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    Mice and rat deterrent

    Where do you spray that? Not sure if I'd put that around the engine compartment and wheel wells; the car would stink.
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    Frequent oil changes cause more wear?!

    Changing oil very frequently is as good as having an extra few quarts/gallons in your crankcase. I have a 2.0 TDI with a 6 quart capacity and wish I had 10.
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    Brent Crude Why is there so much vagary with the explanation as to why oil prices are going up? There is the theory about OPEC closing the valves, and COVID cases dropping and that vaccines are going to make the economy...
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    SP Warren distribution 5w30 full synthetic

    Is it safe to assume that this oil is made by the same people that make MAG1 synthetic diesel oil? If so, this VOA zinc levels are significantly lower than the 5W40 oil.
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    MAG 1 CJ-4 and CK-4 full syn 5W-40

    I have used both oils and reviewed the oil analyses and compared the properties on paper. I have been informed by the chemist that the CK-4 is a superior oil to the CJ-4 in terms of oxidation control, and the quality of the oil is markedly better. When looking at the description of the...
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    Mobil Delvac Extreme synthetic 15w-40

    Thank you for extinguishing my doubt.
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    Mobil Delvac Extreme synthetic 15w-40

    If they retested it to come back with a TBN of 8.7 does that mean Mobil 1's claim of a TBN >10 is a lie, or is Blackstone shooting off numbers randomly?
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    TBN Is this any good?
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    Mobil Delvac Extreme 15W-40 CK4

    VOA and UOA threads like this make me wonder if we are not being scammed and will push me towards changing the oil at a shorter interval.
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    Mobil Delvac Extreme 15W-40 CK4

    TBN of 4.7 on the first run and a rerun showed 8.5. That is a HUGE variance. Which value are you going to believe? The website's 10.3? 4.7? or 8.5? Does Blackstone have an explanation for why the variance is that big? Did they say it was a problem with the way you collected? It would be...
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    Old school bucket of soap and cotton or FoamBlaster

    Before FoamBlasters became all the vogue, most detailers used a bucket of soap with a dust trap at the bottom. Used to be, pressure washers were frowned upon because of how it gets water under paint chips etc. Are newer pressure washers and FoamBlaster attachments better now at not sending a...
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    Diesel fuel & suspended dirt

    I've always had the habit of waiting until the refuel light comes on to fill up. I will start refilling when 3/4 down from now on. Not sure if the lift pump is sucking the debris from the bottom of the tank.
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    Diesel fuel & suspended dirt

    I have a VW Mk7 TDI that I bought used as part of the VW DieselGate buy back, had 25000 miles on it, and I had it inspected before buying. I had my mechanic change out the fuel filter at the time of purchase. He eyeballed the canister and fuel tank and said the fuel looked fine. Now 15000...
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    Sulfur in MAG 1 5W/40

    This is the oil sold at WM that was falsely advertised at $25/3 pack. Is the sulfur content of this oil going to destroy a DPF in a hurry? The additive content looks pretty stout.
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    Boron Additives

    OK so what is the TAKE HOME message here?
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    Lubegard Heavy Duty Engine Protectant VOA

    Does LSPI occur in diesel engines?
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    Mercedes Sprinter V6 Diesel Oil ??

    I suppose it is a foregone conclusion that a motorhome on a Sprinter chassis is a money crater. I wonder if there are extended warranties that cover bumper to bumper.
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    How's your CVT holding up?

    They say it is sealed. My mechanic just used his socket wrench and undid the pan after he drained it through the plug and the nipple valve. There is a gasket, like everything else in the engine. So yeah it is sealed. :rolleyes:
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    How's your CVT holding up?

    Does any carmaker state in the owner's manual that a CVT transmission's fluid needs to be changed every X-thousand miles? Toyota dealers in the greater Charlotte area tell me 1) it never needs to be changed 2) It is a sealed system and if I open it it will fail within 4 months. 3) It is good...