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    Anyone with insight on awd 3.7 taurus interceptor.

    As the title states !
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    Parts Avatar. (auto parts)

    Anyone ever hear of or use this store ??? Canadian store.
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    Motomaster oeplus 0w30 for european vehicules.

    Picked up two 5 liter jugs for $18.54 each. We have a continental discount store here that has lots of oil, some way over priced. Thought this was a decent price for Canadiens . Developed with shell technology made in Germany. Anyone run this oil yet.
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    Running A/C drops transmission temps.

    On my 2015 mustang i have started leaving the instrument cluster display in gauge mode, when the trans is fully up to temp it seems to run around 203 degrees when i put the a/c on within around 10 minutes the temp drops an average of 20 degrees, which to me makes sense with the fans running...
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    What is your take on a 2011 Buick Lucerne

    Neighbour is selling for parent, 3.9 v6 4 speed trans. 6000 miles asking $11900. Interior is showroom new, front bumper small scuff the rest mint always kept in garage.
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    walmart everstart maxx made in south korea.

    Was cleaning under the hood of the suv and noticed a sticker on the battery made in south korea, i don't how i missed this when i put the battery in. The battery in question is a group 47 h5 manufacture date 1/19 Any idea who produces these for walmart. ??
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    2009 Lincoln MKZ & 2010 cadillac STS

    Looking for opinions on there two cars. 1. 2009 lincoln mkz 70000 kilometres one owner all service records .$6000. 2. 2010 Cadillac sts. v6. second owner, 74000 kilometres never winter driven $8500. I know both cars have there issues, the ford water pump scares me. the cadillac i think may...
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    2009 saturn vue.

    whats your opinion on a 2009 vue xe 2.4. 8100 kilometres Yes that low !! $6500
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    Haven't seen a post from G-man and his new caddy in a while. Anyone know whats up ??
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    2014 hyundai santa fe

    Neighbour has a new santa fe, 2.4 on cold start its very quiet when warm the bloody thing clatters like a diesel. If it was mine i would not be very pleased, i can here it from across the road when he pulls it in the driveway. And this is over 200 feet away. Is this a common issue with these...
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    Prime choice brake pads

    Anyone have any real experience with there ceramic brake pads, not my friend used them and he said type of info. Thanks
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    33 cents a gallon difference.

    I can get 93 non ethanol gas, for 33 cents a gallon more than 87 e10, do you think its worth it, at this price i think not?
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    Delo 15w40 $11.32

    Was in walmart today had the delo for $11.32 for 4 QT. jug never really noticed before, is this regular pricing? seems cheap. Just checked on line its on rollback from $12.52
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    defective motorcraft fl400s

    I know most most members here check there oil filters before they buy them, but a heads up anyway. Was in walmart today picked up the last two fl400s filters took them out of the box in the store to inspect them and i had to look twice, one of the filters was missing the anti drain back valve.
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    Maxlife blend or synpower?

    At walmarts pricing, which is $16 and change for the blend and $22 and change for synpower, which would you run for a 7500k oci. What do you guys feel is the better oil? I have run both and could tell no difference in the two, and really would there be any difference. My opinion is the maxlife...
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    1800 plus mile trip in the 300

    Just returned from a trip to prince edward island, put on a little over 1800 miles, the 300, ran flawless and returned a very impressive 33 m.p.g. overall with a best tank of 36 m.p.g , this tank was with the cruise set at 65 m.p.h, limited use of a/c and one stop.
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    Mixing redline??????

    I have seven quarts of redline 5w30 should i use it for one oil change, or mix it with the maxlife i have stocked up. Thinking of going four quarts maxlife to two redline? .Any thoughts. I'm thinking that i would be wasting the redline by mixing it??
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    Scored a john deere je75 for $35

    This mower is in really good shape, guy was moving out of province and had to clean out his shed on sunday, told me take for $35. Problem he says hasn't run in over a year, so i open the gas cap sure enough there is some old gas in the tank and the fuel valve was left open, so i figure i have...
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    FDP brake pads.

    Anyone have any experience using these ?? From the website they are an American company, thinking of giving the pads a try.
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    Chrysler 300C

    Thinking of going from the 3.5 to the Hemi, Anthing i should be on the watch for in the 5.7 I have been reading lots of reviews, most are good on the Hemi.