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    Cockatiels: anyone have one or more as pets?

    In 1989 I went with my dad to a cockatiel breeder. He picked one out and took it home. My mom and dad fell in love with that bird. Fast forward to today, both of my parents away passed back in 2015 within weeks of each other. My sister inherited their chihuahua and I inherited their cockatiel...
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    Hobbies that are indoors and don't involve TV screens or computers?

    My wife and I have started putting 1000 piece puzzles together. Practically all of the ones we have completed have been extremely challenging, and time consuming. Good for the mind at our age. It does make time fly when working on one. They are also relatively cheap. Our neighbor's wife also...
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    What is your "under the mattress" firearm?

    That's what I have sitting on my nightstand as well. My wife keeps her S&W Bodyguard .380 on hers.
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    mouse under hood

    I dealt with these little critters a short while ago. The wife and I noticed a nasty smell coming from the air vents. It was almost impossible to bear when driving the car. After investigating, I found that mice had made a nest on top of the in-cabin air filter. They had taken and shredded some...
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    Most Ridiculous Item That Has WiFi

    A bathroom fart fan that has blue-tooth music capabilities. While maybe not controlled via Wifi. I'm still scratching my head over that one.
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    Is there value in a good vacuum

    I was in a bind when my old Shop Vac gave up the ghost in the middle of project. Not many places to get a vacuum up where we live without driving for hours. Walmart was the only option. I too looked at the Hart and bought the 8 gallon stainless model. What a difference in the power level. To...
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    2019 Polaris Ranger Crew 1000XP

    We just got a Kubota 850 Sidekick right before Christmas. Ours calls for 0W-40 as the preferred oil.
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    2017-2021 F150 Trans Fluid And Filter R&R

    Before we decided to sell our 2014 Sierra 1500 with the 6L80 I dropped the pan to change the filter. For over a month I watched videos of how others dealt with the cross-over pipe that hindered the removal of the pan, ie. jack up the transmission, ratchet down the exhaust, disconnect the exhaust...
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    Locked For Replies

    I had the same thing happen to me not long after I joined. I had no idea what had happened, or why. I contacted admin and they let me know why. It's been almost ten years now since that happened and I for the life of me can't remember what the violation was.
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    Free website to list ammunition for sale?

    I'm not on facebook either buy my wife uses it to keep up with family. I had her list some reloading supplies left to me from her father after he passed away. She posted the listing on facebook marketplace but it was taken down in less than 24 hrs for violating their "no anything firearm...
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    Who makes a fluid for 8 speed Ram 1500?

    I replaced the Nissan factory filled ATF (Nissan Matic S) three years ago with Maxlife ATF. Just did a drain and fill yesterday as maintenance. I've never noticed any difference from the day I drove it off the dealer's lot in the transmission's performance. I did the same thing for our prior...
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    Everstart Maxx or AC Delco battery ?

    The original battery in the Frontier is pushing seven years but has had no starting issues thus far. I was in Walmart last week and checked out an EverMaxx. It said it was made by Clarios. As to where it was made, I didn't check. From reading here on BITOG I thought all east coast Walmarts...
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    Mazda3 2.5 Turbo

    Pardon my ignorance but what does it mean to "wrap" a hood?
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    Remembering your old TV days

    Yes I do. A TV repairman was a regular in our household back in the day.
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    First real issue with Rock Auto and shipping

    I ordered a Samsung tablet for my wife for Christmas. It was supposedly shipped on the 29th of November by USPS. USPS tracking said it was shipped. The next morning tracking said it was in transit but would arrive late and that has been the status since (10 days). The package was shipped from...
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    Best Priced Value cordless impact gun?

    I just cashed in some AMEX points for some Home Depot gift cards and purchased this combo last Friday. I haven't used it yet. Just charged the batteries but I believe it will suit my purposes here at the house just fine. I do wish it had come with lager capacity batteries but they can be easily...
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    US Ammunition consumption.

    I have been feeling this way since not long after shortages began.
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    2020 Nissan Frontier

    The Frontier in my sig has been nothing but reliable since we bought it new. 6 1/2 years old and it's been back to the dealer one time for a recall that took all of ten minutes to perform (can't remember exactly what was done). Nothing but preventative maintenance. I agree the turning radius is...
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    Fire on Bonhomme Richard...

    My dad was stationed aboard the Midway back in the forties.
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    Fire on Bonhomme Richard...

    My brother served on the Orion back in the early seventies. Stationed in Charleston at the time.