
  4. uc50ic4more

    HP laptop - no boot device found

    If HP support is suggesting a BIOS reset, I begin to wonder if the CMOS battery ought to be replaced. Especially if it is an older system, a ~$0.50 1032 watch battery is usually the type that is visible on the motherboard. When those begin to go, all sorts of hilarity ensue.
  5. uc50ic4more

    M1 Mac First Impressions

    There was PC-BSD, DragonflyBSD and GhostBSD a while back; and more recently TrueOS who just shut down. GhostBSD is still going. It looks like a MATE desktop.
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    Open DNS question

    You can set a device to use a different DNS server which would bypass whatever your router is using. You can also enable DoH (DNS over HTTPS) in very recent versions of (at least) Firefox and Chrome which would bypass the device-level setting. Cloudflare's and Google's &
  7. uc50ic4more

    M1 Mac First Impressions

    I've tried a GUI on CentOS (8, Gnome 3.32) both as a GUI for the server and as a workstation. But if I ever do feel a need to administer a server with a GUI I'll just use Cockpit - Plus, all of the servers I have in various clouds are modest enough that there aren't any GPU's involved. As a...
  8. uc50ic4more

    M1 Mac First Impressions

    RHEL is no-cost for up to 16 installations now. CentOS as we knew it goes EOL at the end of 2021 for 8.x and some time in 2024 for 7.x. They've replaced CentOS with CentOS Stream, a rolling release tracking just ahead of RHEL point releases.
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    DHCP vs. Static vs. Reserved

    Every device on my network has a static IP, else it would be a nightmare having devices "talk" to each other. From a security perspective, having my ISP grant me a static IP allows me to allow remote logins (SSH) on my web site servers (hosted at a variety of data centres) from only my IP. I...
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    Desktop Cleaning

    2x/ year; usually at the beginning of spring and autumn.
  11. uc50ic4more

    HP laptop - no boot device found

    If it worked prior, and doesn't work consistently now, and you haven't changed anything that would affect boot devices, something is getting funky. Back up your data ASAP. I would then check that all the cables are seated properly (unplug 'em, compressed air, plug 'em back in). I would then...
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    Best Rock Album

    End of thread.
  13. uc50ic4more

    If VPN Ads Were Honest

    I didn't even know CIRA offered DNS service. Thanks! I've been happy w/ OpenDNS for many years, too, but will take a good look at this and maybe kick the tires a bit.
  14. uc50ic4more

    RAR in Windows 10 64bit?

    Another vote for 7zip.
  15. uc50ic4more

    YouTube Music uploaded Format

    Youtube will **store** the original file and you'll be able to download it again at a later date. It will **stream** that file in a variety of (lossy) formats ( which will be both selectable by the user and would auto-adapt to screen...
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    Android Cell Phone Email Setup Issues

    We are in the very, very, very, very early days of the Information Age and things are developing and changing as nascent things do.
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    cursor control

    The very first thing I do with any operating system on a laptop is disable "tap to click". Nothing gets done unless and until that gets done.
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    Android Cell Phone Email Setup Issues

    Are you using 2FA/ MFA (ie. do you need to take an additional step to log in elsewhere like receive a text message code or use an authenticator app to provide additional authentication?) If so you'll either need to generate an "application password" for use by your email app OR get another email...
  19. uc50ic4more

    What kind of footwear do you wear, most likely throw on before you leave the house?

    Vasque Juxt hiking shoes, by way of some recommendations while in the army. They're not light but they're reasonably inexpensive and take a pounding like nothing I personally have ever owned.
  20. uc50ic4more

    LinixMint 20.1 is out

    IMO LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) receives ***far*** too little attention from both developers and the community of users. It's a default Cinnamon DE on top of a Debian Stable base and is faster and more stable ("stable" meaning "not changing") than the Ubuntu LTS-based main version(s). At...