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    I did a gas pedal relocation.

    My uncle bought a 2019 RAM and dropped it off at my house to have me relocate the gas pedal. He has a fake right leg due to a farming accident years ago so he has to drive with his left foot. I did not take any in progress pics but I moved some wiring off the side out of the way and had to come...
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    2015 Accord V6, Mobil 1 AP, 100,000 miles on this car

    Very very boring report again. This is Mobil AP 5w20 that was on clearance from Autozone a couple years ago. NAPA filter bought on sale too. Changed the oil when the MM said to. The MM usually goes off between 5,000 and 6,000 miles probably because I drive a lot I’m the city. No oil...
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    Any long term reviews on Cooper Discoverer At3 4s?

    I know Cooper tires are usually a favorite on this site and that’s all and good. I came across a local auto shop that sells Cooper and I’d like to hear some long term reviews about the Discoverer AT3 4S. I have read the reviews on Google and Tire Rack. They are mostly great but quite a few...
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    Experiences buying tires at

    I am searching for a deal on tires in 245/40/19 because mine are starting to get low but it’s not an immediate situation. I found these Pirelli tires last night but Walmart’s website is a bit confusion and I am not sure what I will actually end up with if I actually order. In the picture, the...
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    Honda timing belts........

    Well I guess it about time for the timing belt job on my 2015 Accord V6. It has 98,000 miles, and just recently I have noticed on cool mornings, after sitting all night, I will get a rattle noise for about 30 seconds to a minuet after starting the engine. Sounds like it was coming from the...
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    Where are you getting tires mounted and balanced?

    Like the title says, where are you all getting tires mounted and balanced these days? Seems like the price went through the roof since last time a looked around at this. Discount tire wanted $145 if I brought my own tires in. Tire shop across the street from my work wants $45 a tire for mount...
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    The midwinter detail.

    Sometimes I just have to turn the heat in the garage up and give the car a good bath. The satisfaction is an unreal feeling to have a clean car. 2015 Accord coupe V6, 89,000 miles Wash and clay Buff with Meguiars M105 and foam pad Trinova carnauba wax.
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    Difference in brake hose brands?

    I have an odd question. Has any one ever noticed a difference is build quality or performance in different brands of rubber brake hose? OE Motorcraft AC Delco Raybestos Sunsong The sunsong ones are extremely cheap on rock auto and I'm not really interested in those.
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    Yellowstone Park vacation

    My wife and I are thinking of visiting Yellowstone Park and the surrounding areas this summer. We have obviously never have been and I don't have a clue about planning a trip like this. Any advice on where to go, what to see, where to stay?
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    2011 Fusion Sport issues

    I have a 2011 Fusion Sport that has the 3.5L V6 that is shared with the MKZ, Edge, Taurus, and others. I have searched high and low on the internet, watched YouTube videos, and signed on a Fusion forum with out much help. The issue I'm having is that intermittently the engine will stall at...
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    Bleed air and old fluid from ABS module

    Is there any way to bleed the air and old fluid from and ABS module with out a scan tool? The 2011 Fusion that we have, IMO, seems that the brake pedal is a little spongy. The car still stops fine but the pedal feel is not great. I did just do a brake fluid exchange and bleed a couple days...
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    RGT frankenbrew

    I suppose this would be a mild Frankenbrew and I never really mix oils. I don't see any harm mixing a few different quarts of RGT together to make an oil change. 2011 Ford Fusion 3.5L 5W30 x2 5W20 The remainder is 0W20 I would think this is an extremely safe brew being that it is all RGT oil...
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    Recommend Christmas lights that don’t stink!

    I'm not having any luck this year with my LED Christmas lights because sections of lights keep burning out. I bought them from Walmart and in sure that's my first mistake. To be quite honest I have had better luck with the incandescent style lights and they are cheaper then LED. Any one...
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    Looking for a used car under 10K

    After my sister totaled out the Fusion about a month ago we have been looking for a replacement car. We are looking to stay under 10K because that is what she can afford. Other then that, the other requirements are to be a known reliable car and same class of car that she was driving. That...
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    Thrive engine oil?

    This is what the Hyundai dealer ship sent us. I have never heard of it but I'd assume it's okay because it is dexos approved. I also find it funny that it says guarantee for 10 years or 300,000 miles. Just thought I would pass along an oil brand that I have never seen before
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    My dad bought a 2017 F150.

    My dad picked up a 2017 F150 XLT Sport 4x4 and it's his first new to him truck in about 20 years! Last pick up was a 98 ranger and rusted apart a couple years ago. I looked it over and it seemed like a great well taken care of truck that was in very good condition with 27,000 miles. It's fairly...
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    Some people are thieves

    I'll just leave this picture here. This was Meijer Highland Indiana
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    The painful death of my parents 2009 Fusion

    My parents 2009 Ford Fusion V6 with the sport appearance package was simply a fantastic car that was very problem free. She has 282,000 as of today and the drivetrain ran like a top. The last year my sister has taken over the car and as a younger driver and always waiting till the last minuet...
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    2015 Accord V6 Idemitsu 0w20

    Very boring UOA. I guess that's a good thing
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    Quick polish on my Accord

    I should have taken more pictures but was running short on time. But, it turned out great Mothers machine polish on a rotary buffer with foam pad Meguiars M205 on a DA buffer with finishing pad Duragloss Aquawax spary wax