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    Looking for Scanguage 2 users

    I'm interested in picking up one of these to watch fluid temps and oil pressure for my mirage. Mostly as a fun exercise in viewing the data under all kinds of circumstances. I'm looking for opinions or info from people that have used one. Is it difficult to get the correct information...
  2. J

    300 mile initial review Continental Vikingcontact 7 review (small car)

    I wanted to give my initial impressions of the Vikingcontact 7's on my 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage (175/55-15). I've had them on there about 300 miles now but we had a big blizzard and another smaller snow storm since getting them mounted. Road noise: Very impressed with this. Cheaper snow tires...
  3. J

    Mitsubishi mirage cabin air filter

    Just purchased this 2017 Mirage G4 and gave it a little tune up. 30k miles, 1 owner. Both filters are the oem Mitsubishi part.
  4. J

    Mitsubishi mirage air filter

    Just purchased a 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 with 30k miles on it. As I usually like to do I did a little tune up. It seems possible that the filter on the left is original as it is the factory Denso, but who knows. Replacement is also a factory Denso branded filter.
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    Fluid film review (from a new user)

    I wanted to give my review/observations of Fluid film so far. I've used it experimentally on a few cars and did my most thorough coat ever this year on my wife's Chevy Spark. I have only used the aerosol cans since I think the idea of pouring the product out of a gallon can into a smaller...
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    Idle Nightmare

  7. J

    Idle Nightmare

    Just a quick story i thought may make a few of you cringe. I walk through a neighborhood next to mine 2-3 times a day when it's nice. I like to observe and just take in my surroundings. Saturday morning around 7am I walked by and this 2018/2019 Camry is idling in the driveway. No big deal...
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    Is BITOG syndrome relevant to short term owners?

    I was thinking about this yesterday. Most topics discussed regularly here (Carbon build up, sludge, fuel dilution, wear metals) really only matter over a long period of time. For example I like commuter cars for whatever reason. My habit is to buy one new and drive it a few years then trade it...
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    My first lease, curing my BITOG syndrome

    Got a lease deal i couldn't pass up this weekend on a new 2020 corolla SE. I've been drawn to a lease for a while now for a few reasons. Since I don't plan on keeping the car after the 3 years/36k miles I have no anxiety about oil changes, rust, micro marring, wear and tear on interior. It...
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    Pour out the filter before second use?

    I want to start doing (2) 5k runs on my moms car on a fram ultra. In the past I've been doing 5k on supertech synthetic and supertech filter. I want to stick with the supertech oil but start doing the ultra every other oil change. For any of you that run multiple oci's on 1 filter, are you...
  11. J

    Wife's new commute, what would you do?

    My wife just accepted a new job that is 0.7 miles up the road from us. Clearly this is going to be tough on the car especially in winter. I suggested she bike to work as much as possible, but in the end it's her car and she can do what she wants with it. But all winter it will get driven as i...
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    Air filter age

    My brother has a honda motorcycle that he bought new in 2013. It's in a climate controlled garage year round but only has been ridden 2900 miles in all that time. Do air filters "age", do they dry out or become less effective? Or should only mileage and driving environment be considered when...
  13. J

    AcDelco UPF64R Alternatives?

    Are there any on the market? This filter boasts a 35psi bypass rating. Our little sparks call for this one specifically in the owners manual and I'm curious if there are any alternatives yet?
  14. J

    Nasty cabin filter

    I bought a prius a few days ago and I've been going through my normal fluid and filter checks. Overall this car has been telling me its been unloved for quite a while. Glad i swapped out this filter. $14 and 2 minutes seems well worth it. (Hopefully I attached this picture correctly)
  15. J

    New prius owner

    I jumped in head first and bought my first hybrid vehicle a few days ago. It's a 2007 prius with 115k miles on it. Oil was super black and the fill hole definitely has some varnish on it. I was surprised to see it takes good ole 5w30 though. Did an oil change last night with Valvoline 5w30 HM...
  16. J

    Risks of running a lower pressure bypass

    My wife and i both have the small engines that chevy requires using the higher bypass rated filters. I think its 21 psi or something close. I know this has talked about a lot but what are the actual risks of running a "standard" bypass rated filter? Would you be more likely to switch over to...
  17. J

    GM Pf64/UPF64R oil filter confusion

    Hello everyone, I'll try not to ramble on. Wife and I just bought 2018 Chevy sparks (same day, we're strange). As a BITOG member the first thing i did was look up the oil and filter requirements. Oil is easy, already had that picked out. But the filter has caused me some confusion. Usually I'd...
  18. J

    2014 Chevy sonic 1.8 Mobil 1, 5k miles

    This is my first ever oil analysis, and the first time I've ever ran oil 5000 miles (oh boy). This is my wife's 2014 Chevy Sonic 1.8. The engine has port injection and a timing belt so i was hoping it would be easy on the oil. Driving pattern is lots of short trips, at least 75% city driving...
  19. J

    Copper flakes in oil catch pan

    Just changed oil in my 17 mirage. Car has 600 miles on it (yup I'm one of those guys). Oil change went well but I did notice a good amount of copper specks or thin flakes. They are roughly the size of the head of a pin. I found a uoa of this car that had 1000 miles on the factory fill and it...
  20. J

    Cost effective 0w20 in single quarts

    Hello BITOG, I need good deal guidance from the masters. I just bought a mitsubishi mirage with a tiny 1.2L 3 cylinder engine. It has a 3qt sump and specs 0w20 synthetic oil. Since it has a 3qt sump I prefer to buy in single quarts as i don't like having open 5 qt jugs around. Does anyone know...