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    Toyota Gives Man Brand New 4Runner TRD Pro

    Maybe its a cynical way to look at it but it's a good marketing move by Toyota. For $45k or whatever it cost them to build that 4runner they get to be in a bunch of different news stories showing how generous they are.
  2. J

    Best Used Hatchback?

    I believe the Pre- 2019 Rios all have 6 speed autos. IVT came out in 2020. That would be my go to.
  3. J

    2021 RX450h F Sport

    I would guess you could see high 20's with a little more stop and go. Impressive for a pretty big AWD vehicle.
  4. J

    2021 RX450h F Sport

    Man I love bright white with red leather interior. What do you expect to see for real world MPG with the hybrid?
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    Mitsubishi Outlander 2019 2.4

    You're clearly being over-dramatic. How many of these vehicles are out there vs how many have had any fluid changes at all? It's good to do proper maintenance but lets keep this on planet earth.
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    price my 1999 Ford Ranger

    Up here that things is worth $7500 easy. No many clean low mile ones left. People lose their minds for any vehicle that's from out of state.
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    New car break-in

    The biggest problem with this "debate" is that everyone only knows 1 outcome. I broke in my car X way and now it performs Y. We don't know how the car otherwise would have performed if break in was done differently. And there's no way to replicate it since other people even with the exact same...
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    Mitsubishi Outlander 2019 2.4

    How much do you care about your warranty? Or to put it another way, how likely do you think it is that CVT will need warranty work done on it? Pretty easy warranty denial if you haven't followed the specced interval. At that point it wont matter what a bunch of people on a forum think.
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    5 miles a day

    I do the same commute and change every 5k. No worries at all from me.
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    Any other short changers out there?

    Well my wife purchased and paid off her car with her own money so I'm not about to tell her she has to walk to work. Especially considering it was -26F this morning. Electric cars are to expensive to be worth it for her at this point. The only problems I expect to have are potentially...
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    Any other short changers out there?

    My wife has a 0.7 mile commute so she gets changes every spring and fall. end's up being around 3250 miles. Almost all her miles are short trips and it gets pretty darn cold here so to combat moisture and fuel dilution it makes sense to me to change early. Plus this schedule allows me to avoid...
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    2018 Buick Encore, 1.4L Turbo, 5,243 miles, AC Delco Dexos 5w30

    Until something actually fails I think you'll have a really tough time getting the dealer to do anything at all. So you're in an unfortunate Position where you'll always think you're at risk of engine failure but really don't know. The engine could be totally fine but every little noise it makes...
  13. J

    New ST oil coming?

    A premium budget oil? Kind of a strange place in the market to be. ST synthetic makes total sense but this seems like a stretch. Who will buy it? Someone looking for the cheapest syn buys ST synthetic. Someone looking for perceived longevity buys a big brand name.
  14. J

    Iron increase?

    Are you remote starting and idling it more in winter?
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    What is/was your fav motorcycle(s)?

    2015 Honda PCX 150. I consistently got 108mpg and the thing did everything I wanted it to. Always ran like a top no matter how hard you pushed it. Pulled smooth and had really predictable handling. Too bad Honda ruined it with the 2000 mile valve adjustments requiring almost the entire plastic...
  16. J

    Question about rust prevention: do you absolutely HAVE TO remove the rust first..? Can you get away with leaving what's there and then adding a coat?

    Just shoot it with fluid film if you don't want to do the work. Better than doing nothing, but not as good as removing and treating it properly.
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    GM to Stop Making Gas-powered Cars

    I'm concerned how little talk there is about charging infrastructure when we hear about all these EV manufacturing commitments.
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    2021 Tesla Model S Plaid and a Refresh

    I really hate that steering wheel.
  19. J

    407k on copper plugs

    Curious she drives a truck all those miles. Imagine the cost savings if you drove a prius or corolla hybrid. But who knows, maybe she needs the carrying capacity.
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    Do you warm up your car before taking off?

    It makes me chuckle when you guys from the south talk about it being cold and the car needing to warm up before driving.