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    32 oz Stabil -$8.88- Amazon Cheaper than the 16 oz size.
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    Valvoline Multi Vehicle replaces ATF +4?

    Searching for trans fluid for my recently acquired 2004 Ram 1500 base, only 40k on it so I know the fluids original. I see in some places people recommend the Multi Vehicle, while others say only +4. Amazon currently has a sale on the Multi vehicle ($4.44 a q), and was wondering if this would...
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    Home Depot sale on Mechanics tools, lifts, accessories

    Only for 12 more hours I believe.
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    20% Advance Auto using code J28

    Knocked down the closeout RGT to 7$ a 5 quart, and Rotella T5 to 15.50$ for 4 quarts that I needed.
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    Cigar Smokers?

    Anyone on the board into cigars at all? With more free time this week Ive been having a couple while doing yard work or hanging outside. I picked up a sampler pack from JR cigars online last week, the Friday the 13th sampler for $65 that was luckily delivered the day I closed the shop. So far...
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    Small business owners-Closing?

    As a small business owner, I am a little confused on how to handle the work load (if any) for the next 2 weeks. I own a small european repair shop. As it stands now, we have only a few appointments this upcoming week, and all 3 of mine on friday cancelled. Wondering whats the point of sitting...
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    First wax after paint job

    I finally got the E36 back together after a glass out respray. Im planning on waxing it this weekend. I have caanuba from McGuires, but also purchased a bottle of Nu Finish recently that I forgot about. I wanted to see what everyone thought the best approach would be? Wax with caranuba and then...
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    Pronto 05401-3500 miles C&P

    Looks pretty bad, media was stuck to the louvers, and you can almost see through. <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>gallery/<wbr>kOASlcn?s=sms</a>
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    Insurance claim frustrations-Looking for help.

    Getting frustrated with AAA insurance dragging their feet on a claim, and wanted to see if this was normal. In early August, someone blew a stop sign at the intersection my shops at, T-Boned a car that smashed into another car, and the original at fault car crashed into one of my vehicles parked...
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    2009 Aston Martin DB9-2500 mi C&P

    <a href="" target="_blank">Aston C&P</a> Looks very stout. Its still in pieces here if anyone wants to see more.
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    Castrol E-Pods

    Looks interesting and its a very good idea for storing a few different types in a small area, but they are always at the upper end of pricing. Even more money for us wholesalers than Liqui Moly or Mobil. <a href=""...
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    Noticeable MPG increase with Sunoco diesel

    If anyone else with a diesel would test this, Id love to know the results. Ive been varying diesel fuels lately trying to find a quality one at a fair price. A sunoco opened not too far from me, and was priced at only 5 cents above the no namers, so I decided to try it in the GL. I went to the...
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    Awesome craigs find-1964 Broadmoor 707

    Im very tempted to grab this thing, I have a beat one we used for a while to plow and move cars around that was a garbage find. So nice! <a href=""...
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    K and N filter-2011 Cayenne V6-8,000 miles

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Looks terrible, I wonder how it would've held up for another 2000. Stick to Mann, Mahle, or Hengst for these.
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    Would you rent or take your own vehicle?

    Going back and forth in my mind. Maybe you guys can give a different look on it. Weve been going to Virginia every year, renting a house on Smith Mountain Lake. I normally rented a minivan, I loved the caravans with fold flat middle row. The X3 that we had at the time wasnt large enough to fit...
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    Higher output automotive charger

    Hey guys, Ran into an issue at the shop this week and was looking for higher amperage, smaller sized, carryable chargers. I had a 2014 BMW that needed a negative battery cable, and battery, that the client refused to replace, but needed a scan for his check engine. The car kept going dead in the...
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    2007 GL320 CDI-6k on Fuchs 5/40 93k on unit.

    Well I guess the 642 like to throw some iron around. I was wondering if my tune had something to do with the higher numbers, but its not really much worse than whats on the board already. Im going to resample with the M1 0/30 I put in to see any difference, but I doubt it. Well see in a year...
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    54 degrees out, washing the cars in January!

    Even with my right arm in a sling, it was a beautiful day to be outside. It was nice to get the road salt off the GL, and the E46 was dirty from sitting, so she got a quick one also. Pre wash pic <a href=""...
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    Insane fire near me, Marcal paper factory.

    This was visible from my house miles away. Lit the sky up all night long, very sad to see a historic building go down. Someone reported temps from the highway a few hundred feet away went from 6 to 60 degrees! 8 alarms were called. <a href=""...
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    Gas boiler frustrations

    Just ranting. Lost heat on Sunday night with our 25 year old Weil-Mclean NG boiler. Woke up to 61 in the house. Pilot ok, spark ok, vent dampner works properly. Turn the valve off, lose pilot, turn it back on, immediate pilot. Pilot is baking the flame sensor. OK NBD, ordered the flame sensor...