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    RockAuto Sucks! or How Rockauto charges excessive shipping with pics.

    So have you reached out to Rockauto with this specific question? I use them all the time and the shipping can be a pain, but I generally look around and may get a single part from somewhere else if the overall cost is lower. But more and more recently I find it's not worth the time and...
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    OEM Independent Rear Suspension

    Google Frankenkart. Something like that.
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    OEM Independent Rear Suspension

    Hey everyone, Just kicking an idea around in my head for a car project that would require an independent rear suspension. In your opinion what is a good late model IRS from an OEM? Not worried about trackwidth or anything else as it doesn't need to bolt/weld up to a current frame setup. Only...
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    Advice on buying 69 C10 Pickup

    Contacted the seller through the website and 4-5 days later they replied and said it was sold, took another 3-4 days to update the website. Thanks everyone for your advice.
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    Advice on buying 69 C10 Pickup

    That is a pretty nice ride. That is also more my style (rims are okay), but sounds good, looks good. I think unless I can get a good deal on it I'll let it pass. Don't really need it and I'm sure another truck will come along as many were made. Plenty of those trucks in the state, just have...
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    Using MMO in airplane fuel

    It's not approved by either.
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    Using MMO in airplane fuel

    Yes he said he was having problems with sticking valves. She is very much a stickler on the rules, doesn't plan on using any additives. Just figured I would ask since MMO does have a large following. Not sure of the year model plane, or what the original engine was, but yes it's old...
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    Using MMO in airplane fuel

    My sister is currently a flight instructor looking to fly more hours than her current job can offer. So... She bought a plane. A Cessna 140 with a Lycoming 235a engine. The now previous owner put MMO in the fuel and is telling my sister she needs to do the same. It's a rebuilt engine with...
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    Advice on buying 69 C10 Pickup

    Thanks for the feedback from everyone. I agree, it definitely isn't worth the $22.5k he is asking, not sure about the $18.5k he was asking on Craigslist. He had on Craigslist a few times, but never for the full period, was always deleted by the author then reposted. I'm guessing too many...
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    Advice on buying 69 C10 Pickup

    This is what happens when you randomly look at Craigslist for vehicles older than 1980 :) Doing just so, I found a 1969 Chevrolet C10 pickup. Looks very clean and original in the pictures, although I wish he/she had more pictures of the engine bay and interior. Has the 292 cu in inline 6, 4...
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    Frying pan dilemma

    La Creuset enameled cast iron pans are great as well.
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    Spray On Hi Temp Electrical Insulation?

    I think you would get better results blocking the heat from the insulation instead of increasing the temperature resistance of the insulation. As Lubener said a metal shield or header wrap?
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    Schaeffer's 9004 Supreme 9000 5W-20

    I've got a few 12k mile UOAs on my F-150 posted here, always came back normal. One UOA was 18 months and lots of short trips as I mostly use it as a commuter vehicle.
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    Help/Advice on Replacing Door

    Try this link - It has the dimensions for the rough opening and is a solid door.
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    How do trains make up for lost time?

    Maybe they built a delay into the schedule?
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    Anything better than "Balance of Nature"?

    Even though it's mentioned in the FAQ I didn't see soy in any ingredient statement on their website.
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    Aftermarket wheels and centering rings

    Most all OEM rims I see are hub centric instead of lug centric, if that means anything. If your hub centering rings are the same diameter as the hub, then I would say yes you need them, especially if the lug nuts aren't concave.
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    Winter boots recommendations

    I've been looking for some slip on insulated rubber boots for outside work in the snow and cold weather. Not looking to spend more than $150 and I've narrowed it down to 3 boots. I tend to have cold feet and last year with some cheap insulated boots I had to have toe warmers even in 25 degree...
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    VW TDI Post Diesel Gate

    My buddy owns two of the diesel gate cars, 2016 year model, both manuals, one Passat and the other is a Golf. He bought them last year and other than changing the timing belt on one of them, he hasn't done any work other than normal maintenance from what I've heard. I'd go over to the TDI...
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    Fridge Issue

    I had a fridge that could barely maintain 50 F and short cycled all the time. Turned out one of the windings burned up. Called my energy company, they picked it up for free and got a check for $50.