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    Mobil box?

    Am I the first to see it? I ran a search and didn't see any other posts.
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    3 filters cut open

    So i was bored and cut open some filters i removed the other day First one is a Defense off a Ford edge roughly 4 to 5k 2nd is a quakerstate off an explorer. I think 4k ish The 3rd is off the explorer as well but used for a trans filter. Not sure the miles on it.
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    Looking for Purolator Tech oil filter pics.

    Is anyone currently running a TECH filter on anything they have or seen them available? I was running filter searches on amazon/ebay etc. and I found they sell them in cases of 12 for not a bad price and I would be interested to try them out. Either looking for pics here or I might buy a few...
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    Yamaha Kodiak drive belt

    I have a couple ATVs, 2 are Kodiak 450's and one is a grizzly 550, both automatic with drive belts. I have never had the belt cases apart as I know the belt's in Yamaha's are pretty reliable but I think sometime this next summer I'm going to inspect them for wear. Just something I have...
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    2 supertech sizes same number

    I'm guessing they are going to phase out one size? Just weird they are using the 10575 box with the new size number inside it.
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    Post your latest oil purchase or even filter.

    Similar to the lastest oil change thread What was your latest oil purchase be it on sale or whatever. My last latest buys.
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    E series John Deere mowers

    I'm in the market for getting a new mower and after looking at all different brands I think I'm going to go with an E series John deere. A 120 or 130 or even a 140. I want to upgrade to a vtwin. I looked at husqvarna and cub cadet, craftsman etc but don't care for the pedal setups I...
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    Project Farm testing videos

    Anyone every watch these testing videos this guy does on youtube? he does all kinds of different testing on oils and additives and also other chemicals/substances like penetrating oils and glue/epoxies etc. and even differences in gas types. they are interesting to watch and he has some...
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    Bosch Steeltech = Wix?

    So I was browsing the Oreilly's website looking for an air filter for my parent's Escape and just for kicks I browsed the oil filters to see their current pricing and thats when I saw they had the Bosch Steeltech filter for 9.99 which I thought was high because I could get it at Menards for...
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    Quakerstate Enhanced durability syn-blend

    How long has this been out? I just noticed it on the Menards site. seems like they are getting more variations of Quakerstate now to keep with all the other brand variations. Advanced Durabilty - conventional Enhanced Durability - syn-blend Ultimate Durability - full syn and then of...
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    Ford 2.7 ecoboost element filter

    My younger brother recently bought a nice 2016 F150 Lariat with the engine and I had been looking at filter options off and on and walmart. They do sometimes stock the motorcraft filter FL-2062, it seems to be a fast seller and they don't get put out in large quantities. They are 6.38 a...
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    St2 and bosch 3410 cut open

    Which is which? I guess the string gives it away
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    Ford TPMS 19 tool

    Hey guys just looking for some input from anyone that has a newer ford and if they have the TPMS 19 tool that you can buy. My parents have a 2015 Ford escape and it will not do the relearn procedure by letting pressure out of the tires etc. from my research online i know it works on vehicles...
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    Sixity Auto parts?

    the more I look for certain parts etc online either amazon or ebay I'm beginning to see more and more parts made by Sixity. I think they started out making mainly atv parts etc but now i see they make some automotive parts. I'm debating if I should give there wheel hub/bearings a shot or not...
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    No name budget oils

    Ever just come across no name oils you've never heard of? I looked at the back and didn't recognize anything for it to be made by a company that I do know. This was at the dollar general <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[136455a6957016a1ad]"...
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    Whats a good budget ball joint press?

    I've always been able to get by without one but it looks like I'll be helping with some balljoints on an e150 soon and i they way the joints are the spindle i think i'm going to need one. I'd rather buy one then rent because I could use one, as it can be used for u-joints etc. I've been...
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    what kind of winch you got?

    What kind you got on your atv? My 09 grizzly has a factory installed Warn 2500 and I haven't had any issues with it. on my Dad's Kodiak 450 i put on a Champion 2000 last year, cheaper winch, haven't used it much so we'll see how it does. I bought a Kodiak 450 last week that came with a plow...
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    Amalie cycle oil?

    Does anyone here use it? and what kind of results? thanks. <a href="" target="_blank">Amalie oil</a>
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    ATV tires

    I'm looking at getting a new set of tires for my Grizzly 550, still has the original dunlops on it and lets face it, most oem tires kinda suck. so I've kinda sorta narrowed it down to 2 selections of tires, and I wanted to get some input if anyone has either or, or they have another tire to...
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    Oil and filters as gifts.

    Wasn't sure where to post this, I hope its ok here. Anyways...anyone give away oil and filters as gifts for any reason? I have a big enough stash of oil that I accumulate from sales etc and I just can't help myself and I'll probably never use it all myself so I often give away oil here and...