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    I need help understanding if Redline or Amsoil is worth it.

    Did use Amsoil for a while. Switching back to off the shelf.
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    Work’s Canceled Tonight - 1st Oil Change Time on the 4Runner!

    I work for Envoy Air...little brother to AA out of DFW airport.
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    Work’s Canceled Tonight - 1st Oil Change Time on the 4Runner!

    I’m also in aircraft maintenance. 24 hour operation. No work canceled even in a rare snow storm.
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    Thoughts on 3.5 Ecoboost that pulls

    I would look into ways on keeping the coolant temps down. Maybe that engine shines at higher temps.
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    O.K. to use Mobil 1 ESP X2 0W20 in Toyota Tacoma?

    It’s a bit overkill...oh wait did I just say that. Back when I had my 2002 Tacoma 3.4L I did run Amsoil HDD 5W30 for two oil changes.
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    New ST oil coming?

    Looks like I found my next oil.
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    Help selecting oil for the 3.5L, V6 Toyota Tacoma motor?

    **** man that sucks. Toyota has awesome reliability. You should of played the lottery. I’ve had awesome luck, knock on wood with Toyota’s. I miss my old 3.4L but the 4.0L is just as good.
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    2007 Honda 2.4L 300K miles total miles; 200K 5w20 SuperTech

    ****. Awesome job my have to look into supertech for both Honda and Toyota.
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    14 Honda Odyssey odd shifting

    I’m currently running Amsoil blue cap SS I’m my wife’s 19 Pilot. It specs DW1.
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    14 Honda Odyssey odd shifting

    If that engine has VCM I would disable it. I use a SVCM in my wife’s 19 Honda Pilot.
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    2017 Honda CRV, 1.5 Turbo, Mobil AFE 0W-30

    I’m so glad we got rid of our 18 CRV with the same engine. She’s got a 19 Pilot now. 7500 miles oci. I measured 1.5 qrts of fuel in the oil. I ran Amsoil SS 0W20.
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    Rodent repellant spray

    Thanks man I booked marked it.
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    Rodent repellant spray

    My Tacoma had its harness chewed up by a squirrel the other day. It’s getting replaced. Do those repent sprays work as a preventative? How often should it be done? Which one do you recommend? Thanks.
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    Replaced Fuel Pump, Starter Died!

    Yeah tell me about it. Don’t let cars sit. My mother in law has a 95 bmw 545i with 17K miles. Doesn’t move till it’s time to get reinspected. I head over there to jump start it...speaking of it’s due the end of February, lol.
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    Don’t dump a full bottle of PI in gas tank

    I had a bottle I should of saved for the vehicle but decided to see what it would do in the Briggs. A little less than a half a tank of fuel. It spudders, lol. Anyways just sayin.
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    Is this a good use case for TruFuel?

    I ran tru fuel but after needing 4 gallons a year I wasn’t going to pay 100.00 for gas in my yard equipment. I then started making my own E0 with 93 E10 by mixing 32oz of water to the gas then drain the water. I did this for a few years. Now just 93 E10 and what ever doesn’t get used in three...
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    What's your preferred tire pressure?

    36F 34R Tacoma, 32 FR Pilot.