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    bosch Iridium plugs any good?

    I am normally a NGK copper die hard when it comes to spark plugs for my turbo Neon, but I just noticed a bosch rebate listed on Amazon. Anyone have any good or bad reports on bosch plugs compared to NGK? Anthony
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    Chrysler Engineer video on transmission lubricatio

    what are your thoughts on his statements about lubrication? This has been an ongoing debate on other forums rather or not to use ATF4 or motor oil in the trans. <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src=""...
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    Neon SRT4 / PU 5w40 / 4700 miles

    ANTHONY: Wear is very low in this sample from your SRT-4, which is great considering that your oil change interval was about 1,000 miles longer this time than your previous sample. Insolubles were high, so it looks like your oil filter was having a bit of trouble keeping solid particles out of...
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    2 years, 300 miles...change oil?

    Hi Folks, I have a 2003 Yamaha R-6 that has been sitting in my garage on a trickle charger for the last couple years. It hasnt been started in about 9 months. If I rememer right, the oil in the sump is Rotella T6 5w40 and the filter is a M1. The oil has been in there for almost 2 years and...
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    Ultra 5w30, 3100 miles, Neon SRT4

    -61300 miles on motor -Napa Gold Filter -Amsoil Cone air filter on an AEM intake system -Redline SI-1 Used every other tank of fuel as maintenance dose -Valve cover was off one time during this run due to a bad compression tester falling apart and getting stuck in the sparkplug hole. Removing...
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    cleaning area to find a leak?

    I was changing the oil in one of my vehicles yesterday when I noticed a fluid all over everything. I suspect it is from the power steering pump or hoses. I was curious if it would be safe to spray down the whole area with brake cleaner so I can find the leak. there are hoses, plastics, metals...
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    Going rate for Euro Ultra and PP

    I ran to a local parts store to grab an oil filter for the Xterra yesterday, and noticed they had Pennzoil Ultra Euro 5w40 and PP Euro 5w40 on the shelf. This was the first time I had ever seen either of these oils in person. I was just curious as to where others here are getting this oil...
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    I was reading my service manual. (oil pressure)

    The part I have bolded below has me wondering, why would there be a restrictor in the head gasket? Is this to lower oil pressure? If so, why would the head need lower pressure? I have my oil pressure sendor mounted in the head, I wonder if this is why my oil pressure goes to [email protected]
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    Bored and curious

    On another car forum there was a thread started about spun rod bearings. The motors in question are modified and built/tuned Turbocharged 2.4L's in the Neon SRT4. Most were in the 350-420hp/400+tq. After a bunch of people were trying to figure out what caused the problems, I decided to ask...
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    Top Tier E10 or non-Top Tier with no Ethanol?

    Which one would you choose if you had both easily available? I found a CFN station close by that sells Non Ethanol fuel in 87, 89, and 92 octane. This station is primarily a card lock station for commercial use, but they sell to the public during business hours as they are a distribution...
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    Any way to clean a Fuel Pressure Reg./Filter?

    My car utilizes an in-tank fuel pump that has the fuel pressure regulator/fuel filter(one piece unit) mounted on top of the pump, outside of the tank. It is easy to remove and replace, but at a best price of $91, I was wondering if there is a way I can just back flush the piece with something...
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    Dodge Neon weird electrical occurance

    Today I hopped in my car and turned the key to the on position and looked up at the gauge, which showed just over 12 volts. I turned the key to start the motor and I heard one loud click(maybe the starter solenoid?) and then everything went completely dead. I mean everything....lights, dash...
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    70 Miles without air filter?

    Would you change your oil after driving 70 miles without an air filter? A member of a different forum said he had an air filter on order and couldnt find one locally, so he was driving around without a filter on. I suggested he change his oil after the new filter shows up. He later mentioned...
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    What to use for top coat?

    Today after work I decided to wash, clay, and wax the Neon. The car is Orange Blast Pearl in color. After claying the surface, I laid down a coat of Mother's Reflections advanced car wax..."high gloss liquid polymer". The results came out pretty good for a couple hours work, but the back of...
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    M1 H/M 10w30 in turbocharged app?

    This may be a stupid question but I have been searching for hours. <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/21.gif" alt="" title="shrug" height="15" width="37" /> Is there any reason that I should not use Mobil1 "high Mileage" 10w30 in my 2.4l Turbocharged motor? The car gets beat on every...
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    Anyone have VOA for Craftsman SAE 30W?

    as the title states, I am looking for any product info on this lawn mower oil... thanks
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    Redline Race Oil for street use?

    Hi everyone, I have the opportunity to buy Redline 30w Race Oil for $5 a quart from a local race team. I plan to buy 1 case for track use, but I can buy a few cases if I want. Would it be wise to use this oil for daily driving use also? I would like to pick up 5 cases at this price and use...
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    Supercharger Fluid Exchange?

    I have a Nissan Supercharged V6, and the owners manual doesnt say anything about servicing the supercharger. there is a small plug on the front of the unit, where I assume would be where the fluid is. Does anyone know if this unit is servicable? If it is, what fluid, how much fluid, and how...
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    Mopar/Chrysler ATF+4 search problems

    Since the site search function cant seem to find any threads that contain ATF in the subject(even though there is 12 threads on the front page containing "ATF"), can someone link or point me in the direction of a Mopar ATF+4 VOA or product data sheet? I have been using google to find different...
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    0w20 for 2.4l Turbo?

    There is a thread going on over at srtforums where someone mentioned they wanted to try 0w20 to get some better MPG's. Would this be a smart thing to do, or with this viscosity be enough to protect against wear and tear? the motor is a 2.4L DOHC Turbo. Redline is 6200 RPM. Stock power is...