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    Briggs mower carb

    This mower never ran right from new. I rescued another one from the trash,and got it working properly but how did this get through QC>?
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    1st change on new Lacrosse

    2993 miles ,OLM at 43% . Went with M1 EP (gold cap) Interesting thing; factory had a PF 48 on there when the manual called for PF63. Squeaky clean inside :-)
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    Our new Lacrosse

    Diamond white tri-coat ,every option ,except for rear video. Wife loves it <img src="" align="center" alt="" />
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    Took the plunge ! 2011 Lacrosse

    Well ,after all the test drives and rumination, we ended up signing the paperwork for a 2011 Lacrosse . Delivery Tuesday,so no pictures till then. Got every option except for the rear video screens, so it's fully loaded and with the 3.6 DI engine it's plenty potent. Shame that the general...
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    Sedan quandry

    Looking to replace the wife's G35 ... Candidates are VW cc, Hyundai Genesis and Taurus SHO. Generally speaking, needs to be a relatively comfy ,quick 4-door. We've had VW's before (Jetta) and had little trouble with them, also a non SHO Taurus, but never a Hyundai. How sayeth the readers of BITOG?
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    Honda Harmony carb and cleaning

    A neighbor set out a Honda HR215 mower last week. Cosmetically it was in excellent shape and was an early model ,with a cast aluminum deck. After some rope pulling and a few squirts of ether, the carb was pulled and discovered full of rust and glop. An overnight soak in the carb dip revealed a...
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    Good news for Ryobi / Homelite trimmer owners

    There's now a kit for fixing that < wonderful > primer bulb and fuel line on their Walbro carb on their 25 and 50cc 2 -two stroke engines available at Home Depot. Given the grief this parts have given me , I figured I'd pass it along. 6.95 on the pegboard. I'll grab a SKU if I can find the...
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    Techron for direct injection engines?

    Happy Monday all! Wondering if Techron will help direct-injection gas engines like my Speed 3's I'm guessing yes , since the orifices and clearances are tighter. TIA Jorge
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    Primer bulbs (AGAIN)

    After replacing the primer bulb on my weeder a year ago , the dang thing splits again! Are there any quality aftermarket ones? TIA Jorge
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    Flork! Primer bulb proken on my trimmer !

    The primer bulb on my Homelite trimmer dry-rotted and [censored] out. Without it I can't get any fuel into the engine. When I peruse the Homelite website parts listing, the only fix shown is a new carb! Any ideas on finding a replacement bulb? TIA Jorge