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    Light winter grade automobile oil or Finol? Ever heard of Finol?

    I'm changing the gearbox oil in an old Rockwell/Delta scroll saw, the gearbox holds about 1-1/2 pints. I'll assume the "light winter grade automobile oil" would be a 10W, which seems to be rare these days. I wouldn't like to use non detergent, since I'd like to ensure there are some anti wear...
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    Yamaha dry sump PWC and oil level sensitivity.

    I have had very little experience with dry sump systems, British bike and Yamaha VX1100 are exceptions. I understand what happens when wet sumps are overfilled, the level gets up where the crank counterweights begin frothing the oil. It would seem that dry sump systems would not have much...
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    2003 Silverado - Convert single piston rear brakes to 2 piston?

    My 2003 regular cab long be 4X4 base model 4.8 Silverado has a sticky rear caliper piston at 45K miles. The system has thinner rotors and single piston calipers that comes on non limited slip axles. Thinking about replacing system with the two piston calipers and thicker rotors that come on...
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    Moved to brakes section

    Moved to brakes section. Couldn't delete
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    BMW caliper pins, no lube?

    BMW has used similar calipers for many non-M models for a long time that use a headless pin with smaller diameter threads that goes through a rubber bushing mounted in the caliper. It may be an ATE caliper, and similar calipers are used on many VW and Audi cars. My Bentley BMW service manual...
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    Brake friction coefficient differences

    Say you put a pad set on the back with high friction coefficient, and one on the front with low. How does the system handle changes like this? Are the friction coefficients just not that wide of a range, or is the system tolerant of a range of friction coefficients? Ever heard of mixing pad...
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    Weird tire wear

    A long time ago, my daughter bought a used 1999 Accord with Bridgestone tires on it. LF shows wear on the inside, so I rotate and the inside wear on that tire continues. At least one of those tires wore down to the belts before I replaced them. Didn't care much about using those tires up...
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    Shelf life of sealed bearings

    I just bought 2 Mopar hub/wheel bearing assemblies made in 2001. Then I remembered the shelf life of grease is recommended by some manufacturers as 5 years. Should I be worried that 18 year old bearings grease has deteriorated and may not protect? Also seals could also have deteriorated in that...
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    Hydraulic system debris

    My buddy changed the hydraulic system oil on his 1994 Kubota L2900. He just bought it within the last year, and he thinks the system oil hadn't ever been changed. It took 10 gallons of Kubota Super UDT oil at $30/gallon. He was shocked at some of the debris trapped in the filter magnet. Two...
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    Yamaha5GH-13440-??-00 supercessions

    Very common Yamaha oil filter used on motorcycles, waverunners, ATVs, outboards, generators, and possibly snow machines. There are numbers I've seen from 5GH-13440-00-00, 5GH-13440-20-00. 5GH-13440-40-00, 5GH-13440-70-00, and maybe there are -30,-50, and -60. Are all these filter models...
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    Less oil consumption when near add line?

    My 2000 Concorde 2.7 has 193K miles on it and burns 1/2 quart during my often done 500 mile trip when starting at the full line. I normally keep it at the full line since this motor has sludge tendencies and has pretty high oil temperatures. The last trip I started with the oil level 1/2 quart...
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    Mobil conventional D/M viscosity index higher than Mobil 1 ATF?

    Mobil data sheet shows 183 for conventional D/M, and 179 for Mobil 1 ATF. D/M: <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>English-US/<wbr>Passenger-Vehicle-Lube/<wbr>pds/<wbr>GLXXMobil-ATF-DM</a>...
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    2008 Yamaha VX 1100 oil filter choice

    OEM is 5GH-13440-60-00, I was thinking of running 14610 Purolator One or Boss. Any advise on a better choice?
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    2008 Yamaha VX Cruiser - 20W40?

    Book says 10W30 to 80F, 20W40 to 104F, 20W50 over 104F. SE, SF, SG, SH, SJ, SL. I assume 10W40 motorcycle oil is just fine for the 20W40 temp range. Likely 15W40 HDEO covers it also.
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    BRP, Evinrude, Seadoo, Skidoo, CanAm 5W-40 Syn blend

    BRP offers syn blend 5W-40 under several labels for motorcycles, PWCs, outboards, and snow machines. Think they are all the same formula? It used to be thought their oils were Castrol products, but some think they are now Warren Products. Know who bottles them?
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    Sonic belt tension tool

    Researching and it seems they might be less useful due to difficulty in quickly finding tension data for the belt you want to tension. Anybody use one and are they useful and fairly quick to find tension specs and enter data?
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    1999-2002 Honda Accord LX 2.3 Caliper Guide Pin Location

    I've done a fairly exhaustive search and have seen confident replies for opposite views of installation of the fluted pin, and round one with bush guide pin installation in the front brake calipers. Some say that the pin with the bush has and "L" on it and it that signifies it goes on the...
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    Crankcase oil lefvel during operation

    How much does the oil level drop when lubricant is sent to all parts of the engine? Does the operating oil level vary drastically with RPM? Do designers like to have the crankcase as full as possible so the level is just barely below the crank counterweights at idle? I assume the level while...
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    My wife's reaction to a buddies Corvette purchase

    One of my best buds traded his 2014 Corvette with 5K miles on it for a 2017 GS Corvette and drove it the next day to his vacation home in Islamorada, Florida. His 5th Corvette, and his first auto trans. The first 2 were big blocks. One of them he left keys for me to drive. I built the motor for...
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    Impact universal sockets - how do you use them?

    I've been a mechanic for many years, mainly work mobile without air or powerful impact tools. I just got a set of GearWrench pinless 3/8" metric sockets, am not real familiar with how to best utilize them. It seems they are a key tool for increasing efficiency and profitability for flat rate...