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    Mobil 1 and my F-150

    oils are awesome now, 10k will be no problem
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    40mpg with pp 0-20, 2012 sonic 1.8 auto, summer

    i think i would get 42mpg with a 5 speed but my wife cannot drive one. the car has 27k with mostly hiway driving. m1 0-20 is outstanding too. the sonic has had synthetic OCis at 6500-7k usually with one run of havoline conv at 6k. i use mobil gas most of the time...i was a hesitant to put 0-20...
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    put pzl plat 0-20 in 2012 chevy sonic

    my mpg did go up .1 to 33.9 after 100 miles. My friend knows better but he just does not care, i have known quite a few people like that. Maybe i am the idiot for changing synthetic oil after 7500k considering i know people who put in the cheapest oil they can find and rarely even change the...
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    put pzl plat 0-20 in 2012 chevy sonic

    car has 23,500 miles and i wanted to see if oil was as good as M1 0-20 which is my favorite oil. I have seen a .01 increase in mpg in only 100 miles of driving and i am hoping for at least .02. With the exception of turbos, i feel anything from SN 0-20 to 10-30 will be fine in gas engines. My...
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    1993 Toyota Corolla 1.8

    i would not use 10-40 in winter.
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    just changed FF in chevy sonic to Mobil One AFE

    i went 2400 miles on FF and put in 2 qts of M1 0-20 and 3 qts of M1 0-30. The car is getting 36 mpg and hopefully as engine breaks in i will be getting 38mpg once i can start putting in the summer blend gas. 6 speed auto. the car is very roomy and and gutsy, i would recommend a sonic to anyone...
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    Which Car Manufactures Use A Break In Oil ?

    i just bought a new chevy sonic and GM dumps in ac/delco syn blend for ff w/ nothing added
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    2012 Chrysler 200 First Oil Change - Synthetic?

    i really like mobil one 0-20, it is 32.99 with a great m1 oil filter thrown in at autozone...i like mobil super or pzl too for regular oil but any modern oil would work well
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    just bought a 2012 sonic

    it has the 1.8 in it and flys down the hiway, lots of headroom and trunkroom too...if anyone else has a cruze or sonic how have they run for you? any ideas when to change the FF? i am at least going is nice to see big 3 back on their feet again, i think this sonic will be highly...
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    I'd like to hear your Amazing Oil Stories

    my bil has gone 35k on same oil and filter if you dont count the 3qts of synthetic i dumped in...he bought used subaru w/ 95k, car has 130k 13 months later...his vw turbo sludged up last summer but that didnt phase him a bit, a true legend...going by his years of zero maint, oil is over...
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    Biting the bullet in the Quaker "durability" game.

    all of QS are good and you might as well use synthetic if you change it yourself
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    Why do SOPUS oils reduce MPG vs Mobil oils?

    i noticed a difference on M1 0-20 in a ford focus, mustve been close to 38mpg w/ 5 speed...mobil super is just as good as pz for less $$$
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    my "new" used 2000 toyota corolla...

    PYB could go 10k too in regular driving....i have gone 5k on a G5 and OLM says i have 58% oil life left
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    china mart put on fram instead of M1 filter

    sayjac, the pontiac 2.2 "diesel" is up to 34.8mpg now after being 32.2 just after gas tank/fuel lines were cleaned so it seems ok now...i told the tech personally to put on my own oil filter and i wasnt charged for fram he ended up putting on...i changed oil on pontiac only 100 miles after...
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    Getting a samsung admire Tuesday....

    my wife just bought a samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet and loves it fwiw
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    5k annual mileage

    that should work bils used car he bought w/ 94,000 miles in october 2010 is up to 28k and 9 months on bulk oil and engine runs. He just relys on me to add oil or not, makes no difference to him.
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    china mart put on fram instead of M1 filter

    i dont usually go there but i asked them to put in napa syn and a M1 filter so i get under car 3 months later for a OC and i see a fram to my horror. I put on a world class auto value and checked my M1 filter box which they left in car and i put outside assuming it was my old ST (same color as a...
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    Exploded Malibu

    i would not use dex cool anymore after he replaces doesnt sound like he maintained it much
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    Pennzoil High Mileage or Pennzoil Platinum

    go with PP 10-30 and really clean engine