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    Dad's Chimney is leaking

    This Home is in SW Florida. The fireplace below never burns wood anymore, not for 20+ years, only propane, and it rarely gets used. I've no experience with roofing, or chimneys. A damp spot further developed on the interior ceiling after a tropical storm this year, just downhill from the...
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    What's involved in replacing the O-ring on a transmission Fill tube? Chrysler A-500 / 42rh

    Is a pan drop necessary? How about a temporary solution. A good cleaning and RTV perhaps?
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    Read my Spark Plug

    NGK GR4GP ~25K miles Rebuilt Mopar LA-318 / 5.2 liter V8 w?~ 60k miles on rebuild Plugs removed after completing 2500 mile journey in 4 days. Some Gumout regane still in tank at beginning of journey
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    Air Cleaner Temp Sensor

    LA-318 TBI This sensor is inside the air cleaner housing, in board of the round air filter. It has two vaccuum lines attached to it, one vacuum source from the throttle body, one to a vaccuum modulator, which lifts a door inside the snout leading to the aircleaner. This blend door diverts air...
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    a-500 chrysler TX, no reverse

    An Online acquaintance of mine has a 30 year Old Dodge based Roadtrek class B Rv with this A-500 overdrive transmission in it. She is Elderly, in western Texas, travelling solo, and is stressing, as it will suddenly not go into reverse, and while it does go into first it is apparently...
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    Saginaw PS pump vacuum bleeding

    Late 80's mopar. I replaced my crappy super loose reman'd Steering gear with a Redhead Steering Gear, eating the core charge. $$$! Lucas PS stop leak had been inside my otherwise problem free quiet PS pump, for years. Very effective, for years, no leaks, and I'd even forgotten the pump...
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    Bolt(s) holding timing chain cover & Water pump and accessory brackets, weeping coolant, again

    Mopar LA-318 5.2 liter v8 in a B van Aircraft permatex worked for 3 years on the main culprit, a 6 inch long bolt holding on the steering pump spacer and air pump brackets to water pump and timing chain cover. I've got a new 7 inch grade 5 3/8-16 bolt ordered, the ancient original 6 inch...
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    Inline power steering filter.

    Had one, it weeped from seam, then dripped from seam, and then it got removed and replaced with a hose coupler. No more leaks in subsequent years. Reman'd steering gear it was put on, was sloppy piece of junk from day one, and slight tightening led to binding with wheels turned near full...
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    Heater core flush

    Before last winter, I flushed/ backflushed my heater core, twice, just using hose water and pressure, and was able to significantly improve the heat levels exiting the vents, but not to previous levels. Not all that much crud was in the bucket catching the exhaust, and not much improvement...
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    Petty Theft

    It seems to be on the increase in these parts. A neighbor had an expensive mountain bike's lock cut while attached to their trailer hitch's bike holder. I'd heard some strange noises late at night and investigated with only a flashlight, and was quickly wishing I had something more...
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    Remanufactured alternator brush alignment

    Looks like they missed, badly. Surprisingly it worked fine for 4.5 years like this~25k miles, and often, it was told by my adjustable voltage regulator, to make everything possible towards its 120 amp rating, feeding a large depleted low resistance AGM battery, over a thick copper circuit...
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    ADBV Failure FRAM ULTRA XG-8A ,10K miles 13 months

    Started hearing the ugly dry start valvetrain rattle. Unspun filter, and in 17 years of removing filters on this engine, as soon as it is loose, oil drips down the sides of the can from the passages above the filter. It's always the messiest part of an oil change. This one today unscrewed...
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    No key in ignition, how long does your 12v last.

    Some vehicles, turn off the ignition and the 12v powerports turn off instantly. Some stay on for a period of time. Some other stay on indefinitely. Some have ports which shut off instantly and some which stay on. How about if your vehicle has dedicated USB powerports, do those stay on , or...
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    Using a tracphone Samsung on another carrier

    My Dad said That I can have his older Samsung Galaxy J7 sky pro, which says Tracphone when it is first fired up. I've just been using it on Wifi. I kind of like the bigger screen and rather impressive battery life. My regular Smartphone is 5 year old Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, which does...
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    18 Ah AGM battery, Will it alone be able to.....?

    Will it alone be able to Start my overnight cold LA318 V8( 5.2 liter) engine in~ 70F ambient temps with PP 10w-30 SN+ in the sump? I suspect this 18 AH made in China AGM battery would have about 170CCA, if it were rated. It supposedly has 18mΩ resistance and I have measured its resistance to...
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    Blower motor brushes were stuck in retainers

    So i pulled out the recently replaced inop VDO blower motor and 13v applied directly to wires yielded nothing. Took it apart. Brushes were stuck in their retainers. Weak looking springs, and white flecks on the brush body. bushings look to have had little to no lube on them. Is there...
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    evaporated dexcool?

    My parents own a 2014 corvette stingray, and it has not been driven for close to two weeks. Today when it was backed out of the garage i saw this evaporated puddle. <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image"...
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    PP 10w-30 d1g2 OCI rcommendations

    I've got ~4500 miles on this oil change, about 3 months worth from a cross country sight seeing journey. Mostly 2k rpm 10 hours a day. Very little short trip drivig before and since Not yet 1 full quart of make up oil, which was PP 5w-30 SN d1g2. 5 quart sump capacity, FU XG8A filter...
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    Grease for brass worm drive in wiper motor

    I have a new motor, I've not yet opened it up, but it is just 3 screws where the original was riveted and would not have been easy to clean and regrease and close back up. The 30 year old original one, I will assume Lubrication failure played a big part. The lube was dry, and the consistency...
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    High moly grease and tapered roller bearings

    Years ago I got in new brembo rotors and put New 'made in Mexico' SKF bearings and races into them using valvoline Synpower grease which is a high moly grease. Recently i have been hearing a bearing type of noise, audible mostly at slower speeds, and convinced myself it was from driver's side...