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    Cryogenic Treated Rotors?

    Are cryogenic treated rotors better than non treated rotors? I just purchased some Centric rotors for the Civic. The fronts are cryogenic treated and the rears are not. Is there really any difference?
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    Dish Network Refer a Friend

    I have been a long time Time Warner user. I recently got Dish Network and haven't turned back! It is so much better than Time Warner was. I was really up in the air between Dish and Directv. But, I am super happy with Dish. I have used the refer a friend and it works well. They have a...
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    What Cologne Do You Wear?

    I have a few scents that I wear based on weather and attire. (formal, casual, work, etc.) My warm weather signature scent is L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent and cold weather signature scent is Angel Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler. I have others in the collection, but these are the go to scents...
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    Most Reliable Winter Tires?

    I recently purchased a set of summer wheels and tires for the Civic. I am going to be purchasing a set of winter tires for the OEM wheels in 205/55/16. At the moment, I am leaning toward Hankook Winter i*cept iz tires. Any reason not to go with them? What have been the most reliable winter...
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    Sorry, Are You Missing Something?

    Was out looking at prices and specs for tires yesterday. I went to NTB to get a price quote for tires. I noticed oil tracked from one of their bays that stopped by the front door, then continued on leaving the parking lot. I asked the front desk guy and he stated one of their "mechanics"...
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    Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2

    Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 215/45/17 W rated XL load. I just ordered a set of these based on Tire Rack reviews. They will be used on my Civic in 215/45/17 W rated. They will only be in use for 3 seasons as I will be buying dedicated ice/snow tires for the winter. Has anyone had these tires...
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    I can't sleep lately. There is nothing specific on my mind. I don't snore (per wife) and don't have sleep apnea issues. I don't take any medications or need them. I drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning and don't drink pop or anything with caffeine except that 1 cup of coffee. Marriage is...
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    Zaino Sealant Setup

    I took the Zaino plunge and purchased a starter kit. I got the Zaino Total Protection Show Car Kit. <a href="" target="_blank">Zaino Kit</a> Above is the link. I know this used to...
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    Wix 51348 In Place of 57035, Kawasaki 49065-7007?

    I have a Bob-Cat zero turn mower with a Kawasaki FX600V. It has the Kawasaki 49065-7007 oil filter on it now. It has 35 hours on it. I found that the Wix 57035 is the correct spec from Wix. The 51348 is half the cost, filters better, is larger, has silicone ADBV, etc. Any reason to run or...
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    Subaru FB25 OCI Changed to 6000.

    I have a 14 Subaru FB25. In the owners manual it states 7500 OCI. In the 15 Forester manual, it states the OCI is 6000 miles. So, what to do? I am using Pennzoil Platinum for the foreseeable future in it and my Honda. Thanks to the Shell gas deal, at have 250 quarts of it. I plan on...
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    Silicone vs Nitrile in Summer and Winter

    Has anyone tested the difference between silicone and nitrile in the different seasons. I would think silicone would be advantageous both in summer and winter. Silicone should have a less chance of hardening from heat and from cold. But, I see a lot of manufacturers of oil filters, including...
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    Do You Pre Fill Your Oil Filter?

    My Honda is a bottom mounted oil filter and the Subaru is a top mounted oil filter. I do not pre fill my oil filters, ever. I have never had an issue, never heard increased noise upon initial startup after an oil change. But, I am thinking, am I doing real harm by not pre filling? How would...
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    What is the Best Oil Filter on the Market?

    So, there has been a lot of discussion on quality of different brands of filters as of recently. What do you feel the is the best constructed filter and why? Every aspect of the filter can be used in your judgement. The only aspect I would like left out is cost. Not looking for the best...
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    First Use of the Phrase "Orange Can of Death"?

    Is <a href="" target="_blank">THIS</a> the first use of the wording "Orange Can of Death"? I can't find anything earlier on the site. It was asked in another thread where it came from..... I have been searching...
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    Oil Filter......Flow vs. Filtration?

    So, both of the cars use OEM oil filters.... I have about 8 years worth of both. Honda Filtech 15400-PLM-A01 and Subaru Tokyo Roki 15208AA160. I have a few others as well....Fram Ultra, PureOne, etc....whatever the flavor of the month on here was. The more I test these filters, the more I...
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    Are there any "bad" oils anymore?

    Really, we sit around for HOURS on this site, and for what? We split hairs on which oil is better than the other. But really, if we think about there really a bad oil anymore? And I don't mean, dollar store "Black Dog Star" oils and such.... Name brand oils....are there any that are...
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    Where Do You Store Your Oil?

    So, I have decided to start stashing oil again. It was because of this current Pennzoil rebate...... Anyway. I have always stored my oil in the garage. I have been thinking it may be a good idea to start putting it as well as my filter stash in the basement in a climate controlled...
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    Pennzoil Platinum Low Viscosity Multi-Vehicle ATF

    Looks like Pennzoil is making a new synthetic low viscosity ATF..... <a href="" target="_blank">Pennzoil Platinum ATF MSDS</a>
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    Pennzoil Platinum CVT-2

    <a href="" target="_blank">Pennzoil Platinum CVT-2 MSDS</a> Looks like Pennzoil has decided to make some CVT fluid.....
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    Platinum Pure Plus vs. Ultra Platinum Pure Plus?

    So, looking at these two oils.... Original Platinum vs Ultra was pretty simple. GIII vs GTL. Now, not so simple..... I know that most will say PPPP is fine as it is readily available, but that is not why we are here, right? We split hairs and are addicts..... What are the major differences...