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    Oil for low mile Saturn 1.9 DOHC--thick or thin?

    OK--I know about the propensity for these engines to consume/burn oil. Just got a low mile (less than 70K), one owner '02 SC2 for one of my kids. Does not use much oil at this point, but I am wanting to know opinions of those who have experience maintaining one of these. Do these engines like...
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    Rubber plug conditioner suggestions

    I have a Mazda sourced M5ODR2 manual trans in an older Ford F-150 and it has a typical leak from the rubber plugs that go hard and shrink/crack over time. The plugs are on the top of the transmission. I have the replacement plugs, but I won't be able to get to the repair for a while, so I am...
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    Your thoughts on new Camry or 2013 Accord

    I'm thinking of selling the '05 Sienna since I'm down to 2 kids and getting either the new 2013 Accord or a Camry. Let me know your experience with the new Camry style that came out last year. I know the Accord is new today, so I don't anticipate any info on that model from anyone. I'm going to...
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    Lucas may have 'fixed' stuck fuel sending unit

    Vehicle: 1998 Ford Contour, Mileage 92K. Only anecdotal, but here is the deal: my daughter said her gas guage is not working and had not been working for a couple weeks. She said the low fuel light is on but the guage is reading 3/4 full and that she had been putting gas in when the light...
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    Idemitsu response to my email Re: Mazda 0W20 SN

    Here is the email I send to Idemitsu USA and the response is below. Intrestingly, he did not address my main question about viscosity index of the new SN formula. Hi— Thank you in advance for your time in answering my questions. Specifically, I am inquiring about the new Idemitsu SN formula...
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    Mazda 0W-20 now SN------Eh Tu Mazda?

    Went in to Mazda to get my regular purchase of Idemitsu Mazda 0W-20 SM oil since my stash is low and I have a OC coming up in a month or so on my Mazda3 and I look at the bottle and it is now SN. It does say on the back of the bottle that it is specifically formulated for Skyactiv engines...
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    Clearcoat cracking on daughter's car--

    OK--I'm a complete moron when it comes to car finishes. Most of my cars, I just keep clean because I buy them new and keep them forever. However, I have a 1998 Ford Contour V6 that I bought for my daughter. It has been a good for the 1.5 years we've owned it, but that V6 does run hot and there...
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    1994 F150 power steering noisy Type F only choice?

    I know the power steering pumps are noisy on these things, but really now---- Anyway, will running something other than the spec'd Type F ATF make it run quieter and is it advisable? I mean Type F is pretty thick stuff. Has anyone run anything other than type F in an F150 of this vintage and did...
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    Mazda 0W-20 what do we know about it?

    I picked up some of this oil while at the dealer. I have seen lots of posts about the Toyota and Subaru 0W-20s, but not much about the Mazda flavor. Bottle says it is manufactured by Idemitsu in the US. Is this the same stuff as Toyota or Subaru?
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    '05 Sienna-- M1 HM 5-30 SL or M1 0-30 SN ?

    The 05 Sienna is due for an OC and I have both these M1 oils in my stash. I originally bought the high mileage SL since I thought it was going away and thought the coming SM version was going to be dumbed down. Probably wrong on that assumption, but that was my mindset at the time. Anyway, I...
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    Ford ESE-M97B44-A is basically conventional green?

    I need to do a drain and fill on a 98 Contour with the 2.5 V6 and the manual states the spec in the subject. It is basically green, correct? I have read so many conflicting things about what can be used. Am I limited to conventional green or what can I use? I am not in a position to pay for a...
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    '94 F-150 manual trans fluid --manual says Type F

    Just picked up a '94 F-150. Has the 5 speed manual. Runs good and all and I want to change out all the fluids. The owners manual says to use Type F ATF. Is this info outdated, and if so, what would be a better choice for the truck? Type F is just such an ancient spec, that I have to believe...
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    Got rear ended in the Mazda 3

    2010 Mazda 3---------- Waiting to turn right at a stop sign and a lady talking on her cell phone hits me from behind in her 3 ton Ford LeBehemoth SUV. Moved me forward 5-6 feet. I thought for sure there would be a lot of damage for how hard it felt, but there is only minor damage. Frankly, I was...
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    6 year review on 2005 Toyota Sienna

    I bought the vehicle new in '05. LE model, 3.3 motor. Just turned 80,xxx miles. I have done all the maintenance except a couple of OCs. Overall, it has been a fantastic vehicle. No major problems whatsover. Plusses---doesn't break, good build quality (no rattles, squeaks), good quality materials...
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    Cosmetic tire fix---need your input

    I have a fairly new set of Bridgestone Duelers on my Yukon. I noticed that there is a small (1/2 inch) cosmetic tear in the sidewall. Do any of you have any suggestions what I can put on this tear to seal it up so it doesn't get any worse?
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    Synpower 5W-40 sale--Now what to put it in?

    OK, I admit I'm a sucker for a sale. I bought the remaining 8 qts of Valvo Synpower 5-40 MST at that one store that starts with Wal*. Paid $3 a quart. Now what to put it in? I have 3 vehicles that spec 5-30, a 96 GMC with a 5.7 (149K miles), a 2005 Sienna with the 3.3 (78K miles) and a Ford...
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    UNDERSIZED oil filters

    OK--so we all know there is a lot of discussion on oversized filters. Well, my 2010 Mazda 3's factory filter is longer than the replacements including the Mazda filters I have bought at the dealer. Interesting to note the factory filter was a FoMoCo. It is clearly longer than these other 2. I...
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    Valvoline NextGen--generous shelf space at Wally's

    I've got to take a photo of the oil shelf at the local WalMart and post it!!! Open space where all the ___________ (fill in any other brand) oil was and then all the bright green jugs of that 50% recycled stuff stacked deep and gathering dust. Is it just my twisted vitriolic mind or is this...
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    Dislocated my thumb and now can't change my oil

    The Mazda 3 is due for an OC right now and it is under warranty. I dislocated my thumb playing basketball and now I'm going to have to take it to the dealer for an OC (and tire rotation). I just can't grip anything. I have such a big stash too. I just am really not happy about this. I rate this...
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    Favorite oxymorons

    What are your favorite oxymorons? OK--I'll start Army Intelligence Original Copy Chrysler Engineer Accordian Music Jumbo Shrimp Inland Marine (insurance)