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    Brent Crude Why is there so much vagary with the explanation as to why oil prices are going up? There is the theory about OPEC closing the valves, and COVID cases dropping and that vaccines are going to make the economy...
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    MAG 1 CJ-4 and CK-4 full syn 5W-40

    I have used both oils and reviewed the oil analyses and compared the properties on paper. I have been informed by the chemist that the CK-4 is a superior oil to the CJ-4 in terms of oxidation control, and the quality of the oil is markedly better. When looking at the description of the...
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    Old school bucket of soap and cotton or FoamBlaster

    Before FoamBlasters became all the vogue, most detailers used a bucket of soap with a dust trap at the bottom. Used to be, pressure washers were frowned upon because of how it gets water under paint chips etc. Are newer pressure washers and FoamBlaster attachments better now at not sending a...
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    Diesel fuel & suspended dirt

    I have a VW Mk7 TDI that I bought used as part of the VW DieselGate buy back, had 25000 miles on it, and I had it inspected before buying. I had my mechanic change out the fuel filter at the time of purchase. He eyeballed the canister and fuel tank and said the fuel looked fine. Now 15000...
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    Sulfur in MAG 1 5W/40

    This is the oil sold at WM that was falsely advertised at $25/3 pack. Is the sulfur content of this oil going to destroy a DPF in a hurry? The additive content looks pretty stout.
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    Toyota Corolla 2016 CVT

    I have 50,000 miles on this car. I called the local dealership Town & Country Toyota about buying a transmission service kit. Man asked me how many miles I had. I said 50,000. Man says that it is a SEALED transmission and is designed to last the lifetime of the car. I asked him what his...
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    Shelf life/Expiration date

    Do sealed containers of brake fluid have a shelf life? I understand that opened containers of brake fluid are "contaminated" with moisture and therefore is not good to use after sitting for a while. But sealed from the elements? Specifically ATE Blue Racing
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    What substances make for a high TBN?
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    RedLine Break-in oil additive SKU: 81403

    If the emissions equipment (DPF, adBlue, etc) is not an issue, is adding the above additive to bring zinc levels up okay? I know I can get Rotella T6 or Royal Purple and have higher zinc and phosphorus and calcium levels. My situation is that I bought several bottles of 5W30 ESP oil that is DPF...
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    Blemish on paint and how to fix.

    !st of all I don't know the technical term, and 2nd I have yet to learn how to post pictures. I have a 2015 VW Golf in Tornado red that was part of the diesel buy back.It sat in either California or Nevada for months. There are areas mainly on the plastic bumpers that look like hazy foggy...
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    Mice and rat deterrent

    There are a few "effective" ways of making your car mice and rat proof. I've seen using slices of Irish Spring, mothballs, cinnamon, the engine compartment and somewhere close to the intake for the blower fan into the passenger compartment. Is there any TRUE deterrent?
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    2015 VW Golf Sportwagen TDI

    I've read stories about owners of this diesel deleting the DPF, cat, and AdBlu system. Is the 507 spec oil formulated specifically for the DPF? Once the DPF and other emissions hardware are removed, can any decent diesel oil (M1 TDT, for instance) be used in place of the 507? Or is there...
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    Yay or Nay?
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    Car washes

    There's the AutoBell scrubber, the Touchless/brushless car wash, then there's the old school car washes that have individual wash bays with different soaps and rinsing products dispensed through what looks like a low pressure pressure washer. Are these old school detergents pretty decent? I...
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    Windshield protection film

    Googled this and several brands claim to be the "best" (bestest!) My VW Golf Sportwagen took a rock to the windshield and caused a softball sized radial/circumferential crack. I got the windshield replaced today. Is there a reliable film protector for windshields or a comparison test??
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    Old school bra

    I have a 4 year old VW that has a few rock chips and recently did some DIY minor paint chip repair . It is probably not going to be able to have a clear bra because of the imperfections and I am not about to get the front end resprayed. Has anyone tried a Colgan bra, and if so are there any...
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    Looking at stuff for my car. Saw this: <a href=""...
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    Rock Chip touch up

    I am planning on doing some touch up paint repair using this little tool that looks like a dentists' tool: Looks like a writing instrument but the tip looks like a small vessel that takes about 1 cc of paint, which oozes out of the funnel that ends in a pinpoint tip. It dabs little beads of...
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    Paint Protection film.

    If the surface has small rock chips, does that preclude the application of the film? Little rock chips can look like huge potholes under the microscope and I suspect air bubbles will show up over these imperfections.
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    3M Imperial Hand Glaze

    Clay barred my car then used 3M product with a PorterCable random orbital. Worked really well but my goodness it required a LOT of elbow grease to buff this product off. Tenacious! Finished by putting good old One Grand Blitz wax.