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    HELP! Clearing codes through a 'Drive Cycle'?

    *Long* ... I recently purchased a 2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon, LWB, Titanium. 2.5 i4 engine, 6f35 transmission. It's the little van (not the big transit), you see them a lot as fleet vehicles, but mine is a passenger van. A little backstory so I can get to the point and to my questions for...
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    Ford 2.5L Engine Vehicles - Throttle Body Issues?

    Anyone know about the Throttle Body Issues that have been documented in some Ford vehicles? Any specifics on which models, years, and engines these were? I've read about them online for Fusions and some full size Transits and Transit Connects. I'm researching for a potential TC purchase.
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    2014 Model Year Fords - 6F35 Transmissions

    This site is super helpful for crowdsourced, reliable, information (from people who seem to know their stuff).... I posted a couple of weeks ago about Ford Transit Connect vans (the "mini-vans", not the cargos, not the full size transits). I'm still researching more on every model year within my...
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    Ford 2.5L Engine and 6F35 Transmission

    Hi! New to this site... Looking for advice on a van purchase. I'm researching 2016 Ford Transit Connect Passenger Vans - I'll be using it as a daily driver but also removing the third row seats and building out for a convertible bed and storage area. These vans seem like the most practical and...