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    2020 F150 3.5EB - Winter Oil

    Have 5000kms on my truck. First dumped the FF at 1000kms and filled with QSUD 5W30. Didn't reset the OLM. OLM @ 65%. Would like to go with a 0Wxx oil all winter or until OLM tells me to. Also im running a 87 Performance tune from 5 star... its not very aggressive, but much better in overall...
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    2020 F150 3.5EB First oil change.. pick my oil

    I have a brand new 2020 F150 Lariat Supercrew 3.5EB. As soon as i picked her up, i leveled it with Bilstein 5100s added Fuel Blitz wheels and 285 60 20 K02s.... On all my vehicles that i buy new, i am one that likes to dump the factory fill... I do it at just over 2000kms. Have had never any...
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    M1 0w40 FS in my Q50 colder/winter months

    i have M1 FS in my sump now. Winter coming and temps have now dipped. i only have 1000kms on the oil. Should i switch it out to something like M1 AFE 0w30?
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    Steering Nibble 2018 F150

    My 2018 F150 has exhibited whats called steering nibble. Its a slight knocking vibration feeling in the steering wheel from 60kmh and as i get up in speed to 120kmh, the steering vibration gets worse as well as i feel the vibration in the chassis of the truck. It is much more apparent when...
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    Liqui Moly of Redline 75W90

    After shopping around I can get Liqui Moly or Redline 75W90 at the same prices as M1, PP and Castrol Out of the two which is better for my Crosstrek, Q50 and F150? All require GL5 and all have open diffs (no LSDs) Redline has Friction Modifiers <a...
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    75w90 GL5 for my applications

    i plan to change front and rear differential fluids on my 2 F150'S and Infiniti Q50... all can use 75W90 GL5 i have these accessible to buy... aiming for Synthetic Motomaster Synthetic Extreme Pressure (Made by Shell) -the cheapest Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Castrol Syntec Mobil 1 LS...
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    Honda Genuine Oils.... what if i used it in all my engines?

    sparked my curiosity... through a family member who works at Honda, i can purchase any type of Honda Branded oil at very good prices. what if i ran Honda synthetic oils (correct vis) in my Fords, Infiniti and Subaru? would it be better than what i have in them now? see my sig
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    Nissan/Infiniti VQ37VHR and oil temperature

    the 2015 Q50 in my signature is new to me. 80,000kms original owner, strictly serviced at Nissan with OEM "Ester" oil all its life. i plan to keep it for a very long time as my wifes daily commuter... its known that this engine geta the oil hot at high rpms due to the design of the valve...
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    2018 F150 Tuned 3.5EB - SN+ PUP or QSUD 5W30

    My 2018 F150 Lariat Supercrew 3.5EB is tuned to 91 octane. Tuned from 5000kms. 38,000kms on it now with no issues. I'm in Toronto (-10C winter to +30C humid summers) I rarely drive it hard, a full throttle pass every other week for fun. I mostly drive as efficient as i can mostly in eco mode...
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    Q50 VQ37 Ester oils

    i just aquired a mint condition 2015 Q50 AWD VQ37 with 50k miles. Original owner all service records done at Nissan. i noticed service records state use of Nissan Ester oil 5w30 all its life. This car i plan to keep for longevity for another 5-7 years. 60% hwy / 30% city... Toronto Climate...
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    2015 Ford F-150 ATF and Diffs

    Hi I want to change the ATF and Diff Fluids on my 2015 F150 with the 6R80 trans. It see lots of stop and go use. What is recommended? For the ATF i should stay with the Mercon LV? Diffs, im thinking Motul or Amsoil? TIA
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    2013 Mercedes GLK350 M276 - Total Quartz 9000 5W40 Euro

    First UOA taken on my 2013 GLK350 with the M276 engine - Filter is a Mann Cartridge 95000kms on the vehicle and 8000kms on the oil. I typically change the oil every 10,000kms or 6 months. Looks like i can go much further! <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]"...
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    2018 F150 3.5Ecoboost Gen2 M1 0W40 Euro - 5 Star tuned

    My very first UOA. Thoughts on the iron? It has 18,000kms when the sample was taken with 8000kms on the oil. Purolator Boss Filter 5 star tuned, 91 Performance Program Fuel Dilution doesn't seem to be an issue and plenty of oil life left. I was thinking of changing the oil at 8kkms intervals...
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    S2000 Track Day oil - 2001MY 28000Miles

    So after over 10 years, i have finally plans to take my S2000 back out on the track for a day. She's in mint condition with only 28000mles im going to change all her fluids soon Honda Blue Coolant/Antifreeze Amsoil Synchromesh MTF Amsoil Severe Gear 75W90 - Diff Help me decide which oil to go...
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    '03 Lancer - latest OCI fixed my ticking noise

    My beater 03 Lancer 2.0SOHC had a tick in the valve train that would last 30s after a cold start. It was there when I got the car 7 months ago. Since then I have run Valvoline Synthetic/Denso Filter then PetroCanada/Purolator filter. The tick was always there. Last OCI, I changed over to a...
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    Noisy lifter 30s after start up: MMO & which oil?

    2003 Mitsu Lancer ES non turbo. Has 250,000kms, no burning or leaking oil. Has a loud lifter tick when cold starting that lasts for 30 seconds then goes away. I have recently tried the sea foam treatment and did not remedy it. Im going to try Marvel MOil on this next oil change. Which oil...
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    '18 F-150 3.5 Ecoboost - Mildly Tuned

    I have a 2018 F150 Lariat SCREW with the 3.5EB 10 Speed... I have a mild tune (87 octane) from 5star...and have their powertrain warranty just in case <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" /> Im contemplating on which will be my next oil for...
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    M1 0W40 vs Total 9000 5W40

    Both oils are on sale at my local retailer. For my GLK350 which is the better performer overall?.... Next OCI this spring, therefore for warmer temps
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    Which filter brand complies with USCAR-36 spec?

    I just saw the Ford video on filters which leaves me curious as to which oil filters comply to USCAR-36
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    2018 Gen-2 3.5 Ecoboost F150 - ACEA A5/B5?

    Can I run Ford WSS-M2C937-A spec in my f-150 3.5 Ecoboost? Or any other ACEA A5/B5? Like a Belgium/German Castrol 0W40? Any disadvantage over a PP 5W30? Im running a custom tune and looking for added protection. Currently running M1 0W30 AFE for the winter... looking forward to the next OCI...