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    Life after free oil changes.

    My daughter has a 2018 (and a half, if that makes a difference) Rogue Sport. Wants me to pick an oil and she mentioned Mobil 1. I narrowed to Mobil 1 Extended and Mobil 1 AFE, both in 0w20. I know Extended is a couple bucks more but the rebate is a couple bucks more. Anybody have pros and cons...
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    Napa Platinum date code

    Picked up 2 Platinum filters at Napa. If someone could decode the mfg. dates, it would be appreciated. Filter #1- 041515E2 19 34 Filter #2- 072811E2 or EZ (this one is hard to read) Thanks
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    Pennzoil Ultra 0x20

    Pennzoil has posted a msds for Ultra 0x20. Is this old news? <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Pennzoil Syn-Blends

    Anyone know what are the differences between "Pennzoil Syn Blend dexos1" and "Pennzoil Gold Syn Blend"?
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    5 Year old Chevron Techron

    My brother has a bottle of Techron that was purchased about 5 years ago. Wanted to know if it was ok to use. I told him it probably was still good. Thought I'd ask on the forum to make sure. Does that stuff go bad after awhile?
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    Questions on Bosch/Purolator oil filters.

    1: What is the difference between the Bosch 3331 and the 72132? 2: Why do some Purolator oil filters have 8 round holes on base plate and some have 7 rounded rectangular holes?